The weight at a charging station currently delivers charging to your car, your home, the office wherever you want. It download the app and use promo code out of spec and get 30 days of free charging delivery. Hey guys, im jordan, golson and im here in spain with the light year, zero, which is a solar powered car and im gon na give you a tour of it. Give you some specs and youll, see why this is the most efficient ev you can buy today. All right, so i only have a few minutes with this guy, so im going to try and do most of the design stuff here there are 782 solar panels on the hood and the roof and the rear, deck and so thats sort of what it looks like Here it is from the front you do have active shutters down. There theyre closed most of the time, while driving, because its so efficient with heat, but it is there if you need it over here. You have the wheels – and these are very interesting because the motor is actually inside the wheel itself. All of that thats, not a rim or anything. This is actually the motor inside and the wheels are super skinny lets see that and now it does add to unsprung weight, but because the wheel is skinnier, they say they save weight on the wheel itself and the weight of the tire and all that these are Bridge stones that are custom designed for light year, the inverter is 99 efficiently designed in house at light year and then the motor which is designed with a slovenian manufacturer or co developed with is 97 efficient.

Theres no side view mirrors, so you got a camera there. On the side, thats specifically designed to be aerodynamic, and then the doors here press that theres a little button in there and those are soft clothes. Well, do the sides in the back real quick. You have these covers on the wheels that helps with arrow and then this long pointy rear tail where tail lights are interesting. That is the turn and the brake indicators there and then underneath you can see its almost completely smooth under there thats pretty cool, so thats. Pretty neat lets see the inside real quick get in here they told me it was a prototype, but its actually much better than i had suspected in here. Theres flies everywhere here in spain, so you got big screen there in the center emergency stop button because its a prototype heres the controls. Now this right here is actually 3d print, but itll be wood in a later version and same thing on that one and so thats. What the interior theres the rear view mirror because of course, you cant see out the back because theres solar panels, you got a window there window there and then this screen right there. Hopefully, you can see it through. The blinking shows how much is currently being generated by the car 682 watts right now, pretty solid heres, the back theres, all the panels. 782 panels broken into 28 different groups, and so that means if this group of panels is in the shade, the other ones over, there can still be generating power.

It even has a mode where, if theres a bunch of bird crap here itll be able to know that that sections not generating as much power as it should be and suggest that you clean off your car theres. The headlights fog light there, and this is not quite complete, but its close and then one other thing to show you. This is all one big carbon fiber panel here, thats actually just a design seam, but this starts way back here and goes all the way up to the front there. One long panel – and so here is the other color and this ones a silver the car. We were just looking at over, there is actually a wrap and then this one is the base color all right. So here we go on my first drive in the light year. Zero lets see how it does powered by the sun, generating 408 watts of power. Right now so were driving along and have some very interesting things going on theres a lot going on here in our solar car steering nicely heavy feels good, very confident. Car feels good. It feels like an ev. You just put your foot down and gain some speed and take your foot off and it slows down pretty good its like every other ev. Basically youve got. You know your your speed there in the middle on the left. It gives an indicator to tell how much power youre using how much power youre gaining on regen, but the dial thats new is bottom left.

There 420 watts of power being generated right now, as were driving along so obviously im using more than that driving at 60k. But thats just free energy to drive along with so yeah it definitely. This is a important to remember this is a prototype car and its near final ish, but it is hand built and theyre still working on the software and all that um, and so it does have very heavy steering, which is not a bad thing. It just might be heavier than you expect on this one, but on the final it will have nice correct, predictable, like every other car steering, but on this once you get up to speed its not too bad. It reminds me of i had an alfa romeo 4c and that didnt have power steering, and it sort of reminds me of that, which is probably not a bad thing. So uh other interesting things about the car. It has no mirrors exterior mirrors to improve aerodynamics, and you have a screen over here and ive got another screen over there and then a third screen here in the middle, all of which would not be allowed in the united states because no fun there. But here it improves arrow and they say, should end up down below 0.19 drag coefficient, which is astonishingly good its better than any other production car. As far as i know so, the sun went behind a cloud that was root of it and uh down to 100 watts of power being generated now, even less only 50.

