I like to give a special thanks to south day kia for giving me time with the 2022 kia ev6 first edition, with all wheel drive. If you guys want to market for a kia, you cant go check out south day kia and ask for tony or cello. They will get you into a new or pre owned vehicle, but lets talk about pricing here for the kia ev6 first edition starting price is at 55 900 with the options and accessories this one stickers for 59 855 dollars. Lets talk about the front styling here. For this all electric vehicle, looking at the exterior styling here for the 2022 kia ev6 first edition, this is the gt line with all wheel drive, as you guys can see. My model is painted in this beautiful shade of urban yellow. It looks really good with the chrome and aluminum also with the gloss black trim throughout the vehicle. Looking at the front styling here of the kia ev6 im, not a big fan of the ev6, it looks it looks too futuristic for my taste, but of course this is where the industry is going with electric vehicles. Looking at these headlights here, theyre kind of theyre going to come standard on all models of the ev6 theres, an led turn signal automatic, low and high beam, as you guys see, their multi reflector with this led daytime. One light. Theres no fall light tier on the first edition. I think kia doesnt offer fault lights in general, itd be nice if they did offer fall lights.

The front lip splitter here does look very aggressive, thats from parking sensors. This also has a digital tiger nose grille with the front facing camera theres the new kia logo. Here it looks really nice. I like the color that they used for the new logo, but making our way to the side profile here. This has a 114.2 inch wheelbase with an overall length of 184.2, so it does have really good proportions here in the electric segment. Looking at these tires and wheels, i like the urban like finish: these are a 255 45 cross contact continental tire theyre wrapped in this 20 inch room design. I like the black, also with the chrome finish here and the side fender does have this nice texture. Look to it, which is a black finish as well, and the a pillar here does give it that floating roof design. The mirror here does have this led side. Marker and up top kit does offer this large panoramic sunroof here, a moon roof and the door handles here are very futuristic. Just like a tesla. It does uh basically retract into the actual door panel, once the vehicle is locked im making our way to the rear. Here of the ev6 presses area right here, and it does reveal the charging area, because this is a full on electric vehicle pulling this down here. This does show you the dc fast charging option. This uses their 800 volt architecture. Um some electrified americas do have that, but you have to kind of find it.

It does show you that it does have a full charger with these little indicators there and you press this here and it will close back the charging door, which is power operated. These are parking sensors and, unfortunately, theres no exhaust trim, because this is a full on electric vehicle. The third brake light lives down here: theres rear parking, sensors theres, also the backup camera there theres the kia logo here and theres, the ev6 name, which is spelled out – and this right here is the full on led tail lights, which is super futuristic. This area down here does have this um aluminum, like trim here open up the cargo back here. This does have a power opening tailgate. Some models of the ev6 does come with a manual operating feature. If you guys dont want to use the power operating mechanism there, but open up with this, it does reveal the onboard charger and also the tire mobile kit. You pull this handle here. As you guys can see, the seats are already folded with the seats up. Kia says this has 23.5 cubic feet of space. Once you fold down the rear seats, it expands the cargo to 50.2, so it is very practical. I think it has around nine to ten more cubic feet of space compared to the kia stinger. After going over the exterior styling here, the kia ev6 first edition, i do like this bright, yellow, exterior color. Most people will not like it but and to engage the remote starting mode.

You guys can see this very large key here, theres a lock remote start. Also, you can access the trunk and theres a panic button to engage the remote start, just lock the vehicle and hold this button down right here. Once you guys do that the vehicle is already on because keep in mind it is a full on electric vehicle and to move the vehicles. For example, if youre in a tight parking spot by pressing this button right here, the vehicle will move and it does have sensors and cameras. So, for example, if im standing in front of the vehicle here, of course, the car is not going to hit me im. Standing here in the car legit stop right on the dime. You can also back the crop as well, so really good party trick. If you guys want to show your family and friends uh the vehicle, and it will back right up, you just got ta hold the button down for the vehicle, do it the vehicle, can you know, move back and forth and it will stop once i get it At a certain angle, once it does that walking up to the ev6 here and resting your hand there on the actual door handle the door handle, will pop out. Yes, yes, you guys can see here. Our model does have this bright, yellow, exterior color with this black interior. I wish kit would offer just a different color combination, but getting inside the ev6 here, you guys can see everything is already on reach over here to shut the door.

