There is the Cadillac lyric and it is Cadillacs first electric vehicle, but the start of many more to come. So in this video were gon na. Do a complete Hands On walk around Im, going to show you all. The cool things were going to talk about, charging were going to talk about range and then, at the end of this video Im, going to give you some bad news. But lets start where we always start, and that is under the hood Music dope in the lyric you pull up here. No, of course you dont. This is an electric car, so Cadillac had to reinvent the door handle and the way this one works is you push and then it gently opens allowing you to gently, enter the cabin but lets look under the hood and see whats under the hood, because of course, Electric cars, as you know, are partially defined by the frunk, so lets see how much of a frunk the lyric has and the answer not at all. At least let you open it in the Mercedes Benz eqs youre not even allowed to do that. So you can open it and you can fill it with blinker fluid, of course, its not blinker fluid windshield wiper fluid. I wonder whats under here, oh a lot of scary orange cables and I suspect that is the motor right. I shouldnt have done that. So just ignore this part of the video Cadillac, its a beautiful car, see no no damage done and speaking of the motor, you can get the lyric in one of two flavors.

Well, actually you cant get it at least not well. Well get to that. At the end, you can get a rear, wheel, drive one and you can get an all wheel, drive one and the rear wheel drive one puts out 340 horsepower, so thats a lot of Power. Gm says it will do 0 60 in about six seconds and speaking of range. Well, we werent, but we are now. Let me show you where the charging port is its right here and its kind of cool. The way that it opens up. You just push on the Cadillac logo. There is your level two and theres your DC charger, and it gets up to get this 190 kilowatts of charging the 102 kilowatt hour battery and Cadillac says in laymans term what that means is in 10 minutes. You can get about 70 miles of range on a DC, fast charger. If youre wondering how you close this little guy, all you do is push right. There voila you and me right now lets talk about style because, of course, style is very subjective, but you will see Cadillacs new design, language, which is in one word vertical. Cadillac, is very proud of these vertical headlights. In fact, the only horizontal light are the turn signals which are right there. The other interesting thing is this Grille. Of course, electric cars dont need a traditional Grille because they dont need as much air to cool the engine because they dont have.

One Cadillac has designed this in such a way that its backlit and that it can be changed. So when new variations of this vehicle come around like say a v version, it can have a different Grille to express its more powerful v. Nature available from Cadillac are both 20s and 22s. These are michelins and they are 275 40 R22. So these are the low profile big tire option for the first time in the history of Cadillac. Not only did they design the wheel to be as aerodynamic as possible, but the tire – and that may sound easy, but keep in mind that there are breaks under there and they get hot and what you dont want are Arrow wheels that dont allow any air to The break so Cadillac has made both an aerodynamic wheel and one that keeps the brakes cool at least thats what they say: full disclosure. I am here in beautiful Park, City Utah, where Cadillac flew me and my videographer out here. So we could drive and review this car and put us up in a very nice hotel, so lets talk about the rear of the car and its actually, my favorite part of it. I think it actually works really well its both bold and elegant and thats. A hard combination to put together and one of the things that you immediately notice, is that there are no tailpipes because well theres, no emissions. The other thing you might notice is this light bar that comes across the back now I do like these little rectangles that get smaller as you get toward the center of the back of the vehicle thats kind of cool.

The other thing youll notice immediately, is that there is no windshield wiper. In fact, there is a spoiler and Cadillac says the reason. Theres no windshield wipers that theyve created enough arrow through the use of the spoiler that allows the car not to have to have a rear, windshield wiper. If it rains well see now lets talk about how you open up the hatch, push on the Cadillac emblem and voila, it opens up and, of course, tons of room back here electrically folding seats, as is the right way for Cadillacs. Let me fold one down just to see how it does. Oh yeah look at that thats a lot of room and then, of course, there is a little cubby hole in here. If you want to store your groceries or perhaps hide something that is valuable out from under prying eyes and next, I think I need to sit in the back seat to see how I fit so to get in the back. Theres no little grab handle out here. So you may be wondering how do I do that? Well, Cadillac has thought of that. Once again you push and then, if you look right, there theres a little bit of a pad to rest, your fingers so that you can open the rear door and get in all right. I am sitting behind myself uh and, as you can tell, I have plenty of Headroom and I have plenty of shoulder room.

I wouldnt want to put five people in here, but four large guys, like me, will be very comfortable. Of course we have the ubiquitous armrest with two cup holders. Over here youll note, you have two USB C ports and these very intricate I mean very intricate vent tabs Cadillac says that they spent a lot of time, making sure that every control in this vehicle feels expensive and is a pleasure to work. I wouldnt say its a pleasure to work, but Its A step above the usual. The other cool thing is that I am swathed in daylight and thats, because this is the first Cadillac ever with a glass roof and, unlike a Tesla, let me show you what I can do now. If youve been following tfl, you know that we have owned three Teslas now, a model three model Y and a model X, and the one thing that always bugged me about a Tesla was that there was no way to cover up the giant sunroof and in places Like Park City Utah, where youre at core my watch – almost 7 000 feet above sea level, theres a lot of solar radiation. So I love the fact that Cadillac has incorporated you got it a big old screen to allow the sun to come in, but, more importantly, to block it out when it gets a little too toasty for comfort Applause. Music. As you know, General Motors is a big corporation that has several brands that share the GM umbrella and oftentimes.

