Music Applause. Music seems familiar thats, because it is. This is the new xc40 recharge and its here to populate that middle ground, as i mentioned before, with a little bit of substance now, obviously, volvo didnt just take the xc40, as is pop out the internal combustion engine pop. In a battery, and then just dust the hands off and called it a day right, well kind of Music. You see the only big changes to the xc40 recharge over a regular xc40 petrol is the fact that its 15 mm longer its slightly lower to the ground. At 175 mm the wheel size is up to 19 inches and you get a slightly smaller boot at 419. Liters, oh and it weighs a whopping 400 kilos, more move, my body back and forth Music and thats about it. For the most part, the xc40 recharge is just an xc40 now i dont know about you, but if i were to cough up this much of money id like a little bit of differentiation in my cars, i wouldnt want it to look like a humdrum xc40 and If not for the outside, the least they could have done is spruced up the interiors a bit. This is no bad place to be mind, but its near enough identical to the regular xc40. That said, the ipad like touchscreen infotainment, really really nice to use but heres it up. The xc40 recharge gets a 78 kilowatt hour battery and thats quite sizable, so theres one battery powering two motors one on each axle, and it leads to a grand total of 408 horsepower and an absurd 660 nm which leads to salinas like this Music.

This is hilarious and its not just on the streets when im in traffic, the steering is nice and light, and if i want to go harder and faster, around corners theres this little sub menu in the touch screen, which i can just toggle – and it just gives Me, a firm of steering feel this is so useful when youre hustling the xc40, so when youre out on a highway cruise, the recharge is the car to be in overtakes are absolutely effortless and, dare i say it, you could actually shame a few sports cars in This it even corners and handles rather well its got a nice firm suspension at low speeds and its equally good at higher speeds. Even the steering does a good job of letting you know what the front wheels are up to and theres a good amount of feedback to boot Music. But one of my favorite things about the xc40 is the fact that it has. This thing called one pedal drive now, one parallel drive: it works by going into the touchscreen and going into a sub menu once again, but once you activate that it essentially turns out regen braking now with regen braking thats, not a new thing, but, unlike the other Cars, its really really quite strong, so you actually can work through traffic with just one bed the accelerator, but this is an electric car after all, so what about charging times? Well? Volvo says that with a 50 kilowatt fast charger, youll see zero to 100, come up in a none too shabby two and a half hours.

If, however, you spot a 150 kilowatt fast charger, it can get from ten percent to eighty percent in a meager. Thirty minutes. This is a solid effort from volvo sure they could have done a little bit more to differentiate it from the regular xc40, but that wasnt a bad car to begin with, so its not that big. A deal Music Applause, Music Applause, Music and with a real world range of about 300 kilometers. This honestly makes a lot of sense in the 60 to 70 lakh category anyway. Thank you for watching. This is forbes indian momentum, im ronak and someone just help me out with a charging point, because this is yeah.