Oh were already running, electric didnt know: uh were going to test drive the 2022 model y right hand, drive australian uh version and um todays vip test drive so its friday uh. Let me just check the date. Friday, 2022, the 17th of june and uh, were going to weve, been invited to come and test drive before even staff. I believe so. There really hasnt been any out on the road so um. What color are we running in im? Not sure might be a white one, i think so. Um yeah all right and weve got a tai. Can over here just give me a quick grab. He wants to run. Look at him. Take him. Music, go! Oh yeah, all right anyway, back to driving mrs dw. Just blew you away leaf power. Wow got my heated steering wheel going here in the leaf, so at least um the model y now uh, even the standard um form comes with the premium interior. So you get similar to what you would get on a long range model. Three you had to go up to the long range to get the premium interior with um. I think its 12 speaker sound system, maybe more. Let me know in the comments, as they say and its got the subwoofer and so on. That now comes on the standard entry level model y um, as well as obviously heated steering wheel, heated seats, front and rear, which, in a model 3 that didnt come out until 2022 on the base model, meaning the heated seats all around.

I meant steering wheel prior to that. You had to pay to unlock the reheated seats and even now, still the sound system on the model. 3 does not have a subwoofer or or rear speakers, and so on. Theyre all sort of software locked or they dont even exist so yeah its um, its pretty good value, really the model y entry level, so the rear wheel drive its going to be called what is called in australia. Um has the premium interior so its its quite a quite a good option, also being rear wheel drive. We dont really need um all wheel, drive in australia, its uh its i mean there are parts that do get a bit of snow and stuff, but its pretty rare like if anyone here is watching from overseas youll know that um uh from anything you might have Seen in the movie, where theres like crocodiles, kangaroos and desert theres rock here, so no dramas dont need any uh all wheel drive for that um anyway enough waffle. We might turn around and give you some of the view on the way to the store. Oh the take hand here is um, as you can see, hes uh keen to have a run with the leaf, but i dont think oh yeah, oh here we go ready one two three! Oh! I think we had him there. Oh, we still got him leaf power. Thats, all right anyway, he might be going to test drive a tesla too, but um yeah, hopefully look its its eight minutes to ten.

Our appointment is 10 a.m and we are scheduled to be first cab off the rank, as they say first test drive this morning. So pretty exciting um yeah. We look forward to showing you guys a bit more as we go here. We are coming up on a tesla southport, as you can see oops as you can see, theres really not much uh stock wise, because the model threes are all sold out in australia. I mean theyve even let go of half of the demos here and i believe and um the order times are quite long. So normally at the front there, against the showroom window, theyve got a whole row of test, drive cars and demos um, but yeah. What you can see there this morning is a couple of customers: um, maybe trade, ins or people coming in for service or other things. So yeah its interesting and weve got genesis. Opening up opened up next door here, its a test drive center. Apparently theyve got some electric cars coming soon soon, also um, which is interesting. So we look forward to that and um yeah. So here we are again on the sunny gold coast, australia, its uh, pretty much the the holiday destination of australia here so were on the eastern coast of australia and um its sort of a, i suppose, youd call it maybe subtropical climate im not sure anyway, similar To southern california, as i said before, thank you here we are coming in for a test.

Drive nice garbage bin tesla southport. Here we are were just walking in to um tesla southport famous, hey you both! Yes, thats! Okay! Thank you! Um! Do you want me to come out and make sure its all set right or not? We have got a white model y here, 17th of june gold coast, australia model y right hand drive. These are from the china factory, shanghai and um. Here we are first test drive, so pretty exciting. All right. This one is a february 22 build yeah, rear, wheel, drive standard form, so its got the just the black interior, but still premium interior. So its got all the audio as we mentioned earlier, and these just got the the gemini wheels 19 inch and in australia. I think same as in other markets got privacy glass here at the back, doesnt mean its like uv or anything specifically, so well. Look into that, but um and youve got your standard sort of clear glass on the front. So all right here we go well. First impressions, obviously, as you would expect getting in and out, youve got the suv, comfort um. Everything else already just feels very much ill. Just go this way. Do a little. U turn feels very much test the model 3, of course, as you would expect, and then um yeah vision here like im just turning here, theres like a gutter, a gutter just down here, and you just have that confidence of being able to see um.

