Theyre meant to be here next month and im here, to give you my opinion on whether or not that will actually happen or if, in fact, its just a pipe dream. Hello. My friends welcome to the channel on the electric viking great to see you welcome to the new subscribers. Welcome back everyone else. Now, if you are a new subscriber, i will put some links in the description below to some of the videos ive made about byd. Now they are one of the three largest electric vehicle companies on the face of the earth. In fact, they are currently the third largest battery manufacturer on the earth, theyre ramping up their electric car production at an insane pace. The only other car company thats matching them on pace is tesla. All these recent reports about volkswagen, overcoming beating tesla within the next 18 months, wow, if you believe that stuff ive got a bridge to sell you, the only company that has a chance in snowballs hell of beating tesla is byd. It is certainly not volkswagen. For general motors or any other legacy automotive company now that said, i have ordered a byd yen plus, which is called the ato three here in australia, apparently theyre going to call the different byd models at one at o2, ato blah blah blah blah, apparently the byd Seal is going to be the ato iv, then the ea1 ato two now i dont know if thatll happen or not, but thats what people in china are saying how they know.

This information i dont know but anyway, ill put some links in the description below too. In fact, you should check out my recent video i made about a review of the ea1, which i believe is a car that will absolutely change the marketplace completely. Why im youre talking here right, a 30 to 35 000 australian dollar, so were talking 25 000. Us dollar electric hash, the size of a toyota corolla, which is just better than a toyota crawler in basically every way yeah. You can see how that is going to change things. Now the 803 went on sale a couple of months back here in australia. For those of you who care byd has just delivered a bunch of electric cars to costa rica, brazil, philippines, theyre, coming to singapore coming to new zealand theres anyway, the list goes on and on and on. I think theres about 15 different countries, theyre delivering electric cars to this year. So will they deliver them? Yes, you didnt pay for something that youre not going to get youll, get it eventually at least, but will it be next month, as you guys have been led to believe honestly, im not trying to clickbait you, but i think that is extremely and i mean extremely Unlikely, why do i say that? Well, one big problem, first of all, yeah sure, im sure that the distributor here in australia of byd cars can get the cars on a boat if theyve been made yet, which we dont know if they have or not, because that information hasnt been told to us By the distributor in australia but thats it its not really that hard is it to drive them onto a boat and ship, the man down to australia, but theres, one big problem.

Some of you have pointed this out. The byd 803 has not yet been crash tested. Despite five star safety claims now, if we really were going to get this car next month, which is 10 days away, then i think it would have been crash tested by now dont you now. The next chinese car brand to launch in australia, says it is guaranteed to have a five star crash rating, but thats quite a claim when the vehicle hasnt even been crash, tested yet and apparently itll be delivered in only what three weeks from now those things to Me dont stack up now, as ive reported previously the vehicle that ive ordered the upcoming byd 803, electric hatchback will cost starting from 45 000 australian dollars drive away, which is about 33 000 us dollars its a very good price for what it is, its meant to Arrive next month and have a maximum driving range of 480 kilometers for the model that i ordered, which is the long range model, has a bigger battery pack, three thousand australian dollars more. You get the bigger battery pack, its a no brainer. In my view now the vehicle is expected to pass routine regulatory safety requirements before it goes on sale locally. And when you look at the specifications of this car in china, i would expect that not to be an issue, but the fact that it is yet to be assessed by the independent safety authority and cap australasian.

New car assessment program, which sets a high safety bar, means that well im guessing there, probably isnt any here. Otherwise, why wouldnt have already been assessed abs? Why would the car not already be looked at right if it was going to be here in two or three weeks? Surely it would have already received its five star and cap safety rating, at least a few weeks before it arrives here in australia, for customers to actually pay for to get delivery. Now, what ive read right on its a popular australian website is that representatives for byd in australia, so the 803 will launch locally with a five star safety score. However, it may initially go on sale, unrated until ancap completes a series of crash tests and collision avoidance assessments. Is it possible? Is this possible that you can buy your car with it being unrated? What happens if it only gets a four star safety score? What about what are they going to do then refund us? I mean theyre going to say well, we we promised in the um marketing that it would have a five star end cap score, but its only gotten four, so um. What do you want to do? I just dont think this is. I dont think this is possible come on. I mean really really. I dont see how this is going to fly with customers and it could happen now. It is true that this is possible right because some car companies complete and cap crash tests before a newly introduced vehicle arrives in local showrooms.

So they can advertise a five star safety score from day one, but ive never heard of a company right. Releasing a vehicle saying it will have a five star, handcuff score right, selling it to customers and agreed on price, but not having had it tested and not being able to prove it will get a star score and then potentially have to go back on that statement. This has never happened in australian automotive history in the last 20 years that im aware of now. It is true that some car companies will wait several months after a newly introduced car has gone on sale locally due to production or development delays before a vehicle is submitted to ancap tests and issued with a star rating. That does happen, but ive never heard of this happening with a brand thats completely new to a country. Thats never been sold there before and well. It is a chinese car right, it does have, they do have different regulations and requirements in china. Im also very curious to know why they could not have gotten one here now in time. Doesnt add up to me now. What happens when this does happen, though, is that during this interim period, a vehicle is deemed unrated until its been assessed by ancap, regardless of claims by vehicle manufacturers. Now drive says that and cap ceo, carla horweg, said until we independently test and assess specific models of variants and officially publish a rating.

