Let me be clear: wtf stands for watts to freedom, not that other abbreviated term. You guys thought i said so theres a lot more to this hummer ev than just its 1 000 horsepower and 11 500 pound feet of torque. Although those figures are quite impressive, this is an ev at the end of the day, so driving modes and charging and range should be important to you and thats, where im going to begin im going to begin with your driving modes, because you have a few and You can control those by using this dial located down here. So first, very simple: you have normal, and then you have my mode, which is definitely customizable to your choosing. You have off road terrain and towing mode and, like i said, just use your dial knob here to go through them. Then you have class exclusive modes and when you use the icons located in the center of your dial, that allows you to switch in between those. As well so, on the left hand side, you actually have something called a crab walk and because you have four wheel, steering youre actually able to drive on a diagonal. Just like a crab, its super cool. You have to keep your eyes locked to my social media channels, because im going to be creating some cool content with my friends from like it all about that. So then you have extract mode, and this is your most extreme level of off roading and remember.

You have air suspension, so use the icons located at the top and the bottom, and this will help you to adjust your air suspension on the fly. Then, on the right hand, side. This is just a simple icon where an email address pops up on your driver. Cluster and you as an owner, if you have an opinion related to your hummer ev, you can send that information back to gmc, who owns the hummer brand, now back to wtf lots to freedom or essentially launch control. So this is quite impressive, because this vehicle it weighs over 9 000 pounds and so far its suggested that you can go from zero to 100 in three seconds, but also you have a driving range of 329 miles and thats. Of course, 530 kilometers from my canadian viewers – and i cant stress enough how impressive that really is when you take into account how heavy this vehicle is. As for charging and heres, a fast fact for you, general motors is using the hummer ev to introduce their very own ultim battery pack technology and why this is cool is because they suggest that its the largest battery pack in the industry – and it comes with some Pretty cool charging capabilities so just like most evs, the hummer ev also offers a minimum of three different charging levels. So you have your level one level one. Is you using a traditional three prong outlet and this is gon na? Take you forever, then you have your level two and your level two charging you can have installed at home.

This is also where youll find your level two most small parking, lots or grocery stores and then theres level, three dc fast charging. When you combine your 800 volt battery with 350 kilowatt capabilities found with a dc fast charging station well, gm suggests you can charge up to 100 miles in 10 minutes and then lets not forget about braking regeneration, and this essentially, is when you lift off the accelerator. Your battery will recharge itself slightly and with the hummer ev, you have a few different levels of braking. Regen youll find those levels at your convenience located just behind the steering wheel. I highly recommend to test those out when you go out for your test drive and then how do you know your hummer ev is charging and this is cool, so you could always refer to your digital driver cluster or while youre charging look at your led light Bars up front because, as you charge, your led light bars increase ev title aside: if youre in the market for a truck, then towing capabilities and payload capacity should be important to you, and that said, your hummer ev is equipped with four massive tow hooks. You have two up front two in the rear, but remember use your tow hooks up front to pull you out of a bad situation and use your rear. Tow hooks to pull a friend out of a bad situation, of course, use your hitch to pull a trailer.

Now, when it comes to your towing capabilities, youre maxed out at 7 500 pounds and then paid load capacity, this includes what you can put inside the box and within the cabin is topped out at 1 300 pounds. If youre looking to accessorize your hummer ev box with a cover, you can but speak to my friends at leggett, because this is definitely optional. So the box isnt, the only area where youll be able to store items, storage and connectivity is so so impressive throughout, and i will show you but your frank, as the ev community tends to refer to it as which we refer to it. As your front. Trunk is so impressively large and im short im. 53. If i wanted to go camping technically, i could fit back here and close it and self open it again from inside thats, pretty cool, but also remember your hummer ev is equipped with air suspension, so it doesnt matter if you want to load heavier items from the Back or up front lower it down for you and make it easier on yourself. As for the rest of the storage, it keeps getting better. Like i said, storage is impressive throughout beginning up front, which doesnt matter where youre sitting each door has enough space for snacks, bottles, food doesnt matter what it is and then below your center panel theres a huge storage space right there, too, and also whats really impressive – Is your center console its actually two layers and then back here its nice? You receive pockets behind both front seats and then also more room on the sides of the doors for cups, bottles, snacks, food, doesnt matter what it is behind your center panel.

You also have a small space there for little snacks, and then this is nice. If you want to hide items below the bench, you could definitely hide some items and, on the left, hand, side thats, where youll find your tire mobility kit, and then this is also nice behind here, youll be able to store some secret items too, but these doors Do not lock so fyi and then, of course, when nobodys sitting in the center, you can take advantage of your two traditional cup or bottle holders. I left my second favorite feature for almost last check this out, because your multi pro power tailgate is multi functional. This is awesome, so use the button on the right hand, side soft touch to open right now, if youre familiar with my channel, you know im an ex go carter, but whats up mom and dad theyre still at the go kart track so go carts are a Bit longer, depending on what category you race in so if youre traveling with items which are a bit longer well, then you can put this up stops items from rolling out, but thats not all put this back up use the button on the left hand side. This also opens right so now, if you have taller items right, less chance of flying out or rolling out as well, but im not done so if youre also familiar with my channel, you know im only five foot three, so im really short open it back up Again, right use the other button on the left hand, side again, not done yet because theres a step and thats not all right real short and i like convenience, you have a handle step up, grab, pull done if youre into convertibles, then youre in luck, because your Hummer ev can be converted into one and its so easy to do, and it starts with these window panels up here.

