4 is a completely electric small suv with seating for five people. The id.4 is available in three neat levels. Pro pro s and first edition, the id.4 has an 82 kwh battery pack and is available with rear wheel, drive or each wheel drive on the rear, drive version. You get one electric motor and an affair of 201 horsepower with the awd id 0.4 power increases to 302 horsepower with one motor running the frontal bus and another running the reverse. First edition models are available with rear wheel drive only the 2021 id 0.4 is the first u.s bound volkswagen erected from the ground. Up as an electric vehicle note, the crucial ground up part volkswagens first u.s market ev was the golf not much further than a golf hatchback with an electric motor and batteries rather of a gas powertrain, vw vended it from 2015 to 2019, and while we liked the Way it drove its range was not veritably emotional vw says the id.4 is optimized from the get go for the stylish range effectiveness and interior space possible redailed as an suv. The id 0.4 is lower than vws tiguan, small suv, its 4.6 inches shorter and 1.9 inches lower than the tiguan, but its wheelbase, which is the dimension between the front and hinder bust, is only about an inch shorter than the tiguans, with the wheels pushed further piecemeal. The id.4 has further space for passengers. In fact, it has nearly identical passenger lodgement as the tiguan.

The id fours epa estimated range of 240 to 260 country miles is aplenty for utmost ev buyers and volkswagen is throwing in three times of complementary dc fast charging at electrify america stations. Overall, the id.4 has everything necessary to be an interesting pick for an electric suv, but is it the right ev for you, or should you perhaps get a chevrolet bolt, euv ford, mustang, mock e or tesla model y, rather, the base id.4 pro standard feature highlights include 19 inch wheels, keyless entry power, adjustable front seats, digital gauge, cluster automatic headlights, 10, inch, touchscreen, heated front seats, dc fast charging capability up to 125 kilowatts, leather, wrapped and heated, steering, wheel, voice, control, dual zone automatic climate control with rear air vents wireless smartphone charging apple Car play and android auto smartphone integration, vws car net connection service standard driver safety, aids for the base, id.4 pro are combined into a package called iq drive and they include lane keeping system forward collision mitigation blind spot monitoring with rear cross traffic alert adaptive cruise control Driver attention warning parking, sensors id.4 pro s adds more luxury features, including led adaptive, headlights, power tailgate with hands free, open and close functions. Illuminated exterior volkswagen logos, panoramic sunroof, simulated leather upholstery, upgraded front seats with massage function, 12 inch touchscreen with gesture control, adjustable floor panels for the trunk. An optional gradient package is available for the pro s and it includes inch wheels black roof and silver bumper accents roof rails.

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