Polstar is a new name in the world of electric car companies, and this new brand is coming up with an innovative electric car pulse r2. The chinese brand was once volvos racing skunk works, but has become a standalone electric offshoot, co owned by volvo and geely nissan, on the other hand, is a globally known and loved car manufacturing brand, which is all set to release its new suv. Nissan aria: electric crossover in 2023: today we are here with an interesting comparison of both the cars so that you can choose the best one exterior as described by pulstar itself. The polstar 2 has a bold, yet futuristic design. The car has a clean, yet powerful, aesthetic. The designers have carefully combined colors minimalistic designs and sharp dealing to give the car its crisp. Look. The exterior of the pulse r2 has some fantastic features, such as brighter front headlights for maximum visibility. Frameless mirrors smart doors that will automatically lock or unlock with a single touch, a foot operated tailgate and much more to excite you. On the other hand, the designers of the nissan aria, indeed aimed to turn heads with its remarkable exterior. The suv has a sleek looking galvanized steel body and a front grille. The car comes with a beautiful two tone: color scheme with a black roof which can be customized. Its rear has a sporty look and a one piece blade light that illuminates when the car is used and blacks out when parked other impressive features of its exterior include: roof, rack rails, rain, detecting windshield wipers, high beam headlights and led brake lights.

Interior, the interior designers of the polstar ii combined wood fabric and plastic to produce a luxurious, modern, yet simple outcome: the car has a brilliant interior with the same crisp lines and a minimal color scheme. It has features like steering wheel buttons and knurled start knob, which resemble volvo but are less busy. The fabric used in the car is entirely eco, friendly vegan fabric, which is good news for the vegan community. If you want to step ahead with leather furnishing, you can customize it with the pulstar ii. You wont have to worry about storage, because the car has 14 cubic feet of cargo space and another cubic foot of storage in the front now lets compare its interior with the interior of the nissan aria. The suv has the same minimalistic yet futuristic interior design. As the pulse r2 nissan tried to keep the new suv as buttonless as possible, which gives it a sleek spacious look. The car has exciting features like a low floor, zero gravity, seats, etc. Engine and performance. The polstar ii is an all wheel, drive with a single motor positioned at the front axle. The single motor variant provides a horsepower of 223 horsepower with an impressive acceleration of 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 6.8 seconds. The pulstar 2 also has a dual motor variant, which has two electric motors one on each axle. These motors produce a combined output of 476 horsepower and an acceleration of 0 to 60 miles per hour in 4.

1 seconds. The dual motor version has some exciting features that improve performance, such as 20 inch wheels and summer tires stiffer suspension, components, olins, dampers and upgraded brembo front brakes. The nissan aria will offer two different battery sizes, a 63.0 kilowatt hour battery is standard and a larger 87.0 kilowatt hour pack. In this suv, nissan offers the all new gt, r sports car torque split system, which will provide all wheel drive via a dual front, rear electric motor configuration. It is claimed that the acceleration in the front wheel drive will be 0 to 60 miles per hour. In 5.0 seconds, though, the drivers of the nissan aria will enjoy a calm, less bumpy and stable ride. The car doesnt have that sporty look. Many drivers prefer features. Pulsed r2 has an exciting infotainment system, a 12.3 inch digital instrument cluster and a centrally located 11.2 inches ipad. Esque portrait oriented touchscreen everything is divided into groups so that the user can easily find what they need. The best part is that google maps are set as the integrated nav system. It provides useful ev, specific information to the driver on the other side. Nissan also introduced some exciting features in its all new suv. Nissan aria has two 12.3 inch displays which can be used as a digital gauge cluster and the infotainment screen. Apart from nissans standard features, apple, carplay, android, auto and in dash navigation, it will offer innovative features like a feature that will sync the drivers schedule and a feature that will automatically pre heat or pre cool the car.

When parked the most exciting feature that the concept car showed is the automatic parking feature, a user can park their car using their phone from a nearby location by using pro pilots remote park price. The pulstar 2 comes in two versions: a single motor and a dual motor. The single motor pulse r2 costs about 47 200, while the dual motor pulse star 2 costs about 51 000. The nissan aria will be launched with four models, and their prices will be different. Based on the features, the basic venture plus will have a price tag of forty seven thousand one hundred twenty five dollars. The evolve plus will have a price tag of fifty thousand one hundred twenty five dollars. The premier will have a price tag of fifty four thousand.