What do you think which design do you prefer this skoda enyak? Is the sport line as the black trim and that crystal face Music? But let me know, as a model y should go to enyak. Thats the difference in the rear lets put them back to back, so you can see what they look like. You can see the size, theres a tesla model y, and there is the skoda enyak so size wise, pretty similar. This is the interior of the skoda. Enyak youve got your driver instrument, cluster infotainment screen some physical buttons and some buttons on the steering wheel versus the tesla model y large central infotainment screen nothing in front of the steering wheel. Just these two very clean lets have a look in the rear rear of the skoda. Enyak 187 centimeters – no panoramic sunroof in this. It is an option, but its just not on this one thats your view lets try the model y tesla model y youve got that panoramic sunlight for standard and space wise, pretty similar six foot to 187 centimeters no tri zone, but it does have um usb type C charges in the back and the seats are big hands fall back. Lets. Look at the trunk. Slash boot space in the skoda. Youve got 585 liters small little subwell here you do have a cover, but no frunk so 585 and then, when you put the seats down its 1710 liters with the tesla model, y youve got 584 liters in the rear and just with so much space and a Huge subwell in the boot and another half floor up at the front there, and on top of that, then you also have a frunk which is 117 liters.

Overall, 2158 2158 liters whats it like driving the skoda enyak the battery is bigger than the enyak, but the range is longer on the tesla and thats just battery efficiency, aerodynamics etc. But this is a much smoother its its still firm, but its not as firm as the tesla model y youve got a lot more um buttons and knobs. If youre, if thats, what youre interested in and then you have the ability of um you have autopilot etc. On the tesla model y, its a nice place to be – and this is the sportline version – so has the sportier seats its much more traditional you – you would get in this. If you were a regular ice, car driver or an suv driver and wouldnt have any issues or understanding as to whats, where preference lets have a drive. Lets have a drive in the tesla model y whats. It like driving the tesla model y with that central screen. Its a bit more futuristic, it is a firmer ride as we talked about before, but it has the autopilot now. The skoda also has adaptive cruise control and lane keep, but it just doesnt have that level of autonomy, because you have navigate an autopilot, its, not bad. There actually, but over potholes and stuff, like that, its just not as smooth but uh bigger range on this. Just with the battery efficiency uh quicker charging as well. This can go up to 210 kilowatt on dc.

Both can go to 11 kilowatt on ac, so faster charging. It also has pre conditioning when you are going charging. If you put a charging stop in there or if it knows that you have to have a charge. Stop on your route. Seats are not bad, not as nice as the skodas and obviously much more minimalist. Let me know in the comments what you think with or youd go for a tesla model y or shkoda enyak. There is a slight difference in price, even with the skoda enyak all wheel drive its probably about 5 000 euro cheaper than the tesla model y, so its as close as i could get for a head to head for the one time. Ive got two cars together at the same time, leave a comment make sure youve subscribed to the channel like the video, if you didnt like it and remember, if you think an eevee is for you leave it to me and ill review.