We will be bringing you a toyota camry and just like its cousin, the prius. It is now the hybrid, the only all new toyota camry comes with a 2.5 liter self charging, hybrid powertrain Music with 20 years on its belt. Toyota is no stranger when it comes to hybrids. The toyota camry was first introduced back in 1982 and since then, it has gone through eight generations and the all new camera that were bringing you today comes in two variants. We have the standard and the one that we will bring you today, which is the elegance Music, so Music right folks, now time to find out more about the interior of the camry first up. One thing i love about the car is the fact that we have tons of spaciousness in the cabin ive actually pushed my seat quite a bit back, and i see at the back seat. They still have tons of legroom and ill show you how it feels to be in the back seat now lets talk about other creature comforts and also the workmanship in the car. It comes with lots of nice soft touch, materials uh, but a little bit disappointed with the bit of plastics in the car and in terms of comforts in terms of seating as well. Really, nice comfortable leather seats and trimmings as well to give that really sporty saloon feel and, of course, with the seat. Something which i love and ive been advocating for the longest time is to have ventilated seats and they actually have it in the camera.

And with these buttons, you can actually control the level of coolness that you want blowing in your back and in terms of information systems. This comes with a 7 inch touchscreen information system, but i must say it is really basic and im expecting again a bit more from together and in terms of the instrument panel. It comes with two analog dials, an instrument panel, which gives you information about the engine management system, the amount of battery thats left and also lots of information which you actually can control at your fingertips and in the rear. Passenger compartment really has nice comfortable seats once again and honestly, lots of legroom and also headroom im about 1.7, quite a big guy, and i think you can actually see three persons in the backseat. Hey guys its renee and now its time for the in car review of the all new toyota camry hybrid. So what im going to do is basically uh talk about a bit of the features of the camry hybrid, some of the advantages about why you should actually consider getting a hybrid, whether its the camera or something else, and the benefits of driving a hybrid okay. But what well do now is kind of talk a bit about uh. The differences between ev and hybrid is basically, you dont, its basically a full fully electric vehicle, which means that you actually have to charge it uh as you go along all right. So, in other words, you have to actually look for a charging station, but in singapore itself, uh.

Of course we have the infrastructure, but for right now um for right now in the pres in this present day and age, i think if you notice it for yourself as well, theres a lot of uh hybrid vehicles out there and the reason being – and i feel That is because, with a hybrid you dont have to worry about charging. What happens is as youre driving the car itself. The battery is actually being so called charged by the combustion engine, and some of the really excellent benefits about driving a hybrid is the fact that you get some really fantastic consumption or fuel savings. Basically and now lets talk about uh, the camera itself, being a hybrid and, as i mentioned, uh for seven generations of the camry theyve actually had a combustion engine. But now, with the eighth generation, camry now comes as a hybrid and being a hybrid. Once again were talking about all those benefits that you get in this car and the other thing about it is the fact that the camry now comes in a 2.5 liter engine, which means you actually get more power, but on top of that savings, because this is A hybrid okay, so im just gon na kind of dive to some of the details. First of all, ive had ive heard comments about you know when you drive people driving the cameras that they have. This complain about the road noise because what happens is uh theres a so called switching between being a being an eevee and a combustion, and, to be honest folks, i think thats really one of the least of your worries, because, yes, to be honest, there is, there Is that humming sound or that between that switching, but its only like for a few seconds and after driving the car for a while, you probably wont even notice that that kind of switching of the car itself it doesnt, become so obvious to you.

So to me. Uh deciding on getting this car because of that that little so called uh noise feature is its really non existent okay and in terms of how this car she performs well, just like other vehicles out there. This car gives you an option of driving it in different modes. We have things like for this car itself itself. We have the eco mode, the normal, the sports, and, if you feel like going total eb, you can do it as well and but for the total eevee it has to be driven at a certain speed and, of course the battery has. It has to be at a certain level, so you get all that power coming in and on top of that with the combustion engine, it gives you so much power, okay and im. Just gon na give you a quick example about what i mean. So what im doing now is im going to play the sports mode, and you see what im getting now is actually im getting the power of not only the combustion engine but also the ev motors kicking in and then i think its one of the real benefits About driving a hybrid, because you know you get the power from two different uh two different engines as i as you could put it coming, giving you all that power and in terms of how this car handles honestly, it is uh light okay and its nimble, and I think i love what i love about.

