My name is wes, and this is my ev tips and reviews channel called its electric today im going to be doing a review on my personal eb, which is a 2021 volkswagen id4 first edition that i picked up last may and have since put 20 000 miles On in this video im going to cover five major categories of ownership, including giving you my pros and cons for each one, these five categories include the interior, such as cabin quality and comfort, driving impressions. How the id4 handles how fun it is to drive my thoughts on range range, anxiety and charging the id4 both at home and on the road maintenance, reliability and build quality issues or lack thereof and finally well talk about the software, including some of the autonomous driving Features the safety features set and the in car infotainment screen, along with the mobile app. My hope is that anyone who watches this video front to back will have a really good sense of what makes the id4 a great vehicle worth your money and also some of the things that may be a drawback or deal breaker, depending upon your unique situation. With that lets, go ahead and jump right into the video and talk about the interior as well as cabin quality and comfort. So our first edition interior is the equivalent of what you can get with the space gray interior. Now, with the only differences being that we have a white steering wheel, white steering column and plastic white accents on the door panels, of course, we were terrified when we picked up our id4, that the white steering wheel wouldnt hold up over time and were happy to Say that by cleaning the id4 with baby wipes or gentle cleaning solution, all of the materials inside the cabin have maintained what they look like when we first picked up the car.

So we are incredibly happy with the durability of the material components in the id4. The overall ive really come to appreciate ill say that its not quite as nice as what youll get in a fully loaded signature version of the mazda cx 5, with real napa leather wood accents. The way i would put is that vw selected materials that are going to be durable, lightweight, inexpensive to manufacture and, ultimately not going to cost you a whole lot more for things that arent really that functional keeping in mind. You are paying a premium price for the ev technology that comes with the id4, just like every other new eb. However, with the way they designed it, i think the interior is going to be completely doable for most people. The seats themselves are really comfortable. They are heated, but they are not ventilated, although you see here that they are perforated, i do love the fact that volkswagen decided to put both a driver display gauge for your speedometer and other drive information and an infotainment screen for everything else. I think thats the right way to go because volkswagen decided to sacrifice some range and efficiency in order to have a more traditional. Looking crossover, suv headroom inside the id4 is excellent compared to the competition in most cases and because theres no transmission tunnel, the floorboard in the back, is also flat. So legroom is excellent in the vehicle as well. Weve had a passenger over six foot three get inside of our id4 and drive around with us for a weekend, and he had absolutely no problems being in the front or rear seats.

One thing thats, really popular with evs. These days is having a panoramic all glass roof that has tint to it, usually to keep some of the sun and heat out. However, in most vehicles, even with the tent, it often still does get pretty hot, especially where i live. Luckily, volkswagen thought of this and decided to put a automatic sun shade cover in the id4. So, with the push of the button you can have, the sun shade come all the way up halfway up or stop it anywhere in between, and i can tell you that here in the summer we use that every single day and though overall im pretty happy with The id4s interior comfort and cabin quality – there are a few things that do bug me, and here they are first having the captain style chairs in the front is great for your own elbow space. However, the armrests are a little bit too narrow for someone like me, and i constantly have my elbow falling off the side. Second, i dont like gloss black interior materials because they scratch easily. They always look dirty and theyre almost impossible to keep clean for me. Ive had some passengers complain about the gloss black material at the bottom of the infotainment screen, which, if the sun is shining just right, even though its a little bit amount of material itll start blinding your passengers. Next lets go ahead and move on to driving the id4 ill start off.

By saying, if youre coming from an ice vehicle driving, the id4 is going to feel like a dream. We drove the mazda cx 5 toyota rav4 and volkswagen id4 back to back to back, and i can tell you as soon as we stepped outside the id4 my girlfriend and i looked at each other and said this is the one we got ta have and the Reason for that is like all electric vehicles, the id4 has instant torque, smooth buttery acceleration, even with the 20 inch upgraded wheels that our id4 first edition came with ride. Quality is so good. The suspension is very soft, much softer than youre going to find in the tesla model y and even softer than what you find in the ford mustang maki. The trade off there is that handling is not quite as direct and theres a little bit more body roll to the id4, although nothing like what youre going to get in a traditional ice, crossover or suv when it comes to cabin noise. This is more objective than it is subjective, because i have actually taken a decibel reader out with me and filmed six or seven different evs and their cabin noise levels at various speeds. I wont spoil that future video, but i will say that the id4 fits right in there at the top, with the other evs that i tested. Visibility in the id4 is excellent. You dont have any major blind spots anywhere around you outside of what you would expect for a vehicle this size and shape.

You have very large side view mirrors that do include real blind spot monitoring on them. 0 to 60 acceleration in our rear, wheel, drive, volkswagen id4 comes at around seven and a half seconds, even though that sounds like a really long time. Its all relative and ill say that, thanks to the instant torque going from zero to 30 is much quicker than you would think and theres absolutely no concerns or issues with passing on the highway when it comes to complaints about driving the id4. I do have a few first of all, all volkswagen group products, including audis and porsche along with the id4, do not come with one pedal driving the united states government mandated that all evs must make some kind of noise when youre going in reverse or when youre Drive below a certain speed and without question, the id4 has the most annoying sound out of any of these electric vehicles heres what it sounds like now. Let me want to talk about range range, anxiety and charging the id4 for some strange reason. The id4 doesnt show you lifetime charging statistics, but i can tell you that manually checking these numbers and also doing a highway range test, both in hot and cold temperatures, both of which you should check out in my separate videos. I am extremely confident in saying that we get every bit of the 250 miles of rated range thats stated by the epa. Of course, the id4 is an electric vehicle and it does lose some range in the winter time, especially when the temperatures start to drop below freezing our 84 doesnt include a heat pump like some newer evs, like the tesla model y, for example.

