We will talk about ev version and another version, so a lot of interesting information to show you and to talk about im in love with it because uh as i understand uh, it will start from around twenty six thousand dollars. Uh were not sure about the price. Yet that well announce in the but to understand that itll start somewhere from this point bro its its really pretty nice design, look led lights, very unusual and interesting design. I just love how it looks so i agree like they did the facelift from the previous uh key in era, and this one looks much more aggressive and much more interesting and much more appealing yeah, especially for this price range. As a like, you know: beginners kia, entry, entry, like entry level, entry level, entry level model, it looks great. I, like uh the unusual shape of this car because, like usually, you have just one color on the car and you dont have like any options and here on the mirror, we have very cool design feature which was firstly introduced on 2019 concept: yeah whats, the interesting Thing its you can see through this site yeah, i think, and it creates a little bit more efficient, like fuel efficient. We dont know the exact numbers, but i believe it should be. I know, should be one one. One mpg also these wheels reminds me uh, lamborghini, uracan, wheels and thats good thats good when something in a car from um such level of a price reminds you supercar its good.

Also, like a bunch of features of this car was brought from the concept which was introduced in 2019, and you know like when we introduce concept when we see the concept for the first time, its probably going to change lately. Because we need like to follow their safety lines where to put the motor where to put drivetrain all that stuff and concept. Its just like to show the proof of design but im glad that we see headlights, rear lights, like headlights, taillights from the concept, Music and some of the element design we can see from there. So we see like where key is going right now and i like this direction, yeah its really nice. So i really like uh how front looks its just cool for this car first time we see such line. Thats cool. I really like it its unusual very unusual for this type of cars, and you can see like it has like different grains, different dimensions here, its not just the plane sight side mark yeah. It just have like some design, and this car stands out from the crowd. I really like how they put the license plates kind of theyre like they imitating the actual us us license plates, but they do it like the color match of the car. I always i was jealous when i see these license plates in the commercial, because i want the same one yeah, but its impossible yeah its impossible, but it creates like much more interesting.

I know perception of this vehicle yeah so from zero to ten. If were talking about exterior, i feel that im ready to give this car around eight because really for such a simple car level yeah. So this is an entire level of uh kia for care mode. I would do the same like yeah. This is the entire level here and were talking about, like i know, 20s price range 20, like thousands round 26, for that price range, its amazing, like yeah, how many like small details you can see in the design and we have like different options like different colors Of near, like white, blue, green and all of these colors are like standing out so classically a key lets check it out, yeah, so nothing new here like we, we already saw on kia, k5, televised and other cars. So there are no like super interesting welcome lights. Here because its like, like first first level for kia model, so thats, why its pretty simple here, absolutely the same: simple welcome lights in the rear part yeah um. It smells like a new car, yeah yeah, look very beautiful, graphics. Okay lets do the first impression so im the first time seeing this car in first timer, first timer, and what i feel that this car is very roomy its very roomy inside, and you can actually feel you. You cannot feel that this is a compact car like this is a smaller car yeah.

I feel like its bigger car. I have like the same feeling when i was sitting in ev6, but es6 is bigger car and can like its supposed to be suv, steering wheel. Its from i think, the same from the ev6 i like the phone, it looks the same yeah and finally, we are very happy with new logo because it looks much better than previous one and finally, they made it so virto dashboard with different designs, uh multimedia system, Uh, the same, like i saw in uh telluride in ev6. Yes, this one is a little bit smaller, its 10.2 inches and in ev6 and telluride we have 12 something also, we should like make it clear. This is like the pre production car. So this is not the final car, so there are like some options, maybe like they can change, and we have some like messages here, but i mean like its still like the pre production car, so we perfectly fine with this there we go pointed something look at No, no wait. We need to look at you. No, you dont! Look at me! You look at okay. I look at this camera. You can see the same feature like on ev6. So, on one panel we have like different buttons of multimedia system and also when you press invent uh, you have all options about climate control, yeah saving, uh space yep its pretty straightforward. But like the good point, we have like 12v uh thing to plug in some of your needs like usb and usbc, as well.

Im not sure about this one yeah, but well well, figure. This out lets show a little bit how it looks when youre switching on the car yeah. So here you go yeah and you have uh different designs of it. Everything works very fast. I like it. I, like it i mean like here, did like the huge step up in terms of like how the cars looked before and where they are now and where theyre heading its like its a game: changer yeah. Also, there are some interesting details inside like these lines and i, like you, know like sometimes you see these lines and theyre just like you know like just a like straight ones, and here you have like some textures here so like bigger wider monero. Maybe it will be possible to put here a little screen like in ferrari, f12 berlinette, and here a passenger will see the speed yeah, something like this. Some tuning im six one uh and i feel pretty comfortable here so lets close the door. As i said before, the car is very roomy inside and its the same feeling on the back as well. Even we dont have the sunroof here im still. I know i dont have any concerns about like lake room, and i think here 2023 has the same. Like one of the biggest lag uh dimensions in its class, its the same as toyota rav4, i, like the small features you know like that: oh yeah, cool usbc ports like in uh just just on the seat on the seat, not somewhere in the dashboard, but on The seat thats an interesting feature: yeah.

Let me give you more comfort, perfect, now youre in first class man and still, and still we have a very roomy uh trunk on this car. I, like the material, it looks like leather, but i mean like it is leather, but it looks like its clove, so its its very interesting and very interesting feeling of touching it. So guys lets talk about performance. There are three versions: uh first one is nero hev a 1.6 engine and 1′ horsepower six speed, dual clutch automatic gearbox. Here we have the same engine pavel come on. Try, try, try, show us that your automotive guy come on. We give you some time. Bro come on yeah, perfect yeah, so here we have the same engine and also electric motor, so plus 41 horsepower because of electric motor and overall, its 180 horsepower and on electric motor uh range is 33 miles or around 50 kilometers still pretty great for the like Daily commuter, you need to go to the grocery. You can use just electric motor, so you dont spend any gas yeah so but like from the like, under the hood, theres, no difference honestly between. Yes, exactly absolutely like the difference we will see inside so lets go to evie, most interesting version: okay, yeah ev classics so and we have like, i think we can open it. We can put the cable charging cables here, some small stuff, which is pretty useful yeah, but i can, i can see like this – is still like a transformation uh, because this car is produced as a like hev version and phev.

So its supposed to have like engine here and this car doesnt like it, has like just ee, but they still like uh, making this space available yeah it used to be the motor. So i think, like its kind of you, know the transition between gasoline power cars to ev cars, so this is what were gon na, see like in the next few years, yeah so about performance, guys. This is the most powerful version of uh new generation of nero. So here we have only electric motor from zero to sixty miles. It is 7.9, of course. The most interesting part is pretty good range here, so its around 400 kilometers and uh yeah on such ev. You, you already can make some road trips and it works. Okay, guys, thank you so much. We just finished our reviews with like all three different key and years, and one on your tell right. Thank you. So much guys and uh give us your opinions about all new nero. What do you think about uh such car uh with a start price around 26, 000 yeah so were not sure about the price. Yet so i will tell you so um nero previous generation of nero is uh starting from 23 or 24 000 yeah, and if we will see on uh pricing of kia cars its going like a little bit up, so it should be really around 26. In other way, no no other way, yes, give us what you think about this car in this class.

What would you like to choose in this money and yeah thats super end? I hope soon well go for a test, drive, yeah and well.