The steering is usually some of the cars that come uh some cars. Nowadays, they get really thick and bulky steering and with this one i really feel very comfortable in the way how the car handles, and the other thing about the camry is something which i think i want to talk about, is the tons, and i really mean tons Of safety features with which actually uh implemented in this car and for the fact that what this car actually costs, i think youd be surprised that uh, the toyotas actually giving you all this safety features in the car itself. So what im gon na do is im gon na talk about some of the features which i thought were pretty. You know important to bring it up to you. First of all, theres the pre collision system, okay and with the pre collision system, basically uh and its – and this actually system actually worked for me. What happens is example, youre driving your car and you get this car this motorbike or something that comes in your blind spot and most of the time you wont be able to know it, but the camera actually gives you gives it a night gives you a warning That something somebodys actually coming by your site and theres, actually a visual reference as well. That appears on your information systems or driver information system, so thats, impressive, okay and um, of course, uh. The other thing that i was really impressed with the camera is the fact that it came with the dynamic radar cruise control system and how this works is basically its another word for active cruise control and systems like this usually uh.

You will not be able to get in the car within this price range, but uh im with uh with the camera. You actually get it on top of that it. We, coupled together with the camrys lane, trace assist system and also its a steering assist system. What happens, is you get a car thats as close to autonomous as you can get in, and what i was hesitant basically initially to try was to actually see how the system worked, because ive tried it in different cars, and you know most of the systems. Didnt really work that well in lets. Give you an example. When it came to the lane lane departure warning system or assistance it really took. The car, like almost half, was actually half of the lane before i got that warning, but with the the to the camera. Actually, it actually worked as just as well as some of the other cars which ive tested, which cost like two and a half times the price of this car, and it actually worked in the sense that um when i was actually taking a corner, the car actually Managed to keep within lane, and also with the with the dynamic radar cruise control system, and actually i can – you can actually set the number of car lengths that you want it actually worked. The car was actually detecting. Another car front actually slowed down. It stayed within his lane, and the steering system worked perfectly and – and i was really impressed because, like i said, ive tested some of the systems in cars which cost a lot more and they didnt really, and it really worked perfectly well uh in the camry.

All right and the other thing uh, which i liked as well, is the fact that this car has the auto high beam and its really excellent in the sense that, if youre going into dark areas, you dont have to activate the high beam. It actually goes on automatically uh in a minute. It detects a car, it actually goes down back to lobby and if it sees the road, the load right here again, it actually goes down. So i really like that feature as well, and its got really uh tons and – and i really mean tons of safety features on this car and for the price that youre paying. I think really be happy that youre getting it within the camry. So in terms of creature, comforts and everything else, ive actually covered that in the earlier part of the video. What i wanted to do is basically give you information about what sets this camry apart from the combustion or the previous generation. Basically, the benefits in terms of fuel savings, most importantly because this is a hybrid and, of course, all that safety features that youll be getting in the car, all right so uh in a nutshell, thats. Basically, some of the things i wanted to talk about and some of the things that really impressed me about driving the camera. You know back to the summary right folks now time to wrap up our drive experience with all new toyota camry hybrid, and i think one of the reasons why you even want to consider buying the camera is the fact that now it comes as a hybrid and We all know with the escalating prices of fuel youre really going to save tons of money at the fuel pumps, and on top of that, the camry comes with 2.

5 liter combustion engine, which really means you also have the power of that engine. On top of that, with the motors giving you more power on the roads, we want to say a big rev evolution. Thank you to our friends over at borneo motors for allowing us to have the two other camry hybrid for our presentation and, of course, to all you guys out there for watching our videos to find out more about rev evolution, whether its about cars, lifestyle, motoring food. Everything else do remember to check out our link right over there till we catch you again.