Yes, and like i mentioned as you guys can see here, it does have the perimeter scan and whatnot, and the vehicle is basically ready to drive once you put your foot on the brake lets talk about the materials here really nice material with this aluminum painted door Handle here and i have music playing – let me not get a copy sprite here, but looking here, like i mentioned, a nice aluminum accented door handle theres two person memory seats over here. Is your dimmer, your dimmer switches. You can also open up that rear door. So you can charge the vehicle theres electronic parking brakes, ability, control trunk release. You can power forward the mirrors in via this button right here next to the window controls it is auto up and down i mean for the driver and passenger. Let me turn down the fan. Speed here sounds like a jet in here. Probably my model also has this very bright heads up display nice thick steering wheel here. This is for your regenerative braking. You can do the ipedal drive once you have the vehicle ready and set up. There is 86 percent of charge on the left and theres your region uh down here, and i have it on this level. Three setting this all wheel, drive system here i have 198 miles until the battery is just straight up dead, theres your drive mode selector here, which shows you sport, normal and eco. If i have it in normal mode, its uh its 198 miles of all the luxury range i put in sport, theres, 193 and thats also 204 miles of altitude range if you put into its eco mode nice thick uh leather up, steering wheel here.

This also has ambient lighting here, unlike the last ev6, that i showed you guys. This also has the meridian uh sound system. It sounds pretty good theres, your hood latch there, so you can access the funk and whatnot. This is a manual tilt and telescoping wood thats. All for good mount, a good amount of range and adjustability. This is a this. These are two 12.3 inch displays that does support apple carplay and android, auto, but unfortunately, very frustratingly, its still wired. So key. If youre listening to this video or watching this video, can you guys please offer um wireless apple carplay? I know you guys are working um to do that. Ive seen other reviews, but, as you guys can see, i like the nice uh graphics here for their infotainment system. This is the kia connect. This is no more theres, no more kia um uvo, they drop that name and now now they just offer the kia connect. This is your ev page here to show you how many miles of all the lecturing that you have with the climate control on it has 204 miles. If i turn it off, youre gon na have 232 miles, but im not gon na. Do that because, as you guys, can see its very dark outside its gon na rain really soon theres, these touch sensitive, led lights here with this moon roof, it does let light into the cabin. These seats are very futuristic. I, like the nice high quality leather that they use here.

You can also access the camera via this button. Here it does show you a top down 360 view: theres trajectory with distance markers theres, an auto hole, parking sensors, putting the vehicle into reverse. To switch over to the left gently to go into neutral to go into drive. You switch it again, but, as you guys can see, look at this technology here that you get for a really good price from kia. Just like a porsche just super impressive and you press p to go into park. Theres a power button here, three level heated and cool seats. The passenger also gets the same features as well lets also heat the steering wheel function and to access the infotainment system. Here just press this button here at the top, or you can press it to go to the actual climb control. You can go to the embedded navigation, which is just super impressive. Yes, yes, as you guys can see here its very snappy, very responsive im going to the climate control, it does have dual climate control, of course, more of that beautiful ambient lighting. Let me customize the ambient lighting for you guys here. If i remember how to do it, i dont want to take up you guys time here trying to find this ambient lighting here, but unfortunately i cannot find it for some reason: im not sure why, but this one does have the angry lighting, because you guys can See it in the actual d in the vents, you also see it in the actual cup holder uh.

What little part of the door panel, but overall, this interior is just super upscale, like i mentioned kia, is showing out here in the electric segment, but lets hop into the back seat getting into the back seat here of the kia ev6, as you guys can see Here the door opens at a really good angle, so you can access this back seat, especially trying to put your children back here, but getting back here, keep in mind guys im only five for the head. I do have a good amount of headroom here. Even with this cutout theres, some bright led lights back here, but shutting the door here. The material is going to be a nice leather material. I like the nice aluminum painted door, handle here theres an event here on the uh pillar, theres. Also, these two map pockets back here for storage. You also get these chargers here in the back seat, which is super impressive thats. A kia thing the floor back here is completely flat, so you can fit three people across in comfort and, as you guys can see, i do have the sias recline function, which is just super impressive, pulling this rest down here. It does reveal two cup holders and a little bit of storage, and kid says this has ‘ inches of legroom maker, so you cant fit your family back here and be very comfortable lets talk about the specs here for the kia ev6 open up the hood here.

