I have already posted my detailed and extensive drive review of the tata next one evmax, which is essentially a more premium and flagship version of tata motors electric suv today. Well, we have got the exact same tata, nexon, evmax, exit plus luxury variant. Again, why you may ask well im going to do a proper range test drive of this tata nexon evmax tata motor claims that the nexon evmax can do 437 kilometers in a single charge without recharging uh. But, as i already mentioned in my review, this car definitely will not do that much in real world conditions, so i am at least expecting this nexon eb max to do 320 kilometers in a single charge. So what im going to do is that im going to start this nexon evmax from srt.com car showroom, go all the way up to salem and return back to the srd data car showroom without recharging the car at salem, so yeah salem is 160 kilometers from here From coimbatore uh, so it is going to be 320 kilometers exactly so. Yes, we are going to do a proper range test without recharging the car midway so yep before we get into the review, make sure to subscribe to this channel, because only on this channel you get to see detailed english reviews of all variants of all cars. Moreover, whatever car you want us to review whatever variant you want us to review. You can also mention that, in the comment section below, please show us your support by also liking us on facebook and also following us on instagram and twitter as well.

So lets go on for this review: Applause, Music, Music Applause. This tata, nexon evmax, has been provided by srt tata car showroom in coimbatore. This nexon evmax comes with a 40.5 kilowatt hour battery pack mated to an electric motor which produces 143 ps of maximum power and 250 newton meters of maximum torque, which are definitely more than the regular nexon ev. This is the new intensity deal body color, while the body design and the blue highlights remain exactly the same. The evmax alone gets these brand new dual tone: 16 inch alloy wheels, which are essentially 5 volt units instead of the 4 volt units which were provided on the nexon ev. Moreover, the evmax also gets all wheel disc brakes as standard the rear design. Exactly remains the same as the regular nexon ev, with the rear, windshield wiper, washer and defogger, along with the reverse parking camera, while the roof rails and the shark fin antenna are standard, the electric sunroof is exclusive only on the luxury variant, unlike the regular nexon ev. The evmax provides significantly more premium features with better quality materials. This 7 inch hardman touchscreen, remains exactly the same. That said, the semi digital instrument cluster is now updated with more features as standard. Both the evmax variants get automatic climate control with an integrated economy mode. The evmax also gets hill descent control along with hill hold assist this dual design. Rotary selector knob is good to look at and also integrates an lcd display for the multiple drive modes, that is, the economy mode, ct mode and the sports mode.

The nexon evmax also get the electronic park brake as standard along with auto hold function and, unlike the regular nexon ev, it also provides multi mode region and, of course, as a part of the center console design. The center armrest and the wireless charging pad is also available as standard. Apart from all these feature additions. The overall interior layout remains exactly the same. Additional convenience features on the nexon. Evmax luxury variant includes front ventilated seats along with beniki calico leatherette upholstery, while both variants come as standard with the 8 speaker harman audio system, with only the luxury variant. Getting the air purifier cruise control is also a new addition on the nexon evmax, even with the larger battery pack, tata motors have tried not to compromise on the rear seat space, while the almost bucket, like rear seats, provide maximum comfort. Only the luxury variant gets the benefit, calico leatherette upholstery, which definitely looks and feels more premium. That said, while the rear seat space is exactly the same as before, due to the integration of the larger battery pack, the boot floor has been raised by around an inch and a half which means the under thigh support is not as great as before. That said, the legroom and headroom remain exactly the same. Both the evmax variants also get the rear, ac vents as standard, and the luxury variant alone also gets auto dimming electrochromic irvm, along with an electric sunroof. All safety features, are standard on both variants.

Yes, folks, we are starting the drive now and it is uh well 1. 15 in the afternoon it is quite late, but still uh. We hopefully will return back to gamma tour by evening thats because it is 160 kilometers in distance and it is uh going to take more than two and a half hours to go there and another two and a half hours to return back. So once i start the car from srt tata car showroom once i started the car, the car had 100 charge and showed me 292 kilometers of range now, even after driving say some kilometers uh. Now the charge has reduced to 95, but still the car shows 299 kilometers of range. So now im going to start the uh well im going to reset the trip so im going to reset the ship, and now i have made it to zero. So now, with the charge at 95, lets see how much uh kilometers does this car actually run in a full charge? Hopefully, we will return back without the need to recharge im, expecting this car to do at least 320 kilometers in a full charge. So yeah fingers crossed lets go lets start. The time is around 150, and now we have covered 27 kilometers, since we started from kodishia, which means around 32 kilometers from the srt showroom. The main aim of this test drive is to extract maximum range, so i have set the cruise control at 70 kilometer per hour and i will be driving the car throughout in the economy mode only well folks, we just had lunch at sarana bhavan near avinashi over Here and we are proceeding towards salem, as of now, we have covered 34 kilometers since we started uh uh from coimbatore the actual charge percentage.

