Three hey go figure. Those things are everywhere. This is the new bmw i4. This is the e drive 40, and you know after driving it for the last week, hey im getting theres a little bit of a spoiler alert. I love this vehicle and id have no problem having this in the driveway instead of a model, three, in fact its actually even cheaper, depending on where you live Music. So what do we know about this? I4 e drive 40? Well, its based on the popular 4 series, grand coupe so yeah its kind of confusing that the even numbers the 4 series is normally is reserved for two doors, but the grand coupe has four doors. It has a rear hatch. I love the hatch design. You can fit a lot of stuff in here. As you can see, this is a mid range over 50 kilometer an hour electric scooter in the back. I got costco goods in there, its a huge opening, easy to load things in and out of so a big bonus there. Of course, the front has that kidney shaped grille, but there is no actual um openings for that. What do you think about the design? Some people, like it some people, dont ive, gotten used to it. I dont mind it whatsoever standard, are 18 inch wheels. This has the optional 19 inch wheels. They look good. However, if you go to the 18 inch, you get a little bit more range.

You do narrow that range down a little bit with larger tires, so the range on this is up to 482 kilometers. Of course, thats gon na depend how you drive the the temperature outside uh. If you have hills all of that stuff and probably an eco range, so thats about 300 miles, which is pretty good range considering this is not a fully um, a full ev platform, for instance. This is a shared platform with the gas engine as well and where youll notice, that is a fairly large hump in the rear for the driveline, which is not there anymore, im sure theyve put batteries up that center part as well, and also um. There is actually no frunk here as well, so if you want extra storage for a front youre not going to get that with the i4, i think this is a great no compromise. Ev, though, im a fan of the 3 series, coupe thats, what i had, which is now the 4 series, so i love the look and the size of a three or four series and having electrified just really makes a big difference. Now, im going to tell you a little bit of a personal story currently right now. Unfortunately, my dad has has some medical issues hes in the hospital and its about uh over 40 kilometers away each way. And since then, you know ive been traveling to and from the hospital every chance that i get and its so nice to not have to burn uh gasoline and drive an electric car you know to and from because the the prices are just so outrageous for fuel Right now, of course, if the fuel was expensive, i would still do it.

It would just hurt a little bit more and this way its just like hey, if i can just get out for a quick visit and just get come back its its no problem. Anyways back to this vehicle, so the i4 40 is only a rear wheel, drive vehicle, so you have 335 horsepower very similar to that. The gas uh twin turbo twin scroll turbo that i had and 317 pound feet of torque, so not quite as much torque. So were doing a hundred kilometers an hour. Right now were on the freeway, the traffics moving pretty good uh. We have different drive modes, we have eco pro, we have comfort, we have sport, you push that throttle down. You get a pretty decent pickup at that speed. As well, of course, if we werent going as fast, you would actually have more of an acceleration uh feel to that zero to 60 on here 5.5 seconds. If that isnt enough for you, you can go into the m50 version of the i4, so that is all wheel, drive and thats going to launch you to 60 miles an hour in just 3.7 seconds, ive heard of people even shaving 2 tenths of a second off Of that so thats a very, very, very quick car underneath you have a 83.9 kilowatt hour battery and itll charge up to 150 kilowatts. So if you have a very, very quick dc fast charger in your area or on your travels, you could add 100 kilometers of range in as low as seven minutes.

Thats pretty quick. You know for quick short thing, but if you go just have a level two charger, you can go overnight. Basically, eight hours you can go and charge it right up, uh and thats. Usually what most people do by the way it comes with a dual charger. So you have a 110 and a 240 plug that comes on to this bmw wall, charger and thats, a big bonus that it comes with it because to buy one of these chargers, you know its anywhere from 700 to a thousand dollars so thats a little bit Of added bonus for this on the inside biggest difference, of course, is this big long curved screen at the front? It is actually comprised of two screens, you get a 12.3 inch drivers, cockpit and then beside it. You have a 14.9 inch screen. You have apple carplay and android, auto wireless, and you also have i drive 8 as the operating system, which is the latest one, its really really quick, i hit home there it is, i can swipe. There is literally no delay whatsoever. Whatever i choose, we go to menu right there. It comes up. We got the nice bmw seats, i love the bmw seats. You do have the extendable thigh support as well. Now this is equipped with a premium enhanced package, so you get the enhanced package and its basically the top package that you get and its an additional thirteen thousand dollars.

But with that you get things like comfort access. You also get the uh the head up display the 360 camera, which is a big bonus, looks really good, very, very clear on this display. Here you get the galvanic controls and what that is is, although your switch gear is in silver, a brushed uh look, looks very, very high end and bmw has just done a really good job. You know they use as many recycled materials as they can, whether its the seats or any of the trim. This really looks and feels like a traditional bmw interior other than that large curved screen in the back. You get the same amount of room as the regular 4 series have the kids back there. No complaints whatsoever suspension wise. We got standard rear air suspension on this uh. This does not have adaptive suspension, but it is available. If you go for the m sport, professional package and whats nice about that, that package is only 1500, so its not going to break the bank if you do want that adaptive suspension, but being that this is an electric car batteries are not light. So this is about 900 pounds heavier than its gas counterpart, but the nice thing about batteries and electric cars is usually theyre, slung very low. In the platform which gives you a very, very low center of gravity, a very planted feel when youre actually going and doing uh some cornering for this vehicle.