were gon na run out of electricity here so put my foot down when i was passing The tractor not a blitz of power, but certainly plenty plenty of torque, its a heavy car because theres a big battery and all that just like every other ev. But it performs just like you just like youd expect, which i suppose is the idea. Its a solar car, but its still a car, it still gets you from point a to point b and thats. Really. What lightyear is trying to do here is to normalize the idea that you can drive along here in spain and generate 400 watts of power for free, while you drive along which is kind of crazy. So it does have one pedal driving thats on standard and in normal mode, which is what were in now. It can go up to 0.2 g, but really the limit here in the prototype is 25 kilowatts of generation from that which at low speeds like this were never gon na get near that, but at high speeds on the highway it would be a much less noticeable Effect in the final production vehicle theyre targeting 50 kilowatts, which is much better – and there is a more intense regen mode that can go up to 0.3 g, which will again be more useful at higher speeds. When you can generate more power, the brake is not brake by wire. It is a mechanical brake hydraulic. It is not connected to the regen system at all.

So you just one pedal and if that doesnt slow you down enough, you can use the brake. So you get turn signals. Those are pretty normal. You have a cruise control stock over here, and you know all that stuffs pretty typical in here. It feels kind of maybe like a pole. Star is sort of the the first impression that i would get its not a bad, not a bad thing. Thatll have changed, yeah its just off now and now. Youre coasting in neutral so now were at total coast, and the power use is now at zero and so were totally coasting and in a normal car. Even if you put it in neutral or something like that, you would get a lot of slowing down from the wind, but because this is so aerodynamically efficient, you just keep going. Newtons law is being proved, and so now weve slowed down from 100 85. But its still cruising along – and this is such an interesting thing and the wattage is going up – were at 470, so from the sun here 460.. If we had, it turned just right or we were tilted towards the sun or something to be a little better, but were just cruising along, but now theres a delivery van behind me and if i know anything about european delivery drivers, theyre gon na run us over. If we dont get moving here so lets uh pick the speed back up and then well.

Try it again here and thats so interesting to just post and not have all of that slow down that youd get from either a regular ice vehicle, or just the wind or beating the wind and the aerodynamicist who designed it theyve, nicknamed her, the wind whisperer. Perhaps the most surprising thing about this car is not that it runs on the sun, but that everywhere else has been improved for efficiency as well. The motors theres, four of them, one for each wheel, are actually in the wheel, theres no rim to the wheel, theres a motor in there and thats what spins it, which is bonkers. But it saves weight by not needing to have a drive, shaft and all sorts of gearing and hubs, and all that and it just sort of makes sense. And you wonder why didnt anyone do this before and its complicated and it just literally complicated and they seem to have figured it out, and so you have that the vehicle is very light. Basically, the entire thing is made out of carbon fiber aside from some sub frame frame, stuff and whatever but body panels, and all that the solar panels themselves are very light. The hood is made of glass on top composite on the bottom and the solar panels. In the middle and some fancy to make the panels work, electronics and wiring and all that stuff, but the vehicle itself is very light. 1500 kilos, which is 3 500 pounds something around there, and it just rolls along and so its got very efficient tires from bridgestone theyve, been specifically designed for this car between lightyear and bridgestone to maximize rolling resistance, but still provide good performance, and all of that works Out to an estimated efficiency of 105 watt hours per kilometer at 110 kilometers an hour so theyre rating it at highway, speeds theyre, not sticking to the wltp cycle, though that rating will be coming all the range numbers that theyre giving – and this can go about 380 Miles give or take on a full charge from a 60 kilowatt hour battery, so you can figure out all the math but thats at 110 or 68 miles an hour which no one wants to talk about that in evs of what it is at miles per hour.

I remember i drove the bolt ev, i drove a prototype like this one and i kept asking them whats the range whats. The range at highway speeds because thats what people want to know, and they wouldnt talk about it, and this is the first time ive talked to an ev company thats like oh yeah. We want to talk about highway speeds because thats what people really care about, not saying? Oh, you know its people, driving the city and whatever no its, not theyre here so thats. Another refreshing thing to talk about with this car and so well just see if they make it but the interior of this car. They warned us that it was a prototype. I mean this is a pretty far along prototype. Ive seen cars that are basically held together with bubble gum and duct tape, but this things remarkably complete theres only a couple things like the trim on the steering wheel. This is going to be wood, but right now its a 3d print and then theres a 3d print down. Here they still dont. Even look that bad and i feel like you – could just sell it that way, and people would think it was cool that oh, its a 3d print steering wheel whatever and so thats the light year. Zero solar powered car were still generating 630 watts. My laptop could run on that no problem and theyre gon na have usb ports down here. That can provide 60 watts each in the final production vehicle, which is you can power a laptop off that and you could just sit in the sun.