Second, fully electric vehicle since the xc40 recharge and as the name suggests, the two are quite similar. But there are a few differences which ill highlight in this video, as well as telling you everything else. You need to know about the volvo c40 recharge Music. Almost a year ago, to this day, i was stood in this exact same spot. Reviewing the volvo xc40 recharge and as you can see, the c40 is pretty much identical, but there are a few key differences. First of all, the xc40 was a bit more boxy and a bit more of your typical suv if you like. Whereas this is a lot more sleek, a lot more streamlined and just generally a bit sportier its slightly longer than the xc40 and its also a little bit lower as well. So all in all its a bit more coupe, like than the xc40 ive, got to say. Looking at it from this angle, its got a whiff of the ford mustang mackey about it, which can only be a good thing and all in all, ive got to say volvo has done a really good job with the design of this car Music youve got your Normal electric volvo features such as your colored grille, and these four hammer, headlights and youve also got a contrasting roof and wing mirrors as well, which are a nice touch and then towards the back of the car. Youve got your normal volvo tail lights, which are such a classic design, but youve also got these tiny little spoilers at the back as well.

So all in all theres, quite a lot to like about this car and the same can be said for the inside too. The inside of the volvo c40 is pretty basic, but i do mean that in quite a positive way, because i, like the interior of my cars to be a bit stripped back and a bit minimalist and thats. Probably the best way to describe the inside of this car immediately youre, drawn to this 9 inch infotainment screen, which is powered by google assistant and as far as infotainment systems go its okay, its not the best theres, definitely better ones out there, and it does immediately Lose points for me as well, because it only supports android, auto and i have an iphone so for a car that starts around the 45 grand mark. I do find myself wanting a little bit more from this system, but this 12 inch drivers display is really really good, theres loads of different menus, its all crisp and clear, and easy to navigate as well so thats very good. You do also have wireless charging for your phone and other than that theres, not a great deal else to say i mean youve got nice materials everywhere. Youve got nice bits of detail in here, and the seats are nice and comfortable and theyre also four way adjustable. As well so youve got different buttons and dials down here to adjust your seating position and get yourself perfectly set up, but other than that theres.

Not a great deal else. To say about the interior of this car, its all very nice and simple and all very volvo Music in the back. Anyone over six feet, like me, is going to struggle because there really isnt a great deal. Amount of headroom and youre gon na have to end up sort of folding yourself over as well, and you dont have a lot of leg room to play with either. So all in all, i really wouldnt want to be in the back of here for a long car journey at all. A quick look at the boot as well and youve got a decent size of 414 litres and up front youve got another decent storage compartment as well, which is big enough for all your different charging cables. I think weve covered just about everything now so its finally time to get behind the wheel and take this thing for a spin Music. So, first of all lets go over some of the most important stats about the volvo c40. Now we are actually driving the recharge twin model, which means its got a upgraded battery, which basically means certain things like naught. 60 times are improved from 7.7 seconds on the standard version to 4.5 seconds on this, and its also got an extended range as well, which officially sits around 277 miles. I think it is but ill be. Honest. Ive only had this car for about a day, so i havent been able to do a real world range test just yet, but im expecting to get between sort of 210 to 220 miles, but ill have to put that to the test later.

On now for a car thats supposed to be the sportier version to the xc40, this c40 does feel quite sluggish and i know thats going to be due to the size of the car and its weight and all things like that. But when you talk about naught to 60 times of about four and a half seconds, i expect it to feel a lot a lot sportier thats, probably the right word and a lot quicker off the mark, and this feels quite sluggish and quite sort of lumbersome. I dont know how to explain it, but even just squeezing, through gaps like that, you dont get the the traditional electric car feeling that you want of it, pushing you back into your seat and that sort of initial buzz of excitement. It feels all very safe and, and a bit boring really to drive its its quite disappointing. Really because, as i said, this is meant to be a sportier version to the xc40, but it doesnt feel noticeably different at all with. It feels pretty much pretty much. The same dont get me wrong. I know this is far from a sports car and the volvo c40 isnt trying to be like the polestar 2, for example, which is a bit flashier and a bit sportier. But even still you you do want that feeling from an electric car, its one of the big benefits of owning and driving an electric car is that that instant, torque and instant acceleration, and even pushing up through country lanes like im doing right now.

It doesnt exactly feel quick off the mark and its really quite surprising, really, especially when you consider the size of the battery on this thing and the north 60 times it and all things like that. It does feel quite weighed down and a bit sort of stuck in the mud by far the biggest disappointment of the volvo c40 is the quality of the ride. This thing is absolutely ridiculous. Considering the shape and size of this car, it doesnt seem to be able to cope with even the slightest speed bump or pothole without it shaking you around and throwing you around the inside of this car, even on the most simple and straightforward roads. This really is quite an uncomfortable car to drive thats quite surprising, considering the xc40 was quite a nice smooth and pleasant car to drive im, not too sure whats gone wrong here with volvo, because this is a million miles away from the xc40. I dont want this to be all doom and gloom, however, because there are some positives to this car. First of all, its the regen braking its probably the most predictable and smoothest that ive experienced in an electric car and thats saying something considering the the cars weve driven on this channel. It is really predictable and you can adjust the settings as well, but even on this, setting, ive got it now, which is the most basic setting its really easy, just to rely on one pedal driving.

I dont think since ive set off this morning, ive been driving for about half an hour to 45 minutes. Now i dont think ive touched the brake pedal once, which is just amazing, and that and thats something i love. I know a lot of people have different, wants and needs from regen breaking some people like it, some people dont. But in my personal opinion, i like to rely on one pedal driving id like to put my left leg out of the way and just sit back and control the car with my right foot, and this car is absolutely perfect for that, whilst entry level models for The c40 start from just under 45 grand this upgraded twin recharge model starts from just over 55, which even for an electric car, is quite a lot of money, especially when you consider the likes of the audi q4 e tron and the ford mustang mackie are all A lot cheaper and id probably say a bit better too. I feel, as though ive been quite tough on this car today, which is a shame, because i was really excited about the c40, especially when i really did enjoy my time with the volvo xc40. If youre considering buying this car id still have a look at it, definitely because there is quite a lot to like, but for me personally, a car of this price should just offer that little bit more thats all for this video. If you liked it, then please do drop us a like and remember to subscribe as well for more electric car reviews like this, you can head over to our channel and for daily news coverage features and much more.

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