This video were going to be picking up another car and were going to be taking you along for the ride, and this car is the smallest car. That is currently made by toyota and its actually the first electric car that you can actually buy from toyota. Um, albeit you, can only buy it here in japan. This is the car that i was talking about. If you ever found yourself thinking, i want a smart car, but i think its a little bit too big. I want something a little bit shorter and then almost two feet more narrow. Then this is the car for you. This is made by toyota made almost entirely out of plastic body panels and they are powered by electricity. Okay, well thats enough of me talking lets, go actually drive these things. As you can see, this is all just plastic. The latch is made out of metal, but everything else is just plastic: okay, um. As much as i would love to drive this, i cannot move the steering wheel and or move at all. I was able to sit in it, but i dont think it would be safe for me to drive with my leg wedged up like this were going to have minami whos behind the camera. Right now drive thats a little bit better Music. You got heated, seats, left and right. You got full on air conditioning, you have buttons um to go, reverse neutral and drive, and then you got your hazards overall.

Just pretty simple setup, you ready to go yeah Music Applause. The electric motors are actually surprisingly loud, ive ridden in the tesla model, s plaid, as well as the porsche tycon, which have a little bit different noises, but this one has the most intense, loud sounding electric motors which in a car youd think okay. This is a really powerful car, but um im, not sure that this is necessarily something that would be classified as powerful, but the electric motors are the loudest electric motors that i have heard um and they sound kind of cool Music, Music Music. We are at the glorious mcdonalds drive through in the worlds smallest car. We have to do some bombos, they couldnt see our car in the camera, so they asked us to pull forward um, so shes talking way behind the actual um speaker, but this car is just so so small, its just one little piece of plastic Music. I definitely never want to experience an accident in this car, but surprisingly, we have enough space even me, being six foot, five theres enough space, theres, not theres, not too much space um, but i have i have space um and i think the seats, the seats even Recline a little im, actually the seats actually recline quite a bit. This is my first time having uh mcdonalds breakfast in japan. That looks like real ham right there. I dont know what else to say: im gon na hurry up and eat this, so we can hop back in the car Music.

Here we got a little bit of leftovers. Your dress is hanging out when you hop in the car. The whole body will be like good im a little bit too far for this car im, probably probably the heaviest person thats ridden in this car so far, but i do like these windows wait. They didnt put motors in um, but then also they couldnt put the crank windows because theres no room on the side of your leg. They just have a little lever that holds it up at the top. Then it has a little bit of resistance, so you can just slide it up and down kind of like a race car normally on roads like this would be very hard to fit two cars, but with this car, its very easy to just whip right through these Narrow streets in japan you dont have much space, so everybody that has a driveway usually has it filled up with their cars and theres, not much space. You have to park very, very close theres no on street parking, but with this car you can actually make a little bit of space and still allow plenty of room for cars to get by. Would you say it feels slow its? It goes fast, Music. So i guess its got a pretty quick response. It doesnt have a high top speed. It gets going pretty fast. Cant go on the freeways here, but honestly freeways are more of a luxury here, so most of your driving in japan um.

This would be perfectly capable of driving um and its got a 93 mile range. Yes, the range is less than that of a tesla, but its a smaller car. Since the batteries dont have to be huge to power such a heavy vehicle like the tesla. This can get a full charge in under two hours, which is less time than it takes to charge my ipad, its incredibly good at what its designed to do, which is just be a comfortable car with air conditioning and everything for just one or two people to Make deliveries or do anything it just makes parking and driving through the narrow streets, an absolute breeze as well as being incredibly economical to drive? Not only is it electric but its going to use very, very low power. You may not be impressed by the top speed or the range. The turn radius is absolutely ridiculous. Its about nine meters, which is pretty pretty dang impressive, lets go return. This car, my car, is a compact car in the rest of the world, but here its kind of a larger vehicle, um its in the normal vehicle class, rather than the k class. This is one of the latest cars that does not use up that full compact car size. If you want to learn more about why japan has such boxy cars, you can click on this video that i made a few weeks ago. That explains why theres all these box cars with a similar size, i think you just simply just plug it in Music, yeah, theres, no theres, no, lock or anything, and there you have it.

I think if i was purchasing one of these cars, i would definitely go with the blue. This is a perfect rideshare system. Its incredibly easy, all you need is the app and you can just unlock it and do everything until the end of august. We can use these cars absolutely free. If you are in japan, definitely recommend checking out the toyota share apatique. They also have them on a couple. Different islands that you can take a ferry to so were gon na were gon na. Definitely do that at some point. If you are not in japan, please let me know what you would like to see with this car.