The car shows now is 85 percent and for 85 charge, this car claims to run 287 kilometers in the economy mode and, as i already showed in my detailed review, uh depending on the drive mode, you select, the evmax gets three different drive modes, namely the normal City mode, the economy, mode and the sports mode. So, according to these multiple drive modes, the range indicated in the instrument cluster also differs so that is there and driving this car. Using regenerative. Braking will also definitely improve the range while running. It has the well chances of increasing the range slightly more than the expected, so that is actually very good and if the region is set at full 3 level after running initial five kilometers, once you start the car in the morning, the regenerative braking then only gets Activated and if you run the car in proper full three uh level three regenerative braking, then you literally get to drive as a one pedal mode. You dont uh, have to often use the brakes at all automatically. Removing the foot from the actuator pedal will drastically reduce the speed of the car, so that is how it works and in the minimum level of regenerative braking it provides just a minimal level of regenerative, braking good enough for say regeneration of power yeah. So, using all that regenerative braking, i have managed to extract 287 kilometers of indicated range in this instrument cluster, even after covering 36 kilometers.

Since we started the cruise is set at 71 kilometer per hour and uh yeah its going to be quite a revealing uh. Try. This one so lets go on further hi friends uh. We have well almost reached salem. We have crossed sankiri thats for sure and as of now, the current update is that the trip meter is showing me 134.7 kilometers, but thats. When i reset the trip from the correction, but the actual distance is five kilometers more from the srd tata car showroom. So as of now, this car has run 140 kilometers and there is 58 percentage of charge left with the range showing 241 kilometers that this car can actually do. But but the thing is the charge it it slightly depletes faster when the charge is below 50. Just like your smartphone any smartphone, so purely because of range anxiety, i am deciding that i should actually. You turn now take a newton to go towards bhaimatur. Well, we have almost reached salem and we have covered 140 kilometers thats for sure now, 141 kilometers. To be precise, so yeah im just about to take a? U turn. Okay lets see. How does this end for us and this nexon evmax, but yeah the range meter? It actually shows 241 kilometers, which is not going to be an issue, at least i hope so so yep lets see after taking the. U turn near salem, it is 4 41 pm now, and the status update is that the charge has gone just below 50 with the car now covering 179 kilometers, since we started from srt.

So for the remaining 47 of charge, the car claims to run 200 kilometers, which is actually very optimistic and confidence inspiring. But still, i would like to remain on the safe side and have set the cruise control at 69 kilometer per hour in the economy mode. It is actually good to note that, even in cruise control, the regenerative braking works when you are going down on a slope which actually helps extending the much needed range using the air conditioning in the economy mode reduces the load on the battery and motor slightly, while Also providing the comfortable feel inside the cabin so folks it is 5 49 pm now and we are nearing avinashi and we still have around 40 kilometers to coimbatore. So regarding the nexon ev max, the update is that the charge is now 25 percent with the car. Already showing a low battery warning, but still the car claims to do 92 kilometers with the existing charge, which is actually pretty good. Now, even after this low battery warning, i am not turning off the air conditioning and im still cruising around at 70 kilometer per hour. Now, beyond this point of low battery warning, the sports mode does not get activated. Yes, folks. Finally, we have returned back to paimator. We have entered successfully. Well, thanks to my nervous nature, i managed to conserve some more energy and i have decent enough charge to return back to the showroom and deal with all this traffic over here, because it is 6 30.

Obviously this is russia, and, as of now, the status update is that this car has run 271 kilometers according to the trip meter. However, according to me, this car has run 276 kilometers because of the distance between the showroom and the croatia ground, which we had to come all the way to start the shoot so yeah with 276 kilometers on the actual odo. This car has got 15 percent of charge still remaining with 51 kilometers of range still left thats. What this instrument cluster says uh. I am not sure whether to trust this uh instrument, cluster display or not, but yeah for most of the time. This has been very honest with me and, according to this current calculation, this car can, as expected, do 320 kilometers in a single charge so yeah. That is what i expect and that is still around say: 15 kilometers from here to the showroom so yeah. We will conclude this once we get back to the showroom successfully. So, finally, we have reached the srt tata car showroom in coimbatore and we have established that the nexon evmax can do coimbatore to salem and back within a single charge. As of now, the remaining charge is 10 percent, with the car not displaying the range at all and beyond this point, the air conditioning gets turned off thats it. The car still will do 25 kilometers with 290 kilometers covered till now. As i already said, the sports mode cannot be engaged below 25 percent of charge, Applause, Music.

So friends, that was a range test of the brand new tata nexon ev max. According to me, and according to todays detailed test on such highways and up to salem and back, you can solidly get up to 320 kilometers in a single charge. With this tata nexon evmax, if you are driving very, very sedately at around 65 to 75 kilometer per hour with the economy, mode turned on, and the ac in the economy mode as well, we had the ac turned on all the way from start till the end. So with ac, you can get up to 320 kilometers if you are driving in mixed conditions and predominantly on highways, so thats. What my opinion is for this range test today, and i think that if you are doing some decent level of commutes with 150 kilometers as a daily commute, this tata next on evmax can get you there without any issue at all. So the pricing for this data next on evmax is on the screen for you right now. Do let me know in the comment section below what do you think about the tata next one evmax and all its features and this range test do. Let me know what car and which variant would you like to see me review next? Meanwhile, this is signing off, see you on another video.