Those different brands will share switch gear, but this is the first time for Cadillac, where its got its own switch gear. In fact, Cadillac is very proud of the fact that all the switch gear here that includes the steering wheel, your drive controls your turn signal control has been specifically designed for the Cadillac. Now they will be used in other Cadillacs, but right now, if you get yourself a lyric, you will be the only one that has this switch gear and speaking of switch gear check this out its very mercedes like right. The seat controls theyre the shape of the seat. You also have heated and vented seats, and you may be wondering what is this little round rotary thing? Well, that is your lumbar support. You can move it up, you can move it down, you can move it out and you can move it in. It is very elegant and very different and speaking of Mercedes, you may be aware that Mercedes has this giant hyper screen hyper hyper anyway in the Mercedes. The screen goes from the drivers side, all the way across to over there on the passenger side, but theres a secret, and that secret is that the hyper screen is actually made up of several different screens, whereas this Cadillac will tell you is the biggest single screen In the industry, so there are not multiple screens underneath there there is just one screen and if youve gotten into a new GM car, this operating system may look familiar.

In fact, we have a very similar set up in our new Chevy ZR2 Silverado, so lets check out some of the hidden features, audio, obviously Sirius XM easy peasy seems like its pretty intuitive and best of all. If youre a guy like me and you like regular audio controls, you do have a rotary knob that controls the volume, so you dont have to fuss with it. If you want the volume to go up and down Im sure theres also a volume tab here, of course there is so you could do it on the steering wheel, but I like having big old knobs that sounded dirty, but you know what I mean to control The volume all right lets go home, uh and lets see what else we have Maps yep thats where were at lets, go back home phone, Google Assistant, uh climate and the nice thing about the climate. Is that its actually hard buttons, Ive kind of gotten over having just two little buttons on the steering wheel, a lot of Tesla that controls everything? So I like having especially climate control buttons that are real, and then let me show you something cool in here and Im, of course, referring to the fact that this is blue, its a nice little touch and it brings a little bit of life a little bit Of youthfulness a little bit of joy into a car that you know lets face, it has mainly been sold to the older generation.

Now there is one thing I want to show you that is unique to this car and Im, not talking about the heated steering wheel or the fact that supercrews will be an over there update its this little paddle shifter right there. What that allows you to do is basically increase your regenerative braking. So in other words, you can look at it as almost a break on the steering wheel. So when you come up to a stop sign or a stop light, you can set your own level of Virginia braking and then, if you want more, you just use this little paddle shifter to increase it, giving you more energy back into the battery and more control With your hands, instead of with your foot, lets talk about some more thoughtful design features. This is a very funky door handle. It looks like something out of a Bauhaus kitchen. Now Cadillac is also proud of the speaker covers. They said that uh, these are more art than speaker covered, and I have to agree of course, if youre into wireless charging, there is a wireless charger right there, and this is pretty interesting. Cadillac said that they wanted to make the cup holder the central design theme, because, obviously, since this is an electric vehicle and theres a row of batteries underneath us, you dont have to have a transmission tunnel. So not only did they make the cup holders beautiful, but they even thought of the fact that lets say you have a cup holder with a handle.

How do you put it in there? Well, thats, how you do it and then you can of course do that again now over here once you get another thoughtful feature, its a big cubby, and this is not the first time weve seen this, but I do like the blue accent, and this is something That you could use to put your purse or handbag, or in my case I dont like my phone, sometimes hidden so Ill put it there and that way Ill be sure to lose it. When I leave the car at the beginning of this video, I told you there was some bad news well before we get to that lets. Just recap the numbers, because they are important, so weve got 312 miles of range 102 kilowatt hour battery it charges at 190. Kilowatts, which is good – and it does 0 60 in about six seconds, which is also good Cadillac, says it has a perfect 50 50 weight distribution, which is also good, and perhaps the most important numbers are that it starts at well. Actually, this one is sixty three thousand dollars for the rear, wheel, drive and if you want the all wheel, drive is 65 000. If you want those big 22s, then theyre, another 1500, so thats all good news, but the bad news is that this 2023 model is completely sold out. Yep thats right. If you havent, ordered one by now, you cant get it and thats a shame because theyre starting to build them right now.

Now how many of the 2023s is Cadillac building, they wont say so we dont know. What we do know is that there is a waiting list if you want the 20s 24.. What we do know is that there is a waiting list if you want the 2024 model that you can get on Cadillacs website and that one will be delivered sometime. Second quarter ish of next year, thats a lot. Finally, I want to thank you guys for joining me and there is a complete driving review coming so be sure to stay tuned for that, if you want to find it easily itll be at, where we have all of our videos all of our website stories. All of our podcasts and, of course, all of our tick tocks.