This is the world premiere of the long awaited li l9 weve been waiting for years for this to come out. I know i have throughout the forums and throughout the lee auto world. A lot of people thought that the second vehicle from lee auto would be more of a compact suv. That seems to be the trend in a lot of these upstart companies. But lee didnt do that they went the opposite direction. They went bigger and even better and even more luxurious thanks to the good folks at leotto. I have traveled here to the beautiful city of shenzhen in order to bring you this exclusive look into this magnificent machine. So this is my first time actually taking a look at the l9 in person. Ive seen photos on it, theyve been releasing it over the last couple of months, and i got to say my first impressions of it are beyond what i ever imagined. The lines are clean, it is really really massive, especially for the chinese market, and it is just gorgeous inside and out. What can i say about the new flagship from the auto over the past four years and about 180 000 lee ones delivered. We havent seen anything released because theyve been self developing it, and i was told by my friends at liatto that they literally packed everything they could think of into this car, with over 60 percent of the design team being international, including designers, from porsche and land rover.

Everything from the halo light to the body proportions: everything is form servs function, so the display model out here in front of the showroom is my first impression of it. Oh my god, oh my god, these seats are comfortable. I love these pillows. The first thing that i notice, when i step in here, is just how elegant everything is screwed together so nicely like just like the l1. This is a solid vehicle, just soft touch everywhere. They do have a hud a heads up display, but for the most part the screens are all to the right of me. At first glance. The lines in here are rather boxy because of the the two big screens here, but there are some flowing lines that go with it almost like a cascading waterfall effect from the dashboard, with these floating screens beautiful um. You can see here like an electric car. It is flat, but it doesnt have your traditional grille, which normally i dont like, because it doesnt give the car any kind of personality. But here with the halo light, it works. So look at the size of this back rear window. It is massive and they did this on purpose because they wanted the people inside to feel so. Theyre not enclosed in some kind of you know comb if you will its open and airy and they took that into consideration. So this back window is purposely gigantic. Now being a three row, car youre going to want to have to put these back seats down to get a little bit more luggage space right.

So it is power operated, just press, those two buttons and they go down in addition to that theres another button here, if i press this, the car will actually lower so its easier to get luggage in here simple and to raise it again, just press the button And up it comes that out just bring the seats right back up Music like the le 1. This is an electric car with a range extender in it, its a 4 cylinder, 1.5 liter turbo engine with a 65 meter fuel tank and the electric batteries itll. Give you a range of 1 315 kilometers that is 1100 on gas and 215 on electric. It has a zero to 100 kilometer speed of 5.3 seconds, and its fuel consumption is about 5.1 liters per 100 kilometers. Everything in this car, the engine, the motor is all self developed. They spent the time the energy and the capital to develop as much as possible in house. This gives greater flexibility for changes in the future. One of the surprising things i actually got to sit down and enjoy it for a few minutes is the sound system. This has a 21 speaker, dolby atmos 7.3.4 system in it, and let me tell you it is bumping. There are five 2 million pixel cameras on the vehicle and 6 8 million pixel cameras, including one lidar and 12 sonar radars climbing into the second row here. First of all, its very easy to step into this thing very solid, huge doors.

One of the things that gets me is just the amount of room and space that you have back here and on this side on the passenger side, youve got a table that comes out the quality of this table. They didnt skimp out. At all i mean this is beautiful and im told it can hold about 20 kilos, so you can put a laptop in here. You know make some drinks make a snack take care of a baby that you might have with you and in addition to that, it will connect to the screen up here. So you can type on your computer and have this as an extended desktop. In addition to that, you can also plug in a twitch or a playstation and play video games great for the kids on those long haul, road trips. Of course, you have power adjustable seats right. The front two seats have massage heating and air conditioning. The back two seats have massage heating and air conditioning the rear seat also does heating, no matter where you are in this car youre gon na be comfortable theres a lot of storage here, one of the things that about the li one is that there seem to Be a lack of storage, but here theyve thought of that, and even a little slip for your phone. There are eight charging stations throughout the car, two of which are wireless at the front. Another great thing about this screen is that its gestured.

So if i put my hand up here, i can grab it and move the screen and make my selections. Lisiang not only incorporates gesture movement into this, but just like in the lead, one where you say: hey, lisan, feng, shui and uh tell it to roll down the window. You dont even have to tell them to roll down the rear passenger side window. You can just point and say: dishon tongshue, please roll down this window, please open this window, so lishong can actually see where youre pointing shes watching you all the time climbing into the business chair whoa. It is quite nice in here. Let me first of all, you got two wireless charging right there, a couple cupholders a usbc everywhere in here and one something the one didnt have was storage underneath. So you have additional storage right here. The steering wheel is rather small for a car. This big, but again it doesnt need to be big. I mean everything you need is in this incredible heads up display in front of me, so ive got a little bit of a screen right here. That gives me the you know my range and my speed and all that all thats on the on the hud anyways. This has not just one snapdragon 8155, but two of them its just the lightest touch to move back and forth super super light. These screens are made by samsung and theyre, actually one of the thinnest on the market.

Right now, i think theyre about four millimeters each and each one is just a delight to play with that is slick. Super super soft seats. You get just the right height that you need telescoping and tilting. Steering wheel, got ta, love that massage function. This would be a very pleasant place to go for a drive again. All the materials in here are first class. Everything feels great to the touch. They really did a fantastic job with this interior. Oh, i almost forgot in the pack seat here. Another great function is the hidden fridge. Look at this, so yeah youre driving down the road right youre in the back seat. You can play some video games. Watch a movie now im thirsty, so you know what i think: im gon na have a drink. Now this fridge theyre telling me will hold about 10 different cans and its not only cooled but its also heated, and when the car shuts off it will stay cool or heated for up to 24 hours. All right now i got ta climb to the back seat of this thing: okay, in the back seat, again cupholders charging and a place to store your phone. In addition, the backrest is adjustable, so i can go back and get a little bit more space. If i want all electric – and i have a heating function – third row heated seats, you see this light right here. They call that the halo light and if you look closely, i dont know if you can see that, but its kind of floating in the air they told me they invested 200 million rmb for the manufacturing of this two over two meter, long front light and, of Course it continues to the light in the back now its got this multi tiered front end.

Of course the headlights and high beams are down here and then these are the running lights, but see these. These are not turn signals. These lights will change, color, the green to blue whatever, and if the car is in autonomous driving mode, itll tell the other drivers that it is based on the color thats, the first of its kind. These headlights are actually 25 percent brighter than the bmw. This car is actually more expensive to produce than a bmw, x7 or even the mercedes competition, but its much cheaper and thats, because youre not paying for the name, the bmw, mercedes, so youre getting a lot more for less money. So that is the l9 from lee. Auto leash young has done an amazing job with their first vehicle to leave one, and this just takes it to another level.