Ask most people today and theyll. Probably tell you the same thing when it comes to maintaining your ev, it isnt much of a hassle and thats, really the promise of an eevee. It needs almost no maintenance when it comes to things that can go wrong with your ev, its a much lower number compared to your average combustion engine car thats, because there are much less parts and all around less things that can break down and cause major problems. For example, many of the drivers barely wear on their brakes because of regenerative braking thats. Why a large percentage of ev drivers report that their brake pads dont even wear out after 200 000 miles of driving? True, you still have to upkeep your ev, but the work you put in is rather minor at least thats. What most people will tell you, but theres a dark secret, hiding behind the low maintenance facade of evs, and it has to do with their tires. Heavy tires. Are anything but low maintenance? Some have reported their ev tires needing to be replaced at just 28 000 miles see with normal combustion engine cars. You have no choice but to regularly take them into your local shop for oil changes and other maintenances, usually thats. When you get your tires rotated too, but since evs require far less maintenance, that means your tires may not get rotated as needed and thats why the drive tires of your ev can wear out faster.

It also means that you wont be able to make a warranty claim on the either thats a common folly that ev drivers find, after the fact in general, its recommended. You rotate your cars, tire every 6 months or 7 500 miles and just to be on the safe side. You should visually inspect them once a month. Evs tires are the only parts of the cars that physically connect to the road, so its important you keep a close eye on them. Did you know that most tire centers offer free lifetime rotation on the tires install, but why well? The answer is simple: they do in hopes that, when youre coming to get your tires, routed, youll need another service. When you come in like a brake job, pretty smart plan except for one small detail, the plan doesnt work too well when it comes to evs, since they dont need as much maintenance. So if you own an ev, you get free tire rotation, which means your tires. Will last longer than otherwise you see today, the service industry is really streamlined for oil changes and minor services for the average combustion engine car, but it wont be like that for much longer soon, itll start to slowly be streamlined for evs too, especially with the 2035 Combustion engine band thats coming up believe it or not. There are actually people who believe that rotating your tires is a bad idea. Whatever your opinion, one things for sure tire rotation is required for most tire warranties.

So if you want to keep your warranty valid, you dont have much of a choice when it comes to tire rotation, its important to know that these warranties often have other conditions that pose a challenge. For example, you have to buy a same set of tires each time but heres. The real question: why do ev tires? Wear out faster well for one evs are heavier than the equivalent combustion engine. Car electric sedans, for example, are much heavier than traditional stands yet the tires are the same size, so you need tires with a higher weight rating, but the higher your tires weight rating, the faster theyll wear out heres. Another reason evs produce instant torque when they accelerate and believe me, anyone who ever buys an ev and drives it for the first time are going to test hitting 0 to 60.. This instantaneous response could easily end up leading to increased, wear very quickly, and some evie tires might have tried for high performance acceleration. You dont technically have to buy them, but you do need to get a tire that probably supports the weight of your vehicle. With all these fancy add ons available, some ev drivers like to take advantage of these additional capabilities and show them off, but the more sporty driving you do. The faster youre going to see the rubber wear out, but its not just the tires. Also, the electric motor and the battery pack lets talk about ev tire cost.

Well, the cost to replace the tires on your ev really all depends on the type of electric vehicle you drive. Some evs need ultra high performance summer tires and for others all they need is to be equipped with grand touring all season rubber. So your ev tires can cost you anywhere from 200 bucks to over 300 each as a benchmark. A tesla model, 3 replacement. Tire can cost about 285 plus 50 bucks for installation saw set can be about 1300 before tax thats actually pretty similar when it comes to higher end luxury cars or sports combustion engine cars. The only difference is, you have to replace your ev tires sooner and more frequently, and that makes the cost sting that much more frequently. So if you plan on purchasing an ev dont forget to ask to make the total lifetime cost of the tires will be if youre, not careful, lets say, for instance, you drive like a jackrabbit with quick starts and you dont rotate the tires as needed. Well then, the frequency you need to replace your ev tires will get very pricey very fast. Another reason why your evs tires can get so expensive has to do with silence. Really many ev owners love the silence of their cars when they drive after all, thats one of the things evs are known for. But if you want your ev tires to match the silence of your low noise motor youre gon na have to pay for it and that isnt cheap.

