I, like the tire squeal horsepower and torque 365 horsepower 516 pound feet of torque from two electric motors and an 87 kilowatt hour battery and quickly we have a meet up on friday at toronto motorsport park in cayuga. We want to see all 1.51 million of you. Maybe youll see this car here, maybe youll see the prowler. Maybe the fox body were gon na, have track driving drag strip between 5 and 11 and then theres also going to be a jet truck that we booked a friggin jet truck. See you guys there see you there dont miss it. So this is a normal genesis, sedan, gas car that has been turned into an electric vehicle, unlike the gv60, which we recently drove. That was the full electric platform like the ionic and ev6 yeah. So its kind of closer to the bmw i4 that weve, driven because thats kind of a gas car thats been converted into electric car, so theres a lot of little weird things that we noticed with this one, starting with the floor being higher so sitting in here. I noticed something was a little bit odd its because my heels are at a different angle and then, when i sit the back, my knees are like almost in my chest, which is really weird not for tall people, yeah, which i didnt really expect. But it makes total sense, and then you notice the trunk space yeah theres a lot less room because its got the thing that sticks up for battery and motors and stuff like that, which is kind of like that old focus.

Electric right, so im gon na send this in sport mode with traction on lets, see how it does through cliche corner and oh my gosh yeah, and it feels like a really big heavy sedan that you just kind of floor and it kind of does stuff and Understeers not for sending more luxury yeah, but its nice, its like kind of quick but its not like quick, quick. It has the same amount of torque. I think, as the gv60 uh the gv60 in boost mode but may way less horsepower, like you, dont get that like yeah, so hit me with it. Yeah like you, dont get motion sickness. This has 10 less horsepower than the gas powered g80. But then, like hundreds of pound feet of more torque yeah – and you can do the thing in this – where you turn traction all the way off be in spore mode – turn the wheel floor with a lot of battery in there and youre going to light up those Tires and get a little smoky smoke like the uh gv60, and this is supposedly rear bias, but like the front smoke, they have to do that for when you do dump stuff like that, because then the electric cars would just spin yes, but then, if you were To roast off your tires, what would be the continental recommended tire for an electric g80, the extreme contact, dws, 06 plus and until june 30th, 2022 get a 70 prepaid visa card with the purchase of four qualifying continental tires: go to continental tire, dot com, slash the Straight pipes for full details, link in the description and top comment and back to that electric stuff thats a little bit different uh.

If we pop the hood, we do not have a frunk yeah, even though we barely had one in the gv60. I am not mad at this. I understand what goes into making a gas car electric right, so they did the right things and everything makes sense, and i actually really enjoy my time in this car because of what it is its a luxury sedan. I think i actually enjoy my time more in here than the bmw i4. Although i really like that that was more sporty, the suspension was a little bit more sorted out. This one has a touch of bounciness because of the ev batteries and stuff. The thing i like about this more than the i4 is that the i4 they got rid of the hard buttons to do the weird double screen thing, and here they have the good genesis infotainment, which they also had in the gv60, like i feel like. Bmw has gone down, the totem, pole and gv60 is almost or all of genesis is at the top. Now i agree. This is uh rip, bmw rip, mercedes, our title of our video all right kia, rip, uh, hyundai yeah, cause like they did everything right with this, and this even has a lot of range lets. Talk range 454, kilometers as it sits okay. But what if i needed to charge from 10 to 80 – and i also needed to meditate okay, so theres, a ridiculous marketing ad that ive seen on the genesis website.

It asks if 22 minutes of meditation can recharge. Our minds depends, but for sure the car is 80 charged in 22 minutes with a disclaimer on the bottom, and this one actually has preconditioning. So maybe now, if we hit up a fast charger, thats 350 at the right time, put it in our navigation. So we knew we were going there. We would be able to perhaps, but then wed have to be at 10 to get it to 80. So the disclaimer makes sense, like youre, never really going to get that, even though it says for sure yeah i mean the gv60. I got up to like 230 yeah, because this has the 800 volt architecture like these things do charge really quickly. I think the fastest that weve charged anything ever except for the, i think, a tycon. I got up there once okay, but marketing. Bs aside, i think this is a great luxury vehicle, its very quiet in here we have active, sound cancellation, so theres microphones, canceling out the outside frequencies, motorcycles just drove by and you couldnt really hear them. Yeah yeah heres the suspension test. Just a touch bouncy but like not near as bad as some evs can be. Gv60 was nicer, though i thought that was way more bouncy. I was flying over speed bumps and it was like boom boom boom still like. It was good i did not like that suspension. I prefer this one, but its not air suspension.

You cant, lower it or anything like that. So its got an okay stance from what we see, but the wheels, i think, are pretty decent. Looking theyre electricky but like not really at the same time, just chill yeah theyre, okay coming after you alpena yeah, but the looks i think are my favorite part, because the first thing i noticed was well thats the same grill. No, its not! You know how the regular one has like all the same patterns and everything they just reverse the pattern, yeah. So the actual converter, i think its called the inverted uh, whatever yeah so thats, exactly what it is. I was like holy crap. This is genius. The genesis grille looks a lot better when it doesnt need air to travel through yeah. So this, i think it looks amazing and then the charge port is built into the grill, which you pretty much cant, even see yeah its nice. You just click it. It opens up and thats good because pulling at the charging stations, if its on the side, the charges, nothing standardized. The cables are heavy theyre long twisting its tricky. This makes charging easier. It does, but now lets get you in charge of this vehicle in charge. Drivers seat the charger, the charger seat because im a child i want to make burnout Music and the right inside wheel definitely left a bit of a patch. Only yeah i mean i mean thats. The cool thing about genesis, evs, is they do all wheel, drive inside front wheel burnouts when you turn it? Yes, theyre theyre funny to drive with traction off yeah the speeds pretty good, though its.

