Nero ev Music here has really thoroughly updated the nero from its previous version, which came out back in 2016 as a hybrid in 2018. As the e nero we can now see today, this has been thoroughly updated with the look of kias other electric vehicles and other hybrid vehicles as well, such as the ev6, the sportage. What we can see here, these led lights with this sort of line running underneath which the led daytime running light. These projector headlamps, which are very crisp, led headlamps, look really fantastic at night. This smoothed off grill and this sort of geometric design in here uh completely smooth, because obviously it doesnt need the airflow didnt have an engine that needs air directly. We have got vents down here for the climate control system, for the condenser, for the air conditioning system and for the cooling for the battery etc, but mainly this is a very smooth, looking front, end, very aerodynamic and quite chunky and aggressive. Really it really does look like a thoroughly new vehicle under the front as well. Under this bonnet, we will find a front trunk, so under here, weve got 20 litres of storage, plenty enough room to put your charging cable or adapter for the vehicle to load feature which is part of this vehicle as well. In the previous version of the e nero the charge flat was off to one side here: its dead central, so on the newer ev weve just got the charge light under here.

Weve got ccs charging and type 2 so under here you can plug in to use your rapid chargers or your home charger, or you can use that vehicles load adapter as well, by plugging in through the front. So as we move around the car, we can take a look at the new uh wheel designs. These are 17 inch wheels, theres only one wheel option on the uh narrow range, regardless of which model you go for these have got a very aerodynamic face on them. So theyre very slippy they cut through the air very nicely and the 55 profile tires mean its a nice comfortable ride inside the vehicle down the side of the vehicle. Again, weve got these c shaped indicators on the wing mirrors and thats sort of mirrored by this silver panel, which wraps around the back. Now you dont have to have it silver. You can get it body colored if you wish, but this silver panel here, as well as being a stylist thing, has also got air vents which run under the back here. So the air can run down the side of the vehicle through these air vents and then kicks out just the other side of the rear lights here, and that creates like a curtain of air running down the vehicle and out the back gives better aerodynamics better range. As a result, and also looks kind of cool, moving around the back of the vehicle, weve got again led lights down here.

The brake lights, look fantastic when theyre on really frames the back of the car um and gives it again quite a sort of sporty look. Weve got reversing camera here, reversing sensors, obviously, and under the boot, which is electrically operated on this model. Weve got a decent sized boot for all the family, so one thing ive noticed in the boot here is actually this. This is the parcel shelf and its kind of like a sort of mesh net bit like sort of metal frame like you get when you get a fold out tent um, but i suppose it saves weight and it makes it still does the same job. Its just very, very lightweight and flimsy you wouldnt use it as a partial shelf to store parcels on. You definitely want to put things underneath it. So what else we can see here is that the kia niro has got these black gloss roof rails. So if you want to carry roof loads, put roof box on that sort of thing put cycles on great weve got a shark fin aerial on the roof as well, so that gives it a sporty edge. I think really. Overall kia has done a really good job with this vehicle in terms of making it look thoroughly modern, thoroughly updated, but also keeping the dimensions. Its pretty very similar to the previous model lets take a look on the inside and see how it goes. Music on the inside, the nero ev has been thoroughly updated.

It looks way more modern than its previous counterpart. A lot of this actually looks very similar to youd, see in the more expensive ev6 weve got this large double display running across three quarters of the dashboard. Its called blue lights that run along the interior here, i think you can change those based on the profile settings of the car. The same blue light is used around the uh. The drive mode selector down here and overall weve got a feeling of a lot more premium than the previous model. Weve still got some harder plastics up here, but the shape of the door panels. The shape of these surfaces conveys more of a sort of bang olufsen sort of high end kitchen sort of feel, rather than the sort of scratchy plastics that you might expect to find inside a childs happy meal. All these screens come to life when we turn it on so press the power button. The car turns on, and the seat moves based on my profile. Here we can see uh weve got all the navigation controls. Weve got the climate control and thats switchable by just weve. Just got one row of buttons press on here and it switches between the two modes. The driver display very easy to read up front um at the moment, with 75 charging, its showing around 203 miles of range, which gives you an indication of the capability of this car, its a 68 64.8 kilowatt hour battery and the wltp range is 286 miles.