As you guys can see really quickly, this one does have a front, but its just very small. Just for reference. I can literally put my phone in here but theres a little bit more space, its not like the ford mustang mock e or a tesla model y, which has a deeper front compared to this. So i think kia kind of dropped. The ball when it came to offering a bigger phone, but you guys, can still see some components here for the vehicle, but shutting the front back here lets talk about some specs here. This uses a 77.4 kilowatt hour battery pack. This makes 320 horsepower and 446 pound feet of torque, as the ev6 first edition sits here. It weighs around 4 500 pounds because my model is equipped with their dual all wheel, drive and kia says on a full charge. This can get up to 274 miles of all electric range, so starting off in the 2022 kia ev6. This is an all electric vehicle from kia. This uses a 77.4 kilowatt hour battery pack. Here i have the vehicle in this eco mode. So right now it says we have 202 miles of all electric range, which is pretty decent. Some other gas power vehicles do get over 200 miles on a full tank of gas. Keep in mind. This does use the 800 volt architecture, so it does have the capable the capability of the dc fast charging, but in eco mode, its kind of limiting the power here, its kind of like um.

It stops you using full uh power in its ev mode, but it does have a dr sport mode. Well, use that a little bit down the actual road here lets talk about the specs here. Like i mentioned, this is a 77.4 kilowatt hour battery pack, which makes 320 horsepower and 446 pound feet of torque. If i floored here its pretty good – and i do like the sounds that this vehicle offers – you can change the sounds through the infotainment system here, but this vehicle just drives so smooth on these 255 45 continental tires, which are wrapped in this 20 inch rim design. But lets put the vehicle into a sport mode here in normal the range does drop down to 196 miles of range, but – and this also uses an other all wheel, drive system, but lets come to a stop here. Lets turn the traction control off im just going to floor it you guys, can hear that the sound sounds so good in this vehicle. Theres also also these paddles here right now having its eye pedal mode. So it will come to a stop here. My foot is not on the brake and it does come to a complete stop floor. It again, i think, 0, 60 60, maybe four seconds or so uh kia is going to offer a gt model which i think has over 500 horsepower, which is going to be just be super impressive. But there is some electric vehicles when youre you know driving right now, im doing 40 miles an hour my floor.

You still have the power to keep moving this vehicle, some vehicles. It does feel a little lethargic when you put your foot to the floor now when youre trying to move the vehicle when it already has speed visibility out of the ev6 here is great. Just out of the back is not the best. Its really restrained in the back, but this vehicle just drives so well its very smooth, even with these 20 inch uh rims here the tires are pretty good their continental tire, but lets do another launch control here and see what happens this time im going to break Boosted and see what it does put on the breaking accelerator, its a little slow at first, but once you get it up to speed, it is pretty damn quick um, like i mean i think, zero to sixty, maybe in the four or five second range. I know the gt model will be way faster than this, probably about a good second or so so you should expect that vehicle in low threes or high fours or so, but this vehicle just drives so well. I do like i do like the nice uh urban yellow, exterior color, which is a really nice color and the cabin is really quiet. I mean you can kind of hear a little bit of the guy blowing the leaves and whatnot, but when i was driving this vehicle earlier on the road on public roads um, the cabin was super quiet, but just right now, since using this leaf blower here you Can literally hear it, but the cabin does have a good way of isolating outside noise.

This also has apple carplay, android, auto it doesnt come wireless. You have to use the wired connection in order to connect your phone kia is rumored to be working on the wireless capability, but lets go here and see if we can change the actual drive mode sound. I havent had enough time with this vehicle. So if i dont, you know get it right, just wait till another review comes out or so lets put my hazards on. So nobody wont come behind me but uh. I know you can change it. Ive seen people. Do it a lot in other reviews, but if i cant find it then thats fine, i guess theres a quiet mode, theres, a valet mode and whatnot, but unfortunately guys i cant find it so im just leave it alone, but lets let this car pass. Like i mentioned, it does support apple carplay in android auto. This is this is what the vehicle im gon na just change the drive modes here this with the vehicle in eco lets, see what it does its very smooth and very slow off the line, but lets see what normal does here lets come to a stop. This is with the traction control still off. It feels so much better than it was in eco, but lets do sport, which we already did already lets. Just do it again, oh god, with the vocal in the sport mode, its just so much more power that you get instead of it being an eco or normal.

But if you guys are looking for the ultimate in a sense cool, looking e um electric vehicle, but to me i think the exterior styling is not the best. But if you guys dont mind the looks because keep in mind looks can be subjective. You guys want that kia logo in your driveway and also the kia tech. I think the ev6 is a good look.