But today were looking at the entry level version, simply called the porsche thaican. Now not to worry just because this is the entry level version. Its still got. Everything youd expect to find on a thai can, from its good looks as you can see, to a decent range, as well as being really really fun to drive, but all that fun does come at a bit of a cost, because this really is quite an expensive Car, despite this being the cheapest tycan available, but in this review im going to walk around it, tell you what i like what i dont like as well as everything else. You need to know about the porsche thaican im, charlie atkinson, and welcome to ev powers. Review of the porsche tycoon Music. Now, when it comes to the design of this car, the tai can has pure porsche dna running right through. It were actually filming. This review today of porsches hq in reading and theres every single type of porsche on display here and the tai can just slots right in really nicely, which is a good sign, because porsche dont tend to make bad looking cars, do they. But this is an electric porsche, so there are some differences, most notably at the rear end where you have this continuous light bar, which goes all the way across, and there are some other little features as well like the fake vents youve got at the side, but Other than that, its got all the hallmarks of any great looking porsche.

This model were reviewing today comes with 20 inch wheels, which are an inch bigger than the ones you get on the standard wheels and every inch matters so thats important youve also got this beautiful front end with four point led headlights, but other than that theres, not A great deal else to say other than this is just a really good. Looking car im, not too sure on this color, though the frozen berry, i think i like it, but im not sure id choose it for an extra 750 quid now. That brings me quite nicely onto all the optional extras, because there are a lot when it comes to the thai cam. This particular car starts off at just over 72 000 pounds, but with all the bells and whistles added. This ends up coming in at just over 86 and a half thousand pounds, and all those optional extras include things like the black trim on this window, which will set you back 250 quid. These electric folding wing mirrors are another 200 quid, and even these matrix, led headlights will set you back over two grand with all these extras. This model does end up being more expensive than some of the higher spec versions, but if you are considering buying one of these, you probably will want to kit it out with a few of the optional extras, and i suppose, by doing that, you do get to Design and build your very own tie can in a way just be aware that with every little detail you add, it will come with a bit of a cost when it comes to the inside of the tai can its an absolute dream? There still are a few optional extras, like these blackberry leather seats, the sound system and the parking assist, but even without them you still get a few nice things such as this 16.

8 inch curved touchscreen theres, a few other nice features you get this taken logo on The center console youve got this multi function, sports steering wheel just over my shoulder and you also get a lovely fabric lined roof, which makes us feel very luxury and very premium in terms of tech. You have two usbc ports for your phone and you also have wireless charging, which supports apple, carplay and android. Auto and even the standard audio setup comes with 10 different speakers dotted all around the car. Even in this sporty ev, you still get a great deal of storage space with 407 liters in the boot, which is massive, but you also get another 84 liters at the front. So whilst this porsche might look like any other sports car, its still got you covered when it comes to storage. When it comes to the thai, can you know you look the part? And now you also know you can fit your weekly shop in the boot? Okay. So thats enough, looking and thats enough talking now its time to get in and take it for a spin okay lets go for it that is lightening honestly, that is so immediate and such its just so quick off the mark – and i mean even something like the Tesla model 3 has a faster naught to 60 time and its its technically quicker, if you like, but its something about this being a porsche and the seating position that this feels unmatched and its nothing like ive ever driven before.

Okay, so now, weve got that out. The way i can actually start talking to you about what its like to drive this car and lets face it. We all want to know about the power what you just saw. There was not to 60 in just over five seconds and thats thanks to the 79 kilowatt hour standard battery, but on this model, its been upgraded to a 93 kilowatt hour battery and thats. Thanks to the performance battery plus package, another optional extra, which will set you back another 4 000 pounds. What that means is it can deliver 380 horsepower and 357 newton meters of torque, which basically translates into lots and lots of fun, but its not all about fun. When it comes to the porsche thai cam, because it is pretty suited to the real world as well and thats, because it has a combined wltp range of 301 miles and thanks to its 270 kilowatt hour battery charging capabilities, you can also recoup five to 80 of Your charge in just 20 minutes so youve got the best of both worlds with the porsche tycoon, because if you wan na just blast it and stamp your foot to the floor, its gon na put an immediate smile on your face. But if youre using this sort of day to day, then you can just sort of relax into a nice comfortable drive because, as weve touched on, the interior is lovely the seats. These leather bucket seats are incredibly comfy and you feel really nice and secure.

Youve got a really nice low driving position and youve got plenty of range as well, so you can really enjoy your time behind the wheel of this car. Now i am trying to be a credible motoring journalist and provide a really in depth, objective and balanced review, but so far i cant find anything i dont like about this car is, it seems pretty perfect and i mean weve only got this car for a few Hours today – and i really really dont – want to give it back. Okay, ive done it. I finally found something i dont like about this car. This tycan sign shouldnt, be in the same color as the car. You can have it in black but of course its an optional extra, so there we go something i dont like about the porsche tai can and my credibility as a motoring journalist is restored. Okay, now back to you driving charlie, its even little details about just how smooth and refined the indicators feel when everythings, nice and responsive the steering wheel is perfectly shaped to your hands. And you do. You do feel really nice and secure and tight just behind the wheel. So every little detail has been considered here and it just makes for pretty much the perfect driving experience its got such a presence on the road and even when youre chucking this about at high speeds. You do really feel, like all four wheels are gripped to the road and theres no other way to describe it, but this car really does stick like to a blanket another impressive feature: youve got with the porsche tycoon theres all the different driving modes youve got and The difference in performance, but its really quite noticeable between each one im, just having a little flick through now and currently were in the range mode which is porsches eco mode equivalent.

But even when you just flick it through into normal mode. Its got so much more punch about it almost immediately and then, when you flick it into the sport mode or sport plus mode which are basically your fun modes, then you really can start to enjoy it and just start flying around little roads into corners and thats. When youre really going to get the true porsche tycoon experience, so there we have it. The porsche tai can, in all its glory now ill. Be honest. Ive always been a fan of this car and its probably my dream ev. So i was really looking forward to getting behind the wheel of it today and, to be honest, it really didnt disappoint, in my mind, its the full package, its got an amazing design with an interior to match its practical, both in terms of range and storage and Its also really really fun to drive sure its expensive, but it goes back to that old adage of you get what you pay for and if you can afford this car, then youre in for a real treat thats all for this video. If you liked it, then please do drop us a like and remember to subscribe. You can also head over to our channel to check out all our other electric car reviews for daily news coverage features and much more. You can also head over to evpowered.co.