. I would touched about 70.. Future enthusiastic height is very wonderful, but its too much that seat should have been adjustable stay boggling so that it could have come little more down for uh. My height, like height, is suspension, of course, is bit tight at present, but i think after some few days it may get a bit uh soft and smooth so services change. Okay, one service 10, 15 kilometers till we reach our service point thats, called emergencies, theres a actually cut off switch. Is there nighttime a long but not so bright, but its okay? For us to see the road and other person to see uh its okay lighting is. Ok, you can see its better than all the other vehicles which are in town all gear vehicles. Also it overtakes when youre in a signal point immediately. It overtakes other vehicles very fast and a beautiful pickup theres, no doubt in the pickup, so e vehicle, 30 or 40 also yeah, yeah, okay, actually real promises. 120 120 on all conditions like perfect conditions, road conditions, load load also is very important. The load doubles heavy personalities, so the batteries automatically come down, thats it for the storage space like i have to change your gears and all that yeah this pickup is there its wonderful, its right till the end, its on the same uh power line, yeah. Okay, the invalid i dont feel any problems, but i think theres, some more uh on breaks also breaks me up.

Uh concentrate uh, better conditions or breaks, so breaking bones its not so perfect. Yeah, like uh many vehicles, have the same problem. This also has a little bit breaking problems there. It is kind of rare drama uh. Some improvements should be there a little bit. Okay, so, okay, thank you. Thank you. So much for your review, my customer review valuable review. Thank you.