Forget if you like what you see subscribe for more reviews, it only takes a second Applause: Music. The second generation nero ev, is so new that many owners have yet to take delivery, and while we agree that its a bigger car than other choices here, it still checks in at under 4.5 meters in length whats. More many of our other picks are more suited to two rather than four passengers, so consider this one for families and an update to what was already a class leader, Music, featuring kias trademark tiger nose grille. We, like the looks of the nero ev, with the exception of the coloured c pillar, which thankfully, can be deleted so that it matches the main body colour of the vehicle with a 64.8 kilowatt hour lithium ion battery and the range that pretty much beats. Anything else. On the market, kia has long since shrugged off its reputation for cheap, albeit worthy vehicles, and the hyundai kia group remains ahead of its japanese competition in the ev states. Music fit and finish, and the materials used are a big step up compared to the previous nero and although kia has opted for capacitive buttons on its climate control, some physical buttons remain Music. Our other selections, aside from the kyocera and hyundai kona, are more suited to driver and passenger. Only although the corsai and peugeot e208 also do a fair job with rear accommodation, Music, as well as a decent sized frunk, just like the hyundai ioniq 5, the nero ev has an adapter that allows owners to charge other electrical devices, including other ebs, Music.

In summary, the new nero eb raises the bar for a small family suv ev and gets a big thumbs up from us. Hondas lovable e is the apple iphone of the electric car world more expensive than the competition, but with a design, thats hondas best effort. Since the spaceship honda civic of 2006, it wowed the motoring press and public alight when first unveiled. However, there are three main problems with the e first is usable range, although honda only ever intended the year is a city car. Its usable range of 120 miles is bettered by the larger capacity fiat 500 electric, taking into account that its price is on the par with the entry level. Volkswagen id3, which has a far bigger battery hondas sales for the vehicle, have proved to be disappointing Music. If honda could improve its range and cut its purchase price, it would have a winner on its hands, alas, despite its unique dashboard layout with multiple infotainment screens, camera driven mirrors and excellent driving habits. This is a niche product for the company. If you have the means and treat the yi as second car for the city, only it makes perfect sense and thats. Why its still a top pick, however, as well as a poor usable range, rear passenger space is also compromised and boot space is disappointing. Despite all of this, we still love the e, but youll need deep pockets to even consider hondas small electric marvel Music.

The id3 was a hugely important car for volkswagen, when launched in 2020. Tempting buyers out of their golfs into the id3, was a major challenge and one that in nearly every respect, volkswagen has done brilliantly good looking, but by no means flashy. The signature looks of the id3 have also laid the groundwork for the companys latest vehicles too, including the id buzz as a five door. Five seat hatchback the id3 excels at being compact in the city for parking, but is roomy enough for family trips. Further afield, when released its biggest criticism concerned, its infotainment system, which, like the latest golf, does away with the need for most physical buttons. Lagginess was the main saw point along with the need to dive down into menus to change some common settings, although still not our favorite system over, the air updates have improved things for ide owners of late, otherwise, its all pretty conventional, which is perhaps the biggest complement That can be paid to the id3, the cockpit layout driving position and major controls are flawless while touches such as the play and pause accelerator and brake pedals prove that wolfsburg has a sense of humor Music. Like many manufacturers, semiconductor shortages have affected trim levels and equipment. Currently offered by volkswagen, but the mid spec, 58 kilowatt hour equipped model would be our id free of choice, all in all a good value, stylish and easy to live with ev, which refreshingly doesnt feature an extensive options list currently Music, although not as much fun through Corners as a mini electric or persho e208, the corsa e is definitely the dark horse in this lineup.

With a more than adequate 50 kilowatt hour battery, the corsa e centers on offering great value for money. Even if looks wise, it cant hold a candle to its psa company e 208 stablemate Music learning to toggle between eco, normal and sport modes affects the amount of brake horsepower available on tap and thereby range with the eco option being the one to eke out every Mile from its 200 mile usable range Music in terms of driving habits, the corsa e has more role through corners than the petrol version of the same car. Although in normal and sport modes, it makes for a nippy companion, around town Music wearing a sensible hat. The corsa e provides better accommodation and range than the mini electric and all for a far lower entry price. So dont rule out this offering from box or opel its a sensible ev choice: Music up against the mini electric and honda e fiats new 500 electric is arguably the most well rounded of the three. There are two main versions that either equip the 500 with a 24 kilowatt hour battery or – and this is the one wed go for a larger 42 kilowatt hour version. This gives the fiat 500 electric more versatility than its japanese and german competition with a highly usable wltp range of 199 miles or 320 kilometers available as a normal hatchback, a convertible and a three plus one version, meaning that it incorporates a suicide door.

