The peugeot 208 is definitely not new, although compare it to something like the renault zoe, then it definitely can be considered new, but weve gotten used to it on our uk roads. These little babies are everywhere and i think theyre more relevant now than theyve ever been before. Due to some recent battery upgrades, hi, electro heads, im, tish and welcome back to another car review by me in todays, video were gon na, be taking a closer look at the peugeot e208 and finding out about those battery changes. And if its made a difference to the existing model, so if that sounds good, then please keep watching. And if you like, electric mobility, news and content then definitely make sure you subscribe to electro heads to never miss a video from us order. A new e 208. Now and it will receive the latest technological developments and well see the range increase to 225 miles on the wltp combined cycle as a result of a number of efficiency improvements, an interior humidity sensor located at the top of the windscreen, the efficiency of the heat pump, Has improved and together heat and cool the interior more efficiently, resulting in an improved electric range, a mechanical development also sees the introduction of a new gearbox ratio helping to optimize electric range at higher speeds, particularly on motorways. However, thanks to delays in just about every new car that new generation of battery has not quite started to filter through just yet, and that means weve got the existing model with 217 miles, but thats still a pretty decent range for a small electric car and well Find out if it sticks to it later or if it definitely does need that upgrade.

Unlike its brother, the corsa e, which i think has slightly started to date, the peugeot 208 has stuck to those sharp looks, and it looks just as fresh today as it did. When it was released from the factory, unlike some manufacturers like volkswagen and renault who have chosen to have standalone models for their electric cars with the id3 and the renault zoe peugeot have taken more of a familiar approach. The e208 shares the same exterior styling and interior styling, as you have with the standard combustion cars, but thats, not at all a bad thing. Look how handsome it is. This is an exterior styling that even the premium german rivals would be jealous of undoubtedly part of its sharp exterior styling comes from these great led headlight signatures. They have that lion, slash which is so classic to peugeot. There is just a few ways to tell that this is the electric model. The front grille is blue tipped and also the little peugeot badge is blue in hue and its really lovely how it moves and changes color in the light theres. Just a few other e badges down the side that also let you know this is the electric one. Peugeot have actually recently ditched their entry level version of the e 208 due to it not selling in particularly large numbers. So now the active premium is the entry level, but that does mean it comes with alloy wheels as standard, but it will set you back just over thirty thousand pound, although i guess thats good, considering if you go for six thousand pound more on the id3 that Sits on steel wheels around the back that sharp styling is continued, youve got a great gloss, black rear, spoiler and then a matching gloss black rear.

Diffuser again youve got those mirrored lion, slash lights as well, which look great at night. Now the boot of the peugeot isnt too bad, but its not remarkable inside here youll get 311 litres of space now thats quite a lot more than youll get on the mini electric or you get on the fiat 500 e. But if you needed more space still, then youd have to opt for the slightly larger id3, but of course, thats going to set you back just a bit more money now, whilst the boot space is pretty good for this class of car, i do have some issues Around its usability and thats because of the lack of a false boot floor, this means that theres quite a high loading lip into the peugeots boot. It also means theres nowhere to put your cables now. Peugeot do give you a pretty fancy cable bag so that you can tidy them away, but regardless theyre always going to be on show. Peugeot interiors have won a ton of awards and its easy to see why they really do offer a premium looking interior, but at an average cost. This gt line trim elevates that even further you get these fantastic leather, wrapped sport seats with nice, contrasting bright, green stitching. So you know this is the ev model. Peugeot have done a seriously good job of using some really interesting materials. So everywhere you look theres something different to touch and to feel like the center console, which is finished in gloss.

Black youve got these heavy weighted piano keys with the chrome detailing, and then this part of the dashboard which curves inward is actually in a carbon effect. The interior layout, however, might not be for everyone. The peugeot e208 has definitely been focused as a drivers car. So everything feels quite imposing on your seating position. If youre someone whos a minimalist and you like it to be subtle inside with lots of space, then this one might not be for you, but being driver focused, is not a bad thing in my books. I love this little steering wheel. It feels small and sporty like a little go kart, but it is difficult to get a driving position with this steering wheel. It sits down really low and there isnt the most amount of movement in the steering wheel, meaning if youre tall, you might bang your knees and with the seating position as well, there isnt any electrically adjusted seats. So that means finding a driving position can also be just a little bit awkward since discontinuing the real entry level version of the peugeot e208. Now all versions come very well specified, and that includes having the digital eye cockpit. This feels really fancy and high quality. If just a smidge gimmicky, but the only problem with it, is seeing it because of the way this steering wheel is its often in the way when youre trying to see that screen, which is a shame now. The infotainment systems seven inch as standard and then on.