As far as range anxiety goes, we have absolutely none on a day to day basis, however, we have taken the id4 on some long road trips, including some up to 2 000 miles round trip and especially when the weather can get a little bit colder and you Use the heated seats or the hvac system. Sometimes we have wish that we had just another 30 to 50 miles on the battery and even though we dont live on the east or west coast, where a lot of the fast charging stations are that are compatible with the id4 weve, never planned a trip where There wasnt going to be a fast charger. We could use to finally make it to our destination and if you arent doing a ton of road trips during the year range anxiety is probably going to be zero for you as well. So you can charge the id4 just like all new evs in a few different ways and im not going to go in detail on each and every one of them, but ill. Tell you the ones that we use most commonly during our ownership. 95 of the charging. That weve done has been through a regular 120 volt wall outlet, with no special equipment using the charger that comes with the id4. The id4 uses the ccs standard for dc fast charging. In fact, id4 owners get three free years of dc fast charging at electrify america stations, which happens to be owned by volkswagen group of america.

Generally speaking, electrify america has been a great network for us keep in mind. You can also use networks like chargepoint evgo theres. Just a ton of networks out there and it keeps growing every single day, just know that if youre out and you need a dc fast charge, your id4, you can do so going from 10 to 80 in roughly 30 to 40 minutes, thats a relatively decent charge. Speed its just not market, leading if youre curious, we have dc fast charged our id4 at an electrify america station 92 times, which the app tells us has saved us over 600 in charging fees for complaints, ill start by saying outside of the east and west coast. The ccs network in the united states is still pretty sporadic in a lot of places and can get a lot better. The id4 doesnt charge as fast as some of the latest evs like the ev6, which goes from 10 to 80 percent in just under 20 minutes. Overall for range and charging weve been pleasantly surprised with just how close the id4 gets to its epa rated range of 250 miles for our particular vehicle, using primarily the electrify america stations across the united states for our road trips and saving 600 and charging fees over The last year has definitely been a good benefit for us. Its been awesome just to come home, plug the vehicle in wake up the next day, with the full tank and just paying a fraction of what wed be paying at the pump.

Lets move to the next topic, which is probably the biggest one in the video, and that is, maintenance, reliability and build quality, and i have to say out of all the topics were going to cover today. This is the one where ive been most satisfied and therefore this will be the shortest topic of the video for good reason. After 20 000 miles of ownership, we have spent exactly zero dollars on any type of maintenance whatsoever. Weve only taken the id4 twice to the dealership once after 90 days and once after six months, so they can take a look at all the components and make sure things are still looking good. No work has been completed on our id4. There have been a couple of recalls, but neither of which applied to our specific, then from a build quality perspective. The gaps are about as good as it gets, and everything has held up very well. There are no rattles, no squeaks, no loose trim pieces. Most importantly, every time we wanted the vehicle to go in reverse its gone in reverse every time we want it to go and drive its gone and drive its never left us stranded. Weve never had to have it towed. Weve never had to have it jumped its just always worked the way we expected it to work when we bought it for complaints. Absolutely none in this regard, and so were incredibly happy with this aspect of our id4 ownership.

Its time to go from my favorite part of owning the id4 to my least favorite part of owning the id4, and that is software before we jump into all the negative. I do want to say that radar cruise control travel assist on the highway, which is kind of comparable to teslas autopilot, where it steers the car, for you keeps you in the lane and keeps you a certain distance from the vehicles ahead, while maintaining your speed as Best as it can that stuff works really well, youve had no phantom braking issues whatsoever, the automatic emergency braking, i have to say we have had to use more than once and that feature has worked flawlessly for us as well and has certainly kept us from getting Into a couple of wrecks, the rear cross traffic alert also works incredibly well, but at the end of the day, those are things that come on most cars these days, especially premium cars and theres, nothing that necessarily stands out or makes it better than any other new Vehicle that you will buy in the market. What i do have to complain about, though, is the infotainment system in the id4, the mobile app and just the ev user experience in general. Let me start by saying we picked our vehicle up in may 2021 and in that time we have had zero software updates here in north america, and the latest ive heard from the vw ceo in an interview stated that we would be expecting a larger update for The id4 in north america, sometime this summer so well see if that happens or not ive heard ford is doing a tremendous job.

Updating the mustang maki on a regular basis and heck rivians been delivering to customers for only a few months and theyve already received a couple of software updates, so this just isnt going to cut it and, sadly thats, not actually the worst part. The most annoying thing is just how unusable the infotainment screen really is its one of those systems that works well, 70 of the time and 30 percent of the time, its full of bugs its laggy, its unresponsive and its just downright frustrating to use when it comes To the mobile app its downright useless, it lacks basic features like being able to lock and unlock the id4, but even the features it has like being able to precondition the car. When you come back from the store – or maybe you go on a bike ride oftentimes, it fails to connect to the vehicle and, by the time youre ready to get inside your car its already too late. If theres one aspect of the id4 ownership experience, that would make me think twice about recommending or buying the id4 again, its definitely the software. Of course, if a software update does eventually come out here in north america, i will definitely do a follow up video and let you know how much if anything, the update has corrected a lot of these concerns that i stressed in this segment to wrap it up Here would we buy the id4 again? Yes, absolutely the software being a big con is not enough to keep me from recommending a competitively priced ev that has been extremely reliable, with no maintenance cost offers a fun factor to drive over its ice competition along with free, fast charging.

Thatll save us quite a bit of money. Thats comfortable, looks good and was built well. If you found this video helpful at all id appreciate a like down below, as it helps my channel and if you have any further questions about the id4 or owning one id. Be happy to answer any of your comments or questions down below.