This is okay, so you are the founder of this company, so you know what kind of uh products and what kind of services. So currently we have two products. First, one is solar inverter. Second, one is eb charger: okay uh! This is completely making india process. We are following right now and this 60 kilowatt of fast charger, which can charge your car within 30 minutes or something and uh. We use 75 component, which is making india for 25. We are dependent on other countries because there is no manufacturing facility as well. Okay, uh. We have different models in that. Like this one seven point, four kilowatt, sixty kilowatt one, forty two kilograms for only two wheelers. No, this is for the four wheeler, the slow charger. Okay right. Currently, we are working for this, which can charge your bus within eight seconds. Let me repeat: eight seconds, not a minute eight seconds, eight to ten seconds. This will charge your bus not far yeah right, okay and uh. So are you? Are you there across india like? Yes, we are across india. Until now, we have supplied more than 150 v charges. Uh we deploy our own plants as well like a petrol pump. We have our own ev pump as well, so we deploy we charge charging stations to manipulate the culture into uh from the ic engine to electrical engineering yeah. So uh, who are your target? Customers like uh, individual customers, are uh see its a very good question, because currently there is no any targeted customer right now uh we are pitching to each and every customer because we are pitching to restaurant hotel chain commercial buildings.

We are even pitching to the end. Customer who are willing to buy electric cars uh just for the knowledge that we are spreading awareness across india, that people have a fear that why should we buy electric car? Yes, where there is no av charging station? So we are deploying eb charging station on our own cost and free of charge, so customer can just come to our charting station and Music uh in starting model. We are just providing 500 units free of cost. That is approximately eight thousand nine thousand rupees of recharge free of cost. We are providing to all the customers, so i think its an interesting, more interesting model. Until now, we have almost covered up more than two like kilometer from the all the cars whoever has charged from indra. So that means any individual can also own. This yeah, of course, of course, of course, yeah. We have sold uh to the end customer who are buying nexon, but they are very passionate to have a fast charger, so they buy this uh 10 to 11 rack of the giant machine, so they dont care of money right. That is great. So what would be the cost for these roughly around 10 to 11 lakhs 10 to 11? Yes, right, okay, and what will be the like? You said its a fast charge effect, so how much time it will take to charge 30 to 32 minutes not more than that? Yes, so for whatever two wheelers do you have any special kind of things for like less price and yes, honestly uh.

We do not much focus on two wheeler, because two wheeler has their own slow charger and i think thats the best option for the owners as well, but yeah. We can integrate on seven point four kilowatt, so we can provide two point uh for the two wheelers. As well right, okay, so it uses our electricity see. You can integrate this with the solar as well, and you can integrate this as a grid connected system. So whenever there is no electricity, you can use it from the solar, no problem right, okay and what will be the warranty roughly around two years. You know. Currently we are providing where market is providing one year, but we are leading. So we are providing two years. Uh, we are thinking to uh increase the warranty model as well right. You said that it will be costs around 11, lakhs and youre, saying only two years of warranty, yeah, so thats not a see. Honestly, the life cycle of this machine is almost 9 to 10 years, because each and every component we are using, are almost seven to eight years of warranty. But currently there is no any market of this. So currently we are providing just two years of warranty, but yeah. We are planning to increase this in the near future. So what will be the maintenance cost for this? No maintenance see from the last one and a half here we have almost installed 150 plus status, but till now there is no any kind of complaint which we are getting or by call that genome.

The charger is not working for 2rd, so each and every charger. We have installed, or each and every charger we have supplied, are working successfully and we are working with the indian big giants, the indian big companies. So even we have, we are appointed to put our charges to the mtable airport baroda airport, all the airports of the india as well. So these kind of charges so well install them outside only right. So is the charging system waterproof and also like waterproof, and does proof both waterproof and dustproof, both if the rain comes and no problem, the charger will not get out yes right. Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. Thank you for the time. Thank you. Thank you. So, thats all about mindra guys they are providing solar inverters at the same time, charging stations also. So if you are interested, you can contact them and thats all about now guys if you like this video, give the big thumbs up and also share this video to your friends and family members for more such videos.