This gt line trim that changes to 10 inch, its pretty good it isnt the easiest to use and heres my top tip if youre buying a peugeot. Three fingers. Sorry what? Because three fingers on the screen will take you home, and that is seriously handy to know, because everything is on this screen. You do have piano keys, but even when it comes to the climate control, its all controlled via the screen, which can be a little awkward when driving all cars have a push button start bluetooth phone connectivity, dab, radio and apple carplay and android auto, as well as Electric windows front and back a lot of what you get extra, is cosmetic improvement with each trim level. The electric versions of the 208 get features like rear, usb ports, automatic wipers and automatic air conditioning at all trim levels where the fossil fuel versions dont. The only thing im missing is dual zone climate control. Thanks to the shared architecture in the e208, its battery is mounted below the floor. That means you dont have to compromise any boot space or rear seat room when opting for the electric version thats a good thing. As the regular 208 didnt exactly have a lot of room to spare the rear seats are rather tight. A six foot passenger will really struggle to sit behind a driver of the same height cutouts in the front seat, backs help to boost leg room but theyre made of hard plastic and arent exactly the comfiest to rest.

Your legs against Music, the peugeot just like its brother, the vauxhall corsa e, is powered by a 50 kilowatt hour battery and together with a 100 kilowatt motor, it produces 136 brake horsepower, which is delivered through a single clutch automatic gearbox. Just like we expect from an ev just like all evs. This delivers 216 newton meters of torque all at once. To give you a sharp burst of power. Naught to 62 has been proven to take under eight seconds and though weve been spoiled by the likes of tesla with their sub five second readings, thats still pretty impressive. In fact, it matches the sprint of the old 205 gti, so its in hot hatch territory and its considerably faster than the combustion engine car, and despite the fact that this car actually weighs 500 kilos more than the combustion version, it still handles incredibly well. In fact, if you put aside the rear wheel, drive mini electric and the honda e, this has got to be one of the sweetest handling front wheel, drive super mini electrics, it loves tackling a b road and a lot more than its counterparts from stellantis. It really does handle the corners well and body roll is kept to a minimum, and i also think because of this little steering wheel, it does make it feel like a little go. Kart, Music charging, the peugeot from an at home, ac charger, will take around seven and a half hours. But what is good about the peugeot is, it can accept up to 100 kilowatts of charge, meaning you can add six miles every minute and it will take just half an hour to be back on your way.

The only negative is if you need that three pin charger its going to cost you extra Music on a nice sunny day like today on the back roads. The peugeot e208 actually holds its range projection, pretty well its almost spot on, but it does have an achilles heel and its the same one shared with a lot of evs, and that is the motorway. As soon as you take the e2 away out onto the motorway – and you start to go at speeds above 60 miles per hour, you can expect to see that range really start to deplete and plus, if thats paired, together with a cold day, thats going to hurt The range even more now these are things that we know about electric cars and im, really hoping that that battery update with the different climate control options, and also the pre conditioning, is going to make a big bit of a difference because it kind of needs it. Despite the fact that the electric 208 is superior to its petrol counterpart in so many ways, it does fall short in one department, despite sitting on a brand new suspension setup exclusively for the ev to allow for that added weight, it still does tend to be quite Crashy over potholes – and you do have to take it just a little bit easier than you would in the petrol model. The peugeot does have a regenerative braking mode and it can be accessed by tipping the gear lever back once more from d to put it into b.

Now it does have to be noted. This isnt, a one pedal, drive its not like the nissan leaf. As you come off of the accelerator, it will gently break, but it wont bring you to a complete stop, but it is just enough to put a bit of energy back into the battery likely theres people out there, which are waiting to bite the bullet on cars. Like the peugeot e208, in anticipation of these cars, which are going to be sub 20 000 pounds, like some manufacturers, have promised us, but more and more were not becoming confident in the fact that thats gon na happen take the auracat, for example. That was supposed to be released between 20 and 25 000 pounds, but the latest model is going to set you back 30 000 plus it charges slower and it doesnt go as far as the peugeot e208.