On the passenger side, the convertible has arguably the best headroom in the back for adults, while access to rear seats is best with the three plus one brush. All in all, we think the 500 electric should be towards the top of your shopping list, especially where you need a city car for one or two occupants and have less need for luggage or faring passages in terms of value for money. Its also a better option than the honda e and wed also take the 500 for the bigger battery that is over the mini electric Music, with a third more range than the battery pack. It replaces renaults mark ii. Zoe is developed in all the right ways from the original car. It replaces cleverly named as an abbreviation of the term zero emissions. The original zoe, which first appeared in 2012, was always an ev worthy of consideration. However, despite its pioneering approach, a sizeable price coupled with a low rent interior and brittle plastics, made it a difficult sell for some potential buyers. This time round, a large portrait, touchscreen and altogether more agreeable interior make the zoe a much more enticing proposition, although not as peppy as a honda e, its far better range and decent suspension, soak up potholes and undulations well its by no means the last word in Handling but fun can be had zipping around town in the vehicle which, although not as chic as the fiat 500 electric, does have its own likable personality.

The clio derived interior is a major step up and with an improved driving position. Many owners will enjoy using this. As a city vehicle with a decent sized boot too, the zoe is let down only by its poor rear accommodation, so its best for households where only one to two people will use the vehicle any one time. Music were tempted to let the music do the work for us with this one, like its petrol predecessors, the mini electric is as fun to drive as ever. Perhaps the ownership experience out of warranty will be better too, as there are less oily bits to go wrong. Music, thankfully, the engineers at bmw, havent seen fit dial back on the fun, so youll still get the modern classic looks of an aspirational mark. Thats adored by so many inside the uncompromising and unique interior is just as funky as ever. While ride is a bit more jiggly and unsettled than the petrol version in the uk, its the mini electric, whilst in other markets it gets a john cooper. Moniker Music range is the only saw point in this package and bmw argued, perhaps rightly that loading it up with a bigger battery would have made it just flabby and taken away all of the fun. Instead, we see the mini electric as a sprightly, engaging second car that youll tear around town in as such is a compelling proposition, and we like it Music with the launch dating back to 2018, its a measure of how good the kona electric is and how deeply Hyundai invested into evs that the vehicle remained competitive even before its recent refresh the closed off front end now looks far sharper, although were still not fans of the rear, end treatment.

That said, its far from boring to look at and with the choice of two competitively sized battery packs, the kona electric makes a lot of sense on paper Music. Its suv styling is on point two and it charges from north to one hundred kilometers an hour in under eight seconds, Music with a usable range that beats most competitors whats not to like well its handling a ride. Arent the best in class and its dashboard is made up of lower quality plastics too, but other than that it runs a close second to the id3. With a superior warranty, though, this is a head over heart purchase that you wont regret: Music, voxel, opels, bold approach to its first baby. Suv, ev has paid dividends. We think this is a sharp looking vehicle, even if the showcase green metallic color is not to everyones taste with a front end visor design that harks back to voxels glory days. The company has also been adventurous on the inside, with a driver focused layout that works well around town and on motorways. The makai is a comfortable ride, thats well judged, although the trade off is that its handling is only average when pushed hard. Modulation of the brakes is also sometimes hard to judge, but otherwise theres much to like here, Music, its chunky, good, looks, are bonus and, although generally well finished, some interior trim lets the side down Music in all. The market e has to work hard to rise above middle of the pack status, but its a good effort from vauxhall opel that should result in the mockery finding plenty of homes Music, closely related to the voxel corsa e.

If our top pick was based on looks alone, the peugeot e208 will be up there with the honda e and fiat 500 electric. Unlike those competitors, the peugeot doesnt sit on a dedicated ev platform. This ride is superior to that of both the zoe and mini electric Music. The e208 also does a great job of keeping noise out of the cabin at higher speeds, with good levels of refinement Music for us peugeots. I cockpit digital instruments when you peer over the steering wheel to see them is the cars one major failing from day. One weve questioned this approach, although many owners seem to have no issues with it Music. Otherwise, the interior is a master class on how to make a mass produced, hatch feel special leg. Room and boot. Space are also both reasonable. So if youre hunting for a vehicle of this size, we test drive the corsa e along with this model Music. Although the dagia spring hasnt been confirmed yet for uk sale, it stands here as being the cheapest full bev from our top picks, with origins based on the indian market, renault kwid and also the dongfeng feng shen ex 1. The no fill spring has a top speed of 125 kilometers per hour and allegedly north to 60 time of 19.1 seconds Music. So long as you consider the city, its main habitat, the darchia spring is a relative bargain Music take the dachia spring for a long highway.

Ride, however, and youll have to endure multiple recharge stops, especially if you keep the right pedal constantly flawed. The one caveat in recommending this otherwise sensible choice is its one star euro end cap rating darchias business model has long been to offer safe cars without all of what it sees as being bells and whistles safety features Music, even with a beefed up safety structure to Satisfy european requirements, we recommend you check out its crash test, video and written report before making a decision, otherwise its a dinky sized, attractive and fit for purpose. Ev super mini thats great for those on the budget Music, although not getting into our top 10 honorable, mentions. Also go to the mazda mx 30, which is hampered by its poor, rear axis and accommodation coupled with a measly usable range, its among the best to drive, however, and we think it looks great Music last, but by no means least the slightly forgotten kia soul. Ev is a cheaper but equally usable alternative to kias new e, nero sharing many of the same design traits its overall shape is characterful, but somewhat of an acquired taste only let down perhaps by an interior which looks like a generation off its latest stablemates. The sole ev is still worthy of consideration, however.