Theyve aimed this full electric ionic model directly at that car, as well as that other key segment models like the volkswagen id3 on paper. At least this car certainly seems to offer a package that eco minded buyers in this class will want to consider, especially in this revised form, where a larger 38.3 kilowatt hour battery features to extend the wltp rated driving range to 182 miles. Inevitably, the need for a battery three times the size of the one in the ionic plug in model mated to a much larger 120 ps, electric motor means extra weight, the curbside figure of this ionic electric rising by 50 kilograms. In fact, though, because all the bulk is mounted so low down in the car that has a positive rather than a negative effect on drivability reducing the body roll that troubles the hybrid models at speed through tight bends, even so theres, nothing particularly rewarding about driving this Car, the somewhat lifeless steering rather make sure of that, obviously, to get anywhere near the official quoted 182 mile wltp driving range figure. Youll need to be using the most sensible of the three provided driving modes: green, tinged eco, which slightly restricts, throttle, travel and climate system performance. Youll need to maximize brake regeneration. Using these steering wheel, paddles and youll also want to keep an eye on the drive indicator to the left of the instrument binnacle screen, staying in the lower blue charge zone and out of the upper white power section.

All the main ev stuff, though, is located on the 10.25 inch center dash screen this right hand screen tab, brings up battery status, driving range and the nearest ev charging station. As part of the upgrades made to this model in mid 2019, there was a switch from a 6.6 kilowatt on board charger to a 7.2 kilowatt system, increasing the amount of charge the car can take in any given period its now possible to replenish this models. Lithium ion cells with a charge of up to 80 in just 33 minutes providing youve got access to a 50 kilowatt dc fast charger. If you havent, then a home wall box will recharge an electric ionic model completely in four hours and 25 minutes or if youre, somewhere with only a normal three pin plug, then an overnight 12 hour charge should be sufficient to top the car up completely. This hyundai challenges the eco motoring status quo in lots of ways and exterior design is another of them on this battery powered full electric variant. A front grille isnt, of course needed not for cooling anyway, would argue that it is required, for stylistic reasons the battery powered version being saddled with a rather ugly blanking panel, that can be ordered in a choice of gray shades or in polar white time. To take a look inside, how futuristic has hindi dared to be here? Well, its pretty much the same conventionally futuristic approach. You know that youre in something more advanced than an ordinary focus or golf class, family hatch, but theres, nothing here.

That would be too taxing to adjust to well almost nothing anyway. The ionic electric, of course, must differ from its hybrid and phev showroom stablemates when it comes to the provision of a gear stick because, of course it doesnt have to have one. Instead, on the separated lower center console between the seats, the single speed transmission system offers small buttons for park, neutral, drive or reverse the cabin of this revised model feels of higher quality than the original version. We tried back in 2017., its certainly a little smarter than what you get in a prius or innocent leaf. The big change here lies with the addition of this big 10.25 inch, widescreen navigation, setup, part of a media package which includes a very decent infiniti, sound system, apple, carplay, android, auto smartphone, mirroring and a suite of the brands latest blu link connected telematics car services. These operating via connected app anything this central, monitor, cant, tell you will probably be covered off by this seven inch. Drivers supervision cluster screen, which replaces the usual gauges in the instrument binacle here. A circular display with a digital speedo, is flanked by a power charge meter on the left and a battery indicator on the right time to move rearwards and take a seat in the back. Thats a process that, unless youre really quite short, will involve the need for a slight incline of your head below this sloping roof line. Having done that, you might not be too surprised to find that once inside, as in say a toyota prius headroom is something of a premium for taller folk.

Normally, these seats would have been positioned a little lower to compensate for the swept back ceiling, but thats not possible here, since they sit right on top of the powertrains battery pack. Finally, lets take a look at the boot space on offer. A lot of the latest battery powered cars weve tested recently have managed to package in their batteries without encroaching on luggage room but thats not the case here. The 443 litre capacity that you get in an ionic hybrid falls to 350 liters here, thats 55 liters less than a nissan leaf. If you load this ionic to the roof, the figure rises to 455 liters. When you push the 60 40 split, folding rear bench forward. It doesnt free up a completely flat loading area, but you do get as much space as likely buyers will need 1410 liters being provided. Dont underestimate the scale of what hyundai has done here. Some might have potential issues with it. Of course, the looks arent especially arresting and some rivals can offer you more all electric driving range still, if you can accept that get on with the styling and adjust to the frugally focused manner. This car will encourage you to drive in then we think youll, probably like mostly everything else about it. Less than half a century ago, european car makers helped establish hyundai. Now this brand is showing quite a few of them, the future of motoring isnt, it ionic dont.