. It has provided a big push to Indias adoption of EVs, offering buyers looking to make the switch to electric a sensible and relatively affordable option. Nexon EVs Achilles heel, though, has been intercity travel.. Its modest range and a lack of public charging infrastructure have limited it to being used primarily as a city, runabout. Thats, where the Nexon EV Max comes in. With a bigger battery. The range has gone up significantly to over 400km on a single charge enabling intercity travel along with additions to the features list and enhanced performance.. But is it enough to convince you to look past ICE and make the switch to BEV Compared to the regular Nexon EVs? 30.2Kwh battery the new Max variant gets a 40.5kWh pack which has helped increase claimed range from 312km on a single charge to 437km. Power output has gone up from 129bhp to 143 bhp, while torque has increased by 5Nm to 250Nm.. The Nexon EV Max is quicker too. Reaching the 100kmph mark from a standstill in 9s versus the Nexon EVs time of 9.9s. In the real world, it would be safe to expect a range of around 300km to 340km on a single charge based on driving style and driving conditions.. That certainly helps quell range anxiety to an extent relative to the variant with the smaller battery pack and enables intercity travel within a 300km radius.. Another crucial addition complementing the increased range is that of 7.2kW AC fast charging support that can charge the car from 0 to 100 per cent in 6 to 7 hours.

. This wall mounted charger adds Rs 40000 to the price, but we certainly think its well worth. The cost. Considering regular AC charging with a 15A socket will take around 15 hours., The Tata Nexon EV lets you select from four levels of regenerative braking from level 0. No regen to level 3, which, as the name suggests, is the most intense setting. Level 3, enables one pedal driving to an extent providing enough deceleration to negate the use of the brake pedal.. There are also three driving modes to choose from City Eco and Sport altering throttle response exactly as the names suggest. As the 0 100kmph time of 9s indicates. The Nexon EV Max is quick off the line and overall, certainly more exciting than a similarly priced ICE. Alternative.. The added weight, courtesy, the bigger battery pack, as well as additional equipment, warranted retuning of the suspension. Out on the road. The Nexon, EV, Maxs ride and handling characteristics are similar to the lighter Nexon EVs.. While it handles quite well. The ride. Quality is on the harsher side, and the car tends to feel unsettled over bad roads. Speaking of bad roads in order to accommodate the bigger battery pack. Ground clearance has come down by 10mm, but it still is generous enough to not be a problem.. Increased range. Enhanced performance and added features certainly justify the roughly Rs 1.54 lakh premium, Rs 1.94, with the AC fast charger. The Nexon EV Max commands over the Nexon EV.

, While the Nexon EV does around 200 220km in the real world on a full charge. The EX Max should be good for 300 320km, which is an increase of around 50 per cent at only an 11 per cent increment in price, and that to us sounds like a good deal, especially when you factor in all those extra comfort and safety features and Of course, the considerably lower running costs vis a vis, petroldiesel options.