You know whats out the window rather than when youre in this three, which is like a sedan style thing. Um youve got that feels like that little bit more guesswork, um in tight car parks and that sort of thing um, but yeah overall so far just it does feel super comfortable folks. What im going to do im just going to pull in here next to a couple of other common suvs, and that might give you a bit of a perspective on size of the model y? Oh theres, a mazda cx 5. I think everyone knows what they feel like so just next to one of those kidoki foreign, all right. What id like to point out um what we do like about the teslas are the shorter, shorter or comfortable sized doors. So, if youre trying to get a baby in and out next to a vehicle and a car parked like this, you can see that door opens even on its first catch and its very easy to get in and out and then around the back. Obviously, youve got your um huge, huge opening, so oh thats thats, actually that door will go higher. Just the setting hasnt been saved. So i just want to show you that, while were at it um you press and hold this until you get your beep and that now saves that door opening at the highest higher setting um. What youll notice here really good about the model y is, is um.

The size of the boot is huge. You can certainly fit kitties push bikes, crams, even a double pram or stroller, as you call it. In some countries, youve got the flat floor, the back, which is very suv style compared to the three um great for nappy, changing and so on, and then youve also got this over the top of you, as the sun shade winter at the moment in australia. So our suns lower in the sky, but in summer the sun would be up there, so i would be in the shade, which is great all rain. Even so, thats a great bonus got huge huge amount of space in there all this stuff people would already be aware of, but just drivability you can see you can see here that the rear tyres have got right back there and the vehicles in a nice safe Position theres a mazda cx 5 next to it, um, which are not known as a huge suv, um yeah. It just gives you an idea of the size, so its height is probably similar. Get back over this way, similar to the cx 5 and but inside is is definitely like. The tardis theres huge amount of space inside the model really impressed with the drive super smooth um, as you would expect, and definitely the the suspension and ride comfort is there um. Obviously, all evs have to have fairly firm suspension to handle the battery weight um compared to a a combustion engine, vehicle um – and i i have found the model 3 very, quite of a sporty firm ride, but it is obviously there for a reason um, but yeah.

This, i can definitely say um takes that out of it and i i dont know whether theyve put a bit more um cushioning in the seats it does feel like under your thighs. It feels a bit more bolstered or comfortable just there, but your lower back support is excellent as well um yeah. So i would. I would tip that theyve done something with the seats. Definitely your high profile tires on the standard. Gemini wheels, excellent and um all right lets. Give it a bit of a acceleration check here. Yeah certainly goes well watch out for this guy now, certainly certainly no slug, and certainly quick enough to get the kids to school if youre running a bit late or get to golf or shopping or whatever excuse. Youve got um yeah, so um this cars, so new, its still calibrating. You can see here the autopilot still calibrating. The little blue ring here means that um once thats complete, then the autopilot all the cameras have done their thing um, but also lets just check here. Eight kilometers on this one: where is that software there we go 58 kilometers on this car model y um, and it is it doesnt tell you, but its um, oh full self, driving capability on this car being a demo. Um well well have to come back once thats calibrated and try it again with the with the full self driving so thats a bit of a bummer. We missed out on that all right.

Well, here we are back at tesla southport theres, our little trusty nissan leaf out the front there um. So we look forward to having another driver this soon the autopilots almost calibrated so um. We might even try and pop back later today if we can and get a drive on the full self driving, but but hey um, its pretty restricted in australia theres, not as many features as in other countries, i believe um but yeah. We look forward to um.