This is our test drive it dries pretty smoothly. This is the premium package, its quite a nice nice looking car were gon na pull over to the parking somewhere and uh im gon na. Do a quick, uh video of the uh, i guess the loop features i dont know like it looks pretty cool. I think it looks nicer than tesla inside its got a nice screen ahead in front of you. There is a big screen here with some additional info that holy moly. This is pretty long, looks quite nice starting price. I think its 45 000 canadian, which is a very, very comfortable thing. I dont know – maybe maybe im gon na – maybe im gon na place an order on this thing by the way, those things not going to be available until 2024, so in two years time, thats, when my kids gon na get his driving license. So maybe there is a charging situation going on after recharging, okay, so what they said is this one for four wheel drive can have 490 490 kilometers range, which is which is quite decent. If you ask me, so i wonder how much it takes to uh put a deposit on this baby. The price is pretty good. This is almost uh half a price of model y, so im just gon na do the little video over there okay anyway. So im gon na pull over to a parking lot now and were gon na.

Do a quick review of the vehicle or maybe ill. Do it after this thing, let me just maybe uh. Let me see how much power this baby has. Oh, it does have power. This thing flies windshield. Let me just pull over over here. Okay, what do we have here? Okay, theres, some switches. There theres a little compartment glove compartment. This is how you shift from neutral drive – reverse some controllers. Here i like this. There is a navigation. There are some switches or a couple of knobs, which is very convenient, its actually good and the uh. This is a its kind of a rubber plastic, which is looks feels pretty solid. If you ask me, oh one thing that the body is made the disadvantage of the body of this car. This is a steel steel body, its not like tesla, which is aluminum so be mindful of that. Maybe that probably affects the price difference, but it seems like this car is a little bit built a little bit better on the inside or you could see like when im turning. It shows you, the camera, you see the back its pointing there is a camera. I guess in the mirror, as youre turning it shows it. This is not new but its its a nice feature. So if i switch to right the same thing on the right hand, side left thats, pretty cool all right anyways. This is pretty exciting wow. If i could buy this one for fifty thousand dollars thats, i think thats, pretty good wow, im gon na sit at the back after and see how much space there is.

Okay, so im gon na continue with this video uh in a minute im gon na come out im gon na show you guys all around the vehicle im gon na show you the trunk space uh im, also gon na yeah hop on the back seat, just to Show how much space there is okay yeah! So this things got the power. Man, sweet sweet come back now. This way left maybe ill turn there. Let me find a little parking parking spot and then were gon na come out and im gon na hop on the back seat. Okay, im gon na park over here, yeah. Okay, there is some kind of park there ill go to this parking okay. So now, if i stop now so what i got ta do now: im gon na go to neutral and probably press the power thats. It were done now im gon na hop on the back seat. Oh the door handle already opens for me. I dont need to push it thats. Good thats good now lets see how much space we have here, because at the end of the day, okay, so im a six foot, two guy im sitting here. Okay, let me see is this reclinable? Okay, the back seat is reclinable, so im setting it straight im, not touching the ceiling over. Here i have some legroom okay thats good uh, mind you that the front seat is quite uh, its pushed back quite a bit, so i still have room here, as you can see right.