What id expect out of here and then whats cool about this one. If i hold down the left paddle, i can come to a full stop. Then, if i click the right, paddle ill lose regen and the left one i can get more regen until i get to i pedal and listen to that. Clickiness, like that is high quality, but it doesnt say what mode of regen youre in anywhere on the gauge cluster or on the infotainment screen that i could find. But when you hit ipedal itll, say ipedal, then this does have highway driving assist a little camera. That watches your eyes is very, very, very good and its got the 3d gauge cluster, which we love. We talked a lot about that in the gv60 video and the gauges do look really cool. They have three different drive modes. You can tie them to each drive mode or just independently click, one of them, but you know what sucks about this car compared to the gv60 im, not sure yuri, oh no pumped in audio yeah theres, nothing, you cant, even change it through the infotainment. So just silence now lets cut to that awesome. Clip of the gv60 Applause Music – oh my god, it would be cool if this had it, and this has no launch control. But i understand this is like a repurposing thing and the gv60 is like. We need to show off everything its got hidden drift mode, and this is clearly marketed at uh, older adults, yeah, but its cool, whereas the gv60 isnt thats for like yeah, i want drift mode and then uh infotainment and our controller weve got the awesome rotary dial Hard buttons hard buttons up here for climate, we can touch the infotainment screen.

However, it is a little far compared to the gv60 and we do have apple carplay, android, auto yeah shortcut button to get to there no issues at all, and then we do have siriusxm satellite radio, which rewinds and if youre, looking to get a free. Three months hit up the siriusxm.sayor.com pipes, links below in the description, and then we have a wireless charger down here and its all kind of covered in this nice wood looking trim and then our cup holders do pass. They look really nice yeah. They might get in the way with this flap, though, potentially a lid for a small. But then we have buttons down here too for drive mode and your camera. And if you hold that down, then you get the automatic parking stuff where you can get out of the car and all that and what about the visors uh? This is too close to the ceiling. Three two one full pass yeah. I definitely feel a little too close to the ceiling, especially when, like im pulling out the visor and stuff and again yeah, so if youre going to the racetrack uh, not a lot of room for buckets and the toronto motorsports bar for more see, torontomotorsportsmark.com Applause, Music Applause: okay lets go back to the looks because all we did was mention the wheels and the grille the body lines, the tail lights, the headlights. Everything is pretty much normal genesis. G80. What about the exhaust tips? Yuri? No exhaust tips? So its not the same.

I said pretty much the same i was getting. I know i know it looks like you, youd, be hard pressed to tell the difference is seeing it quickly, yeah yeah, especially from the side, which is a plus like i love that for some people i i fell in love with the looks of the like, like Teal gv60. So for me, like no questions, i would take that and i love this because i love my sedans yeah yeah and moving back in here. These seats are very comfortable. We do have sort of a massage function. Yeah and i like these seats more than all the rest of the genesis seats, i think this is even more comfortable than the gv60 okay and then this seat again passenger seat can move forward and back with these buttons on the side, so thats cool on the Back its got a nice armrest that comes down, so you can kind of be executive style back there for short people. Yes, because otherwise knees and chest, and then we also have a rear sun shade, and then we have manual peasant blockers on the sides yeah. So thats also nice to have and no sunroof huh, maybe maybe thats an electric thing. Maybe theyre like we can put the battery below and make the whole floor underneath flat because its not a carbon roof or anything. So we just dont want to deal with the sunroof yeah, maybe its a rigidity thing, maybe for like a repurposing car and a little cliche corners and sport with all the traction on this thing is definitely throwing me around the place.

It feels it feels nice doesnt feel like its not too fast for cliche corner its, not just right and the traction really held me back. If i had it off im sure it would have gone right into the ditch. I tried that earlier it doesnt really quite do that, even with everything off yeah nice, it just doesnt, thats good, it doesnt have enough power to do that so time to get to the price yeah except uh at the time of filming weve got this so early That we dont have the price, so if we do, we will flash it up on the screen right now. However, if youre shopping for a g80 go to tsp.truecar.com discounted price offers now im going to take a guess. I think this is going to be around 80 000 canadian, based on my math of the gv60 starting at 71 000, the bmw i4 starting at 72 000 and having less range and the gas g80 prestige that we drove was 76 000 yeah. 80 000. Is the price guaranteed im? Definitely not overlaying the actual price right now, which is any different? Yes, let us know in the comments because were watching this with you guys after we edit it so this compared to a lot of the electric cars we reviewed recently. I would take a gv60 over this and you would. I would take this – i think, over everything so far, even the mercedes eqs, because that was just so confusing to drive the back seat room in this compared to the back seat room in the eqs.

I definitely have more head room in this car, but i had more leg, room or leg comfortability in the eqs and then this compared to the i 4 for a gas car turned into an electric car. I think i4 drives a lot better, but because they got rid of the hard buttons thats, a no for me dog and i would go g80. I would recommend either this or the bmw i4. If you prefer to have more drivers car the i 4 definitely rips harder, but if you just want more luxury and kind of a better overall general experience thats more comforting, i would go this one yeah.