Now, even though the e208 only came out in late 2019, there are already quite a few coming onto the use market as those initial pcp and lease deals reach the end of their terms. But if youre looking to buy a used one, then there are a few things you should consider before handing over your cash. So here goes now. If you drive in e208, do let us know your top tips in the comments below dont forget to subscribe to the channel and do switch on those notifications for all our latest news and reviews, and did you know that if youre in the market for a used Electric car we can help you buy one over at, all e208s come with the same hardware. You get a modest 45 kilowatt hour battery which drives the front wheels and gives an official range of 217 miles in our real world ratings, though 170 miles definitely less. In the depths of winter, how do i know this well? Ive actually been driving an 808 for over a year now so ive experienced it first hand. Believe me, some of those winter drives can be a little bit disappointing. It has the same motor and battery pack as the vauxhall corsa e, the mocker and a host of other cars and vans from peugeot and citron. There havent been any significant issues with either since theyve been on sale, so there isnt anything to look for when buying a used e208.

You can buy with confidence in the battery. Now when it comes to driving. This is one of my favorite things about the e208. I think its one of the most enjoyable electric cars ive driven and i have driven pretty much everything thats on sale right now. So what do i like about it? I guess it just feels how i want a hot hatch to feel its nippy, its responsive, its got lovely direct steering the weight balance is also fantastic, and it feels really composed going into corners its also, quite interestingly, one of the only cars that doesnt make me Feel travel sick when im a passenger in it ive got no idea why that is, but im very grateful for it. So what i normally do is drive this car in b mode, so you put it into b mode just down here on the gear selector and that basically puts it into maximum regeneration. It allows you to use the accelerator both to speed up and slow down in a kind of one pedal style, and i managed to do the majority of my driving just using this system. So look there you go just gradually slowing down and then, when i want to speed up again back down onto the accelerator, something i really like i mean all in all. I do really really enjoy driving this car and i dont think youll be disappointed by it. Now you should consider the model you were buying, though, because the new ones do have updates that might be important to you.

The latest 2022 versions of the e208 were given a better heat pump, for example, which means you use less of the battery power to warm the interior in cold weather. Now the newer version also has a very slightly different gear ratio and tires to make it more efficient, gets up to 17 miles more range than the launch versions do now. These 20 22 iterate models are, of course, pretty hard to find on the used market. Right now, as its maybe a next demonstrator model, and they will of course cost more, so these updates arent, really important to you im, not sure 17 miles of range makes a massive difference. Well then, if not youre going to have a lot more to choose from so this car is, of course, the electric version of the 208, which is still on sale, and one thing you really will notice about this is that it doesnt try to look particularly electrified. Its a handsome small hatchback has a few e badges and a slightly different grille, and i think overall thats great, you know i like the idea that you can just have petrol, diesel or electric. It makes it quite easy for buyers. One thing i would say, though, is that i do wish there was a little bit more electric information in here. I can see the range on the digital display in front of me, but i cant see things like the efficiency. You also have to go sort of stepping around trying to get the the charging information and again theres, not huge amount there.

Even if you do go looking for it. I think the next version comes out thats, something that id like to see, but it could well be that youre not as bothered about that as me, and really all you do want to know is how much range youve got to help plan your charging, if thats The case, then, youll have no complaints. After that, it depends on what level of trim and accessories you think you really need the entry level active model is a sort of spanish holiday, higher car spec and has 16 inch steel, wheels, step up to allure and you get alloys, leather effect, seat trim and A funky digital, cockpit gt line models are one of the poshest, with bigger wheels, full led headlights and a black roof, and, finally, the top spec gt models get adapted cruise control, alcantara trim and a larger touchscreen infotainment system. Personally, id go for a gt line for preference. It offers a good mix of kit for the money now its worth, noting that, whilst all e08 come with 100 kilowatt dc charging as standard which gives 10 to 80 charge in around half an hour, the speedier 11 kilowatt ac charge was an option, so the ones That youll get will probably have the 7.4 kilowatt which was fitted as standard. So, if that faster ac charging is important to you, do check that out when youre looking through the options list. The other thing to remember is that, whilst, of course, you get the standard charging cable with the car, the good old three pin granny charger was an option.

So again, owners might not have expect that. So once again, if thats something thats important to you, make sure youre really poor through the options list. So inside one thing to be aware of some taller drivers do complain that this information screen gets hidden behind the steering wheel and that some of the ergonomics feel a bit off now. Ive never had a problem with that, but then its not often that i get called tall at five foot four. What i do really like, though, is the digital dials and also the infotainment touchscreen, its good resolution quite easy to navigate. But what does drive me mad is that, while it syncs to both carplay and android auto, it constantly drops out which is really irritating if youre using it for directions, and sadly it doesnt seem to work any better if you plug it into either the usb or Usb c points rather than using bluetooth, but this is a problem that we see across all the cars from the group, and it is something that does really irritate the whole team. Id also ask that the dab radio signal is also pretty poor. Im unable to get certain radio stations in this car that i can easily get in other cars, its also not the largest family car, especially in the back plus the 265 liter boot, is fine for a bit of shopping, but not if youre looking for a replacement For a van its also a little bit smaller than the petrol version, mind you this isnt, a huge car, so you shouldnt be expecting it to swallow loads of stuff.

In the first place now one thing ive made pretty good use of is peugeots app, which helps you manage functions on the car remotely its been pretty reliable, but it has been known to have some connectivity issues. The main problem is if the app isnt working youve been able to use either e remote or pre heat the vehicle and thats. What helps to get the most out of the battery theres also reports that delayed charging doesnt always work, which means you cant take advantage of off peak tariffs, particularly if you know that your car has got to be charged when you leave in the morning. Also, only one phone can be used per household, which does make it difficult if theres different members of the household, all sharing the same car. Look none of the issues that im talking about are deal breakers, because i do love this car. But there are things that i think you should be aware of. After that, you need to make sure you check the usual things if an e208 has spent most of its life in town check for curved wheels, parking, dings and scrapes do make sure that all the switches work and that the car has been serviced as it should Be even though electric cars are less expensive to run easier to service and generally more reliable than a petrol or diesel car, they do still need checking with a dealer to keep the warranty valid.

Also be aware that peugeot has a deal with the aa driving school to supply e208s, now thats, not quite as bad as having a car with a clutch which has been used by scores of novices. But if it does bother, you ask where the car has come from all the things that makes the e28 a good solid choice remain its a handy sized hatch with decent range and really efficient charging. It looks great and plus, as ive already said, its really fun to drive and the insurance and the servicing are relatively affordable. So i wouldnt hesitate to recommend a pre loved peugeot 808, its a car that i love, and i think it makes a very good used choice if you want to know more about the e208, its worth checking out our video review from when the car first arrived, Which you can find right here on our youtube channel, and you can also check out our group test, which involves its sister carl, the corsa, e and dont forget to subscribe to the channel and switch those notifications on.