So, using these release handles youll, find two per panel, give them a release and then, depending on, if youre sitting inside or if youre, outside youre, going to push or pull up, but be careful because its easy to do when youre putting them back on pay attention To the little icons, because it tells you specifically where each panel goes, if you choose to keep the panels off well, they actually have their own individual cases, and then you can store them inside your front trunk or inside your box. Whatever you prefer, these center bars are also removable, but youll need some tools to do that and then pay attention to your max view. Release button as well, and then i like this so theres a button located on the left hand, side which allows you to put all the side windows down at one time very convenient thats, not all theres, also a button located above your rear view, mirror you can Use to put that rear window up or down and then remember, i was talking about towing whether its wide items, long items tall items, doesnt matter, because your rear view mirror converts into a wide angle camera when it comes to overall comfort, convenience and connectivity. Trust me: when i say absolutely, nobody will complain, and it all starts with your key fob where youll find your remote starter, and this allows you to pre heat or cool your cabin in advance. Just remember your hummer ev is quiet, and if you leave this feature on, it will drain your battery and then you have your power buttons for your front trunk hood and for your power tailgate super convenient youll also find additional buttons located up front to open up Your front trunk or your tailgate as well connectivity, is so good, so in front of your front, trunk youll find a 12 volt.

Port youll also find an additional 12 volt port inside your front center console and then two traditional, three prong outlets, which i love its. My favorite one back here and then one inside the box, more connectivity. You have different style of usb ports, making it convenient for all and then comfort. So remember this is the ev one launch edition so its fully loaded. So your front seats, power, operated, heated, ventilated and your steering wheel is also heated. This rear seat also heated and of course you have your own climate zones and you control everything just by using your climate panel, so easy to do now when it comes to overall space, remember i said it previously im only five foot, three im short, so i Never complain about overall space, but trust me. Your taller guests will not complain either its quite comfortable a little bit more on convenience, android, auto apple carplay, standard and navigation. In here, and one of my favorite features wireless mobile charging in about a minute ill hit. The road and provide you with my final impressions, but i left driver assisted technology as last, because its just next level, everything about this vehicle just gets better and better. First abs, braking traction control and stability. Control are all standard and thats pretty standard these days, but then you have super cruise. Supercruise has been out for a couple years, but it provides you with the best autonomous driving technology in the industry and to activate it.

You have to use the buttons on the left hand, side of the steering wheel, and this also provides you with adaptive cruise control too right. So you can measure the distance of how close or how far you get to the person in front of you, theres frontal collision warning blind spot monitoring. Lane keep assist. You even have lane change assist it does it all for you, then you have rear cross traffic alert with pre braking as well its so good and youre. Probably thinking to yourself, oh yeah, but you know my car has that too, and it doesnt cost upwards of six figures. You dont know until you experience it, but it keeps getting better because its all about the camera angles. Theres 18 different camera angles throughout and if you decide to off road, your hummer ev well, then keep in mind your battery pack is fully underneath and is protected by a skid plate, but theres also cameras located down there and theyre self washing. So if they get dirty, they will clean thats impressive. Now, how do you put in the gear little bit different? You have to push a button located on the left hand, side here, foot on the brake jam it into gear and then lets hit the road 2022 hummer ev1 launch edition thats. What im talking about right? There, wtf whats the freedom, just one of the very many cool features i spoke about today, like when it comes to my final impressions with this vehicle cool.

What can i say man, you just you feel like a boss, driving youre so high. You have such a presence. Man youre. Definitely the coolest kid on the block, or, i should say, rolling down the street right if youre, one of the lucky ones to get this vehicle. Man, man, you are lucky and my friends at leggett are the only ones and the first ones in canada to have an ev1 launch edition and im the first one to review it. How awesome is that, but you know theres, so many great features about this vehicle that i didnt even touch on like the turning radius. Did you know that this vehicle has a turning radius better than most compact sedans yeah? I mean the the simple fact that you have a huge digital touchscreen. You know two of them that are just next level: graphics, the 18 different camera angles like man, i can go on and on and on right. But where do you stop like this? Just has everything and then overall comfort for your family or friends. I mean the connectivity, the armrest, the legs leg, space right, head, space, everythings conveniently placed, and it just feels so good. It feels like a solid vehicle man. I love it absolutely love it in this. Super cruise, i know its been out for a while, but it always gets better. I mean, can you even get better than better better than the best? You know what i mean right, but what i like to do in all my videos is recommend a test drive, but in this case you have to fit.

You have to visit my friends at leggett and at the very least you have to go for a viewing, because its so amazing man so awesome. But for now guys make sure you look down in the description, because i provide more information down there and, of course, make sure youre subscribing and hit that notification bell, so you dont miss how to tuesdays or future car friday.