My name is derrick. Riley today were looking at the volkswagen id5, but specifically the software 3.0 across the id range for id3 id4id5 and were looking at the parking assist and the parking assist plus so were going to look at some parallel parking. Some bay parking in the park assist and then the park assist plus is the memory function that you can cover? Remember three different. Sorry, five different maneuvers in your house, your office places that you go to on a regular basis that once it picks up where youre going it understands the location, and it remembers what you did the last time so exciting to see. If we can get that working today, other up with updates with the 3.0 active lane changing above 90 kilometers an hour uh faster dc, fast charging, better voice, recognition, etc, etc, but were not going to go into that today. Its just the parking elements of software um 3.0 on the id ranges. This is only applicable for the um id3, with the side sensors, not the first editions that were coming out and the all the id4s and the id5s like were in here today. If you havent already subscribed to the channel, please do so were on a drive to get 10 000 subscribers before the end of 2022. If this is when youre watching it, and if you can like the video, if you did enjoy it and comment thats always great to see and interaction is always great uh for the youtube algorithm.

So here we are and were going to try park, assist first parallel parking, so ive hit the p mode down here, which is the um Music activates, the parking menu and its going to search for spaces. As i go along, it has to be under a certain kilometer per hour, so i can see that theres a space up ahead of us. So this is what i want. So press stop click, the one i want and it rotates around and thats the way i want to do it and then i click start. Please release the break and lets do an indicating its doing reversing its swinging. In itself, you can hear the reversing sensors and the proximity sensors and then its going to drive forward a bit still indicating nice vehicles parked its in park. I didnt have to press brake, so that is parallel park and you could see there that its actually searching for different types as to how i want to um. So that is parallel. Parking lets go and have a look at bay parking. So now were going to try to do some bay parking and we are coming up and im going to put on my parking mode and its going to start picking up some bays plenty there. Okay, so its now im gon na reverse into this one. So im gon na hit start take off the brake. Nice youve got the 360 camera view and you also have just straighten up nice and then straight back nice.

You can see on the screen there. Its well within the lines vehicle is parked perfect. So the next one were going to do is were going to do parksys plus, which is the memory function. So what im going to do is im going to drive around the loop again and park and then tell it that i want to save that maneuver and it remember 50 meters back Music as to what i did so lets pretend that im driving up my home Street here and then parking and then were going up here – were driving down now were going to reverse into this space here, like an underground car park or an overground car park and then im going to reverse in. Hopefully i can do it better than the then. The uh im happy with how close i am there anyway, Music perfect, so i parked so now im going to press the park menu im going to tell it that memory function, and this is the office and its o f f. I c e office. If i could spell and then okay, so its saving that parking process so its going to remember that last function so now im going to drive away and lets see if it picks it up. This is park, assist plus so im going to drive down the street. Even my house, my apartment complex the office whatever it may be, and what should happen is it should pop up on the screen ahead on top of whatever im doing so, whether its navigation, whether it is um, radio, spotify, whatever that may be, and so lets turn Everybodys turn in here this guy is turning as well and okay were pretending to drive home, so it has to be below a certain kilometer per hour lets see if it picks it up first time on camera.

Okay, so you can now park at the office press. Stop press the brake and then start press the brake again first time, excellent. So its going to remember what i did i drove in and theres a remembering that i that car wasnt there that bmw i3 wasnt there the last time so itd be interesting to see. If it freaks out about that, but you couldnt have an exact same landscape if it was a car park, etc. So it is picking up the surroundings. It is remember what i did. I wonder all the beeps do the same fiddle abort. This is amazing. First time im so impressed that its the first time as well, and so i did that i didnt put into it – i didnt, engage the reverse correctly and it rolled forward better than me better than me. That is so good, thats, amazing, so thats practices plus so ive come back to the same position and somethings packed in my space. I want to see what it does uh. What does it do? Instead id say its going to abort the procedure, something wasnt parked in my space, something is parked on the other side, so this will show you how good it is reversing into something was in this place, so the camera behind just picked it up so yeah its Good very good, if youre interested in all things eevee and want to support the channel, hit the subscribe button and hit the bell icon.