Now. In the previous version, which had the same drivetrain, i did achieve over 275 miles myself when driving it in real world situations. So i have no reason to doubt narrow capabilities in this case. Weve still got the drive mode, so weve got uh eco, normal and sport and theyre changed by this drive mode button on the steering wheel here and the range guess changes accordingly. Weve got snow mode as well. If we hold that down very very high spec interior weve got usba usbc weve got qi. Wireless charging down here, weve got heated seats, ventilated seats in the front, a heated steering wheel, um all those sort of features that youd expect on a really. You know high end model to justify its price tag. Weve also got a sunroof as well, which yep that opens so thats a nice feature as well um. So, overall, i think that kia has really updated the interior here, and it looks great. These seats are not leather but that, but they feel different to normal uh vinyl seats, theyre more of a again a bit like a sort of wetsuit sort of material um, so yeah perforated, i say, ventilated, heated, so theyre not gon na. Have those problems with sort of sweaty backs that you get in some leather cars in summer um the headrests sort of seem to jut out and float over the head uh headrests of the seats thats thats nice um overall, the interior is very, very cool.

Um yeah, thoroughly modernized thoroughly improved, lets. Take a look in the back of the vehicle. Weve got great amount of space. I mean im: 511 ive got a good few inches of leg room here, headrooms, absolutely fine, yeah, a good few inches above there um. These seats are sort of sculpted out of plastic, and these the way that the cut does give you extra legroom. I think weve got usb c inputs here and here so charging devices for kids in the rear is gon na. Be fine. Weve got air vents down on here as well for the rear passengers, so thats nice to see on this model. Weve also got three stage. Heated seats in the back on the outer pair um, we have an armrest with a couple of cupholders and its a flat floor through the middle. So actually, if youre doing a shortish trip as an you know, you could have three adults in the car and theres. Definitely somewhere to put your feet um, which is great, definitely a good four seater for adult seater car, plus a small one in the middle um or if youve got three kids across the back. I think that could work as well. This um, your slightly cinema style seating here, weve got slightly higher seating in the back, were doing the front, so you can sort of look down over the drivers seats and get a really good view of the road ahead, which does help with preventing travel sickness as Well so, overall, its a really nice place to be these back rests on the seats can be adjusted to change the angle or, of course, fall flat completely flat.

So if you want a more reclined seating position or you want it sitting up a bit more, that can be changed. One thing i can see on the inside as well sound system as well. This one with harman kardon speakers really does sound excellent. When you crank up the volume, so if like me, you want to rock out to some classic tunes thats, all the better for it. So one of the features which the kia niro ev has is the summon feature or the sort of reverse park feature as well. If you find yourself in a car park and its a bit tight to reverse into to be able to actually get out the car yourself as well, you can in fact just stop in front of the space and using the key. You can reverse the kit of the car back into the space and it will check around the car, make sure it doesnt hit anything. And then, when you want to get your car out again again, you can use your key drag the car back out again. So after risking it risk any door dings after risks or scratching everybody elses car, this sorts it all out so lets give it a go. So all you need to do is click twice on the lock button and then hold this little top button here and theres. Some little indicators come on the wing mirror to show you that thats working and then we hold the reverse button when the car switches on it starts to move a good idea.

If you look around the car, whilst its doing this, making sure that nobody else jumps in the way Music, Music and there we have it so, unfortunately, today weve not been able to drive this car on the open road uh. This is a pre production version that kia has just brought us for the day, however uh by the end of this month, so by the end of june youll be able to test drive this for yourself at trolley group care in blackpool. If youd like to arrange a test, drive, please get in contact with, surely group today, theyll make sure they look after you.