Did you know that your average combustion engine cars maintenance cost is estimated to cost five cents a mile and tires at another penny a mile when it comes to evs those same costs are lower, except when it comes to tires at least thats. One positive that you have less regular maintenance costs in a long run, other than tire costs, but dont. Forget too, you paid way more two or three times more for the electric version of the sedan tesla, for example, since their build quality is poor compared to more established traditional cars, yet youre paying a luxury price for a poorly built car natural question is: can you Use non ev tires on your ev. You might be surprised to learn that the answer is technically yes and combustion. Engine cars could also technically function using ev tires too, but neither is recommended. Yes, you could even put non ev tires on your ev and vice versa, but it could negatively affect the performance and comfort of your driving experience. Just think ev tires are built to withstand heavier weight, so putting regular tires on your ev will likely end up, causing the tires to wear out more quickly and that defeats. The point also ev tires are specifically designed to provide a nice and quiet ride for the evs. So if you replace them with regular tires, it will be quite a bit noisier and it also wouldnt provide the same levels of low rolling resistance to optimize your evs battery life.

But, while evs do have their low maintenance advantages, there are definite disadvantages compared to combustion. Engine cars, for example, the sheer cost of ev repairs, most evs arent cheap to begin with, and their repair is no exception. There have been many reports of tesla 12 volt batteries failing completely the only thing that saved consumers were their warranties parts for expensive cars are always going to be expensive, its as simple as that. Just because your eb doesnt need regular maintenance, doesnt change the fact that repairs might be needed for whatever reason, even tires fail out of the blue due to bad road conditions. This can happen at various mileages. Also, your evs battery will degrade over time. Theres, honestly, not much you can do about that unless youve got a serious problem that crosses into your warrantys territory. Second, just think about how much it costs to replace an ev battery lets say you need to replace the battery in your tesla model. S up front were looking at a battery cost of anywhere between twelve thousand to fifteen thousand dollars. Then you add the extra 525 to 2600 for labor costs for the technicians to actually replace the battery in your car. All in all, were looking at a huge 13 to 17 000 for a full battery replacement. Do you have that kind of chump change? Normally tesla is the top the ev innovation game so are tesla ev tires better than those of other evs.

Well officially tires installed at the factory and tesla vehicles. Last around 30 000 miles. Some owners have even reported them lasting 40 thousand miles, but on average the lifespan of tesla tires is anywhere from twenty five to thirty thousand miles. It just depends on road conditions and driving habits. Tesla tires are made with stronger rubber and higher quality materials than your average ev. Tire tesla tires are known for their thicker sidewalls and more durable, rubber or synthetic rubber construction and theyre, also known for their superior stopping power, anti slip, properties, grip pressure retention and puncture resistance. If you live in a snowy state, tesla tires are a great option and teslas summer tires are said to also handle the heat. Like no other did you know that sometimes the tires used on tesla cars are just premium versions of standard tires and you can even find these tires on other vehicles. For example, the michelin pilot support 40 18 tire is the one thats used on a model 3. So just make sure to check it out before you make the purchase they say. Tesla now tells you. The rear tires are wearing too unevenly compared to the front tires on rear wheel, drive vehicles, they will tell you this so remember to rotate them. Tesla recommends rotating your tires every 6 250 miles, and i also recommend that you rotate your tires if the tread depth difference between them goes over 2 30 seconds of an inch but tesla tires do come with its own disadvantages.

For instance, tesla often doesnt have run flat tire. These tires are pretty much a standard feature on other modern sedans, including the competition, and, if you live in a rural area with dirt or gravel roads, tesla tires may not be the ones for you. Thats because tesla has a limited variety of tires to select from when it comes to their all wheel, drive models today, evs make up a small percentage of the total number of cars worldwide, but things are changing. Just look at california and that state evs make up 10 percent of car sales, and analysts expect that tend to rise globally. This ev shift will also spell out a shift in the future for the ecosystem of service, centers and auto parts stores. Today, as we know it, an av with fewer parts and fewer things wearing out just wont need the service industry nearly as much well have to wait and see how long that shift will take before the service industry changes completely.