He has the most evie models for sale, as well as the most affordable ones, as well, until evs are available for a similar price as a gasoline equivalent one its difficult for the average consumer to want to make the switch to electric well. The main problem currently with electric cars is that the prices are too high for what you get the aura. Hal mao has a pretty good shot at making believers out of skeptical consumers ill discuss the range price dimensions on market viability of the good cat. The good cat is the fourth ev made by great wall motor great wall sold over a million vehicles in 2019 and has been making cars since 1984.. The four door compact hatchback has a bit of a volkswagen beetle appearance. If you see a little bit of portion there, it might be because the good cat was designed by former porsche designer emmanuel durda. I think it looks great its distinctive and has some presence. I especially like the rotten headlights, the bulging fenders and the rear taillights. The hamau seats up to 5 passengers, the good cat measures, 4 235 millimeters in length by 1825 millimeters in width and 1596 millimeters in height thats, 167 inches long by 72, inches wide by 63 inches tall. To give you an idea, thats about the same size as the volkswagen id3 or the golf, it has a cargo capacity of 8 cubic feet: 228 liters to 30 cubic feet, 858 liters depending on.

If the rear seats are folded or not, the haumau has a 105 kilowatt motor or 141 horsepower, with 210 newton meters or 155 pound feet of torque, so its no speed demon but will get you from zero to 50 kilometers per hour or about 32 miles per Hour in 3.8 seconds, the maximum speed is 93 miles per hour or 150 kilometers per hour. One appealing part of the haul mile is the availability of two batteries that produce good range. The standard 47.8 kilowatt hour battery pack provides 401 kilometers or 249 miles of any dc range. The larger 59.1 kilowatt hour battery pack provides 501 kilometers or 311 miles of any dc range, since any dc range tends to be overly optimistic. Expect epa mileage to be about 30 percent less even then were talking about 280 kilometers or ones of the larger pack. The battery can be fast charged from 30 percent to 80 percent. In 30 minutes. The prices start at fifteen thousand eight hundred dollars for the base standard battery trim and twenty thousand four hundred for the larger battery trim. The good cat has safety features that we expect in the us and europe, including airbags, anti lock brakes. Electronic stability control driver assistance features like lane keep assist road sign, recognition, fatigue, monitor adapted cruise control, 360 degree camera and even automatic parking. The how mile includes led headlights and taillights. It also features a full digital instrument. Cluster and a 10.

25 inch touchscreen infotainment system, the interior has a nice look for card that should cost significantly more than the 16 to 20 thousand dollar price tag. The good cat is one ev that has good potential to be exported, since it has many things that eevee buyers are looking for in europe, north america and australia. Its got plenty of range for most people, its also the right size vehicle, its a practical, hatchback style. Thats easy to park, but has lots of room inside the ha mao has good looks inside and out plus the tech is impressive. Safety should be good based on all the safety features it doesnt look like you would need a lot of work to make it compliant to sell to the rest of the world great walls motors. Vice president ning shuyong said our cars are designed and built in compliance with international standards, and we definitely set our sights on international markets, including europe. He said that great wall motors is studying ways to build out its global distribution system for electric vehicles, with the ultimate goal of selling to europe, part of the companys efforts to go global. In fact, great wall already is selling one of its evs in latin america and india. I think for them to have success. The aura hao mao would have to undercut the established competition in price significantly. The good news for great wall is that most competitors start at over thirty thousand dollars. U.

S and or a good cat should be able to be sold at a lower price based on how much they sell them in china.