Thats, why the tata motors launder the new nexon ev max with bigger battery pack and long range with updated power figures, features and safety. The front profile of the nexon av max is same as that of the standard nixon av and the headlamps comes with high beam, halogen, low beam, projector and cornering fog. Lamps is same as that of the standard nixon av, the length width, height and wheelbase of the nexon evmax is equal to the standard. Nexon ev. The rear profile of the nexon evmax is also remains the same. Now i am opening the boot. We also get the same 350 litre of boot capacity, thats a good thing after the upgradation of the battery size, the new 16 inch diamond cut alloy wheels are provided on the nexon evmax and we also get an additional rear disc brakes for extra braking efficiency. The ground clearance of the nixon evmax is lowered by 15 mm, and the floor is rising by 10 mm. Due to the 10 kilowatt of additional battery pack, the beige leathery front seats comes with sport, blow stitching and pry arrow pattern. The ventilated front seats are new in the nexon evmax drive, selector rotary knob feels very premium with nice and clear display cup holders are replaced with wireless charging pad and an air purifier is now integrated into the infotainment system. Auto dimming irv is also a great update. The steering gained fair amount of weight that gives confidence on cornering and street roads.

It gives good feedback and it performs very well on all driving conditions, permanent magnet synchronous, motor with a single speed. Gearbox produces 143 hp power and 250 newton meter of torque. We need only 9 seconds to reach from 0 to 100, and top speed is increased up to 127 kilometer per hour. Eco and city mode is provided for better range, and sports mode is provided for aggressive power, delivery with instant power and torque the rear seat. Space is equal to the standard, nixon, ev, headroom, legroom and reclaimed angle is good. We will get a central armrest with two cup holders. Rear ac vents are also useful. The claimed range of evmax is 437 kilometer, which is 125 kilometer more than the nexon ev region modes are available in four modes. Maximum region will recharge the battery to increase the range eco and ct mode gives maximum reason. Taking? U turn with this vehicle is very easy, because the turning radius is only 5.10 meter. New 7.2 kilowatt ac fast charger that reaches from 0 to 100 in 6.5 hours, abs, with ebd and esp gives additional safety. Ip67 rated battery gives confidence in rainy season. New disc brake at rear gives more confidence while braking the brakes are more effective and efficient suspension is retuned for additional weight and comfort. Level of the suspension is quite nice. Now the curb weight is increased to 1500 kilogram. It gained 100 kilogram more over standard nixon av. The handling and stability on flat roads are excellent.

The vehicle is very well stable and planted intelligent air pressure. Monitoring system is available in this vehicle and there are a lot of braking technologies is added to this vehicle. They are brake disk, wiping it cleans unwanted film of water from disc brake. Next, one is hydraulic, fading compensation. It increases the hydraulic pressure of the brake during high operating temperature. Due to this technology, the braking efficiency will increases, intelligent vacuumless boost and active control is available in this vehicle. That is, a vacuum independent braking system. Next, one is after impact braking if the vehicle undergoes any collision automatically the brake and hazard lamps will auto engage next. One is panic, brake alert during an emergency braking the hazard lights will auto, engage and the next one is region based, auto brake lamp application. Brake lamps will auto lit up in case of sudden deceleration in region mode. Thanks for watching my video and comment, your opinion on comment box and support me by giving like share and subscribe.