It is not possible for a vehicle manufacturer or distributor to claim that a particular star rating will be awarded. So encaps saying we cannot guarantee this byd vehicle will get five stars to be awarded a five star. Safety rating new vehicles must undergo a series of crash tests and crash avoidance assessments and perform to certain standards and those standards get harder and harder every year right. They increase every year. Basically, if you bought a car five years ago, and it had five stars back, then its probably only a two star now – these standards are pretty tough, now right, a vehicles overall, safety rating is based on the weakest result in any of the and cap crash tests, And collision avoidance assessments now, apparently byd representatives have had preliminary discussions with endcap. However, a crash test schedule for the vehicle is yet to be established, so they havent even established a schedule right. This is where were at right now: theres, not even a schedule, its not like. Oh, were going to do it in october, its um, no theres, nothing. Now given the time required to complete a series of crash tests and collision avoidance assessments. It could be many months before ancap is able to issue a safety score for the byd 803. In other words, if the cars do come next month, if they do its extremely unlikely that youll know whether your car is a five star safety car for at least several months after having owned it to me, i find that im willing to put up with it, But im, not all that happy about it.

Put it that way now drive says that, despite this timeline, the byd australia distributor remains confident. The byd 803 will launch with a five star safety rating its unclear. If this means the 803 could be delayed until such tests are completed or if the test can somehow be fast tracked now in a statement to drive last month in may byd, australia, representative luke todd said our process is commercial in confidence, but we will definitely be Launching the addo 3 with a 5 star and cat rating now, clearly, ok, one or two things here has to happen: todds wrong right, and so therefore that statement is null and void because, right, how is this possible? He says our process is commercial in confidence, but we will definitely be launching the addo3 with a five star end cap rating. It hasnt actually gone through this process, yet this process takes months and the car is going to be delivered next month. So how can it be launched with a five star end cap rating? If were going to get it next month, it cant its not possible only one or two things is possible right: either it doesnt come next month. It comes in a few months time and then, after which point theyve already done the test, or we get them without a five star and cap safety rating thats. The only possibility at this point in time now for those of you who are not aware of how the tests work and cap allocates star rating safety scores based on a broad range of crash tests, including full width, frontal side impact and oblique pole, destructive tests and Control, testing of a vehicles, advanced crash avoidance features i dont think youll have any problems, but you never know it might its possible.

Its happened before a five star and kept score is considered the highest safety endorsement here in australia and its widely advertised by car companies. Many businesses and government fleets require a five star safety rating for employee vehicles. Now sometimes, what can happen right is that european scores based on european end cap safety tests are adopted by the australian body here, as the two independent agencies have aligned their testing requirements, theyre pretty similar right, but the bmd803 has not yet been assessed in europe. So thats not possible that rules out that possibility, according to ev directs website that outlines key details of the 803. The vehicle comes with a long list of safety features right, include: 7 airbags, anti, lock, brakes stability, control, traction control, autonomous emergency, braking collision, warning blind spot monitoring, lane, keeping assistance and rear cross traffic alert, so thats a pretty good set of features. It seems like theres a chance based on that, probably better than a bit of an odds on chat thats, a pretty good chance that it will get a five star score, but it wont if theyre delivered next month. If theyre delivered next month. Youll have to wait and find out what that score is and just hope that its five, because if its not well tough luck now i have heard an interesting rumor right. Apparently, somehow there are two australian byd 803s going through five star euro and cap testing in europe. Im not sure why thats happening clearly byd plan on selling them in europe id say.

However, this person also said that an 803 by 803 will be given to ancap. Here in australia in june this month for testing, however its now the 21st of june and ive heard nothing about it in the media seems unlikely that if that had happened, we wouldnt have heard anything about it now. One thing is important to remember here right. This is probably one of the safest vehicles you could buy in the world period. Thats. The truth right im not just saying that, because i ordered it, but the reality is look at the byd blade battery test right. They ran over the thing with a freaking truck. They pierced it with a nail, they put it back in a car. It still worked. You cant do that with normal lithium batteries in 90 of cars right, you can only do that with lithium ion phosphate batteries and, in particular, blade batteries from byd which are incredibly reliable, incredibly safe. You are way youre, like a thousand times more likely to burn in a fireball in a crash from an internal combustion engine vehicle than you are from a byd vehicle, thats just reality, theres just no way of getting around that ive done enough videos now ive done Enough research on this topic to know im not talking nonsense, that that is true. Is this car going to be safe? Yes, it is. However, this kind of advertising to me could be done better communication. Have you guys received an email telling you youre going to get your car next month? I havent have you.

I mean that would be nice, be nice to hear whats going on with my car, because im kind of excited to get it if youre direct.