The i4 also has varying degrees of regen, braking that you can set uh, and one thing i like, which i dont like one pedal driving. But if you do like it, you just hit that gear selector hit it to the left and all of a sudden. I can feel the resistance im gon na let off and you have a lot of regen braking happening, and this is true. One pedal driving im gon na take my foot off the pedal and we will eventually come to a stop just like that. Complete one pedal driving were completely stopped. Lets go again, Music. You hear that sound as well, that is the optional uh sound that you can turn on or off, and it sounds pretty good. Is it as good as the mach e gt that we just tested? I dont think so its a little bit on the futuristic side for me, but its not annoying thats for sure i i do have it on most of the time and depending on what drive mode. If i go into comfort mode its still there, but a lot quieter, much quieter its very fun to drive, though i cant believe how well this handles and thats because were driving a car. Once again, we just drive so many suvs nowadays and every time pop into a car youre like yeah, it doesnt matter what car it is really. But when you have an electric car, nice, low center of gravity and decent amount of power, you cant go wrong.

The brakes on this i4 are excellent by the way in terms of progression, considering that theres, probably some regen happening there and its completely seamless it just feels like you, are driving just regular friction brakes. We are in sport mode, though let me just put it to comfort to maybe that might change a little bit, no still really really good, very, very manageable and progressive. There definitely arent many things that i dont like about the i4, but if i want to nitpick it probably the one thing is that this does not come with standard adaptive cruise control. Now this one has tested with all the options and packages and different wheels. It has on it. This comes up to 71 thousand dollars and for a 71 000 vehicle it should have standard adaptive cruise control. Can you get it? Yes, you can its in another package, its not expensive, but you still have to pay for it, and i wish that it was free today were doing something a little bit different. Okay, so its a different day, as you can see, weathers a little bit different wearing different clothes. I had already filmed my closing thoughts on the i4 a few days ago and ive scrapped it theres nothing wrong with it, uh its just that its like three or four days later now, its about time to return the i4, and i just didnt, think that i Expressed it well enough in that closing how much i like this vehicle.

I really like this. I 4, like extremely extremely like it, and i think bmw has done a great job. Ive owned three bmws, my favorite car of all time that ive owned and regardless, if its a bmw or not, was my 2008 bmw, 335 xi coupe with a six speed manual. That thing i love that car i still wish. I had it, but even my x3s, that i had one thing: that bmw has: they really have great driving dynamics, amazing, road feel and thats. The big appeal of bmw is that its not just all power its its how it drives how it feels and the fit and finish and regardless if this i4 is an ev or not, this is still through and throughout a bmw hands down. You know, in fact, if i was in the market for a 4 series, bmw other than if i want the top performance, i would get the m4 which, by the way, we will be testing next week so make sure to tune in for that, but the non Performance m4. I would actually choose this over the two other gas variants. I think it fits really nicely in the middle. I think we mentioned that earlier as well. It has more power than that. The turbo four cylinder it has a little less power than that m440. However, its fully electric and heres the best thing price wise. This comes in at under 55 000, which is the magic number, at least in canada.

It is because now it qualifies for the federal incentive, so you get five thousand dollars off there plus, depending on what province you live in uh, you can get additional incentives in british columbia, the west coast. Here we get three thousand dollars for that, so thats, a total of eight thousand dollars different provinces like quebec – you even get more off of that, so hey eight thousand dollars is nothing to sneeze at so fifty five thousand dollars. This does get. You know can get more expensive if you add on you know that premium package and lots of the options this one as tested comes out to 71 thousand dollars, but then knock off eight grand off of that. So it brings it into the 60s, which is you know what, when i bought my 2008 335, that was at that time was 62 000 that was 2008, and so you know, if you compare it that to this its you know its fairly its the same price Except youre, getting a fully electric car youre, getting the same amount of power um. This one actually has more utility than what i had with my with my coupe. That was only a two door, but you know you got four doors. You get that power hatch as well, um, lots of utility and the fit and finish really you know a lot of people. Uh have asked me, you know how does it compare to the tesla model? 3.

. Of course styling is subjective, but i really think – and i really like having an instrument panel or instrument cluster so having that that 12.3 inch display there is is awesome, you get the head up display, which is great, and this new i drive. Eight is you know this its very, very quick, its lightning, quick, theres, no delay sure you cannot watch netflix on it um you cant play games on it, and this vehicle will not fart. When you hit the horn – and you know – hey nothing – to knock against tesla, not just those things, tesla is a very cool product, but you know i like, i think this theres no comparison for the interior wise for both vehicles. I think this is just a much nicer interior than youll ever get in a tesla model 3 or a model y for that matter. Bmw always likes to under rate. You know their performance numbers as well uh, and this feels plenty quick, you wont have any issue with this, and the nice thing about it, too, is that if youre driving this vehicle, youre gon na feel like youre driving something a little bit more different, you know Opposed to all of those other white tesla model, threes that you see on the road and whats surprising to me is: i dont think that a lot of people are talking about the i4 which they should be. This is a contender, ladies and gentlemen, like if youre thinking about um an electric car.

This has to be on your list. It really really does now. The only thing thats going to come down to it, possibly or one big factor, is if youre, comparing this lets, say with the model 3, which one can you get which one is accessible and that may be an issue. I dont know what the the quantities are. Like and how long of a waiting list it is to get one of these i4s, but if youre interested in one and your dealer has one a test, drive go test, one out if you like it, put a deposit down, theyre, all refundable, anyways and and uh Yeah, i dont think youll be disappointed at all anyways thanks for watching uh dont forget like and subscribe leave a comment below what do you think of this new i4 and all of the new bmw products, especially that ix as well? Really really like that but anyways? I think they did a great job and yeah see.