So were doing this drive at ajax eco run event. Weve literally been in it for an hour uh to be specific an hour and three minutes yes, so this is some very quick. First, impressions um not extreme amounts of detail, but uh its the just taking the opportunity weve been given to give you some some highlights of this new electric vehicle from genesis. Let me start right there, because heres my little rant okay lets go. I dont love that they decided to go with the term electrified. Why not? For the name, because to me maybe im reading too much into it im sure you will all. Let me know if im reading too much into it, but to me the industry has kind of decided that the term electrified doesnt mean all the way electric. It means that plug in hybrid yeah. It means that theres, a battery and and electric motors have been applied to, in addition to a gas powered powertrain, an electric means fully electric right, so a little bit of uh muddiness yeah. I think it creates a bit of confusion. Electric g80 may not have sounded quite as cool, but it would have been to me more more accurate, more effective, but maybe thats just me im sure that everybody watching will. Let me know if im off on that. Well, they can. Let us know im uh im of the same thing if its an eevee call it navy and it is an evie right.

Yes, so do you want to start with how much this looks like just every other, g60 or g80? Excuse me, because it pretty much thats. What it is, the differences are unique, grims yeah, the differences are no exhaust pipes and the only other one that anyone will notice is, and you wont be faulted if you dont notice yeah, but where you plug it in to charge, it is seamlessly integrated into the Grill, it does look very good. The one tiny little tell is theres a little pattern on one of the many different design elements that you push, and it opens up so to me having that continuum of design between the gasoline and eev not electrified g80 is a great move. Youre not really reinventing the goal kind of like we had with the volvo xc40 and the xc40 recharge right. Exactly nice long vehicle uh, mid size, ive had no problems with the g80s appearance in either iteration sure anything for you that stands out on the exterior uh. Not on the exterior, no, i like it like you, i like that it just sort of blends in as though its a g80. That would be any other g80. I didnt notice any badging on the rear or anything else, signifying that it is an electric, not electrified. An electric vehicle, um and maybe thats part of the allure – maybe maybe you dont – want genesis. Doesnt want to have the flashiness of you know how toyota has the little blue in their logo or the other companies have big eevee, letterings, sure, um, yeah and its fun.

For the car spotters too, they get to feel yeah like theyve got an eagle eye when they pick them out from a crowd same thing with the interior. It looks like a g80. Its got this tall, unlike a lot of evs that we tested lately its got. This tall center console that truly divides the occupants in the front row. This is not real wood. Unfortunately, we think its because its sustainable, probably recycled plastic, but the wood inserts are plastic. They look pretty good, though they do. Theyre textured theyve got a little bit of not entirely textured, but just the parts where the patterns change same thing, on the doors inside of the doors as well its a little bit. But i like it im going to back pillow my words for a sec, because i just noticed something: okay, car spotters will not get this. I you know how much i dislike using the word literally, unless it is a literal event. Yes, i literally just noticed the start, stop button yeah. It says. Ev start stop. Okay and if i didnt glance at the wood pan, the uh imitation wood paneling, i never would have noticed im, not sure i would have noticed either, because when you sit down you cant even see it um. Can we talk about that 3d dash that ive never experienced at all, and i just noticed, maybe an hour ago, its okay, its kind of cool its? How also unnecessary, but when youre in this segment unnecessary is fine is possibly even a benefit, is unnecessary, expected in the stress, yeah, probably um.

Well i mean the g80. The typical g80 buyer, i would say, is is lets, say empty nester, um affluent couple um. Are they gon na be blown away by this, not necessarily, but it also enables that blind view monitor system that gives you a camera view of either side. When you hit the um, the whats. That thing called the turn signal i knew youve got there. I knew youd get there and that way you know uh. That gives that that really good view when youre, when you need to see your blind spots, and that is something that that g80 owners would probably appreciate right, uh the infotainment system, i like rotary dolls and vehicles that have it yep its also a touch screen, which I can appreciate its a little too far back for me as a driver. I cant even compose to reaching it right and youre sitting a lot closer than i am yeah and with me, going im gon na say six inches further its not that they couldnt hear you, but i like the uh, the physical action as well yeah. So if you cant reach it being this close yeah, i i know i cant reach it. I can read it from the passenger side because i dont mind leaning forward, maybe thats, by design, though so that youre not poking at it when youre driving youre using this. But when youre stopped, you can do things a little more quickly, fair sure, im.

Okay, with that yeah uh, no sunroof. No, this one and only trim, which is a prestige. We dont have pricing for that. Yet, as of when were driving this, if we have it by the time we post this video, well put it in a graphic below yeah, do you care that theres no sunroof? I think it would be a nice addition. Is the counterpoint having a light colored suede roof, clearly thats what theyve been going? They were going for so that it doesnt feel quite so closed in a bit of a mismatch for me. If theres nice dark coloring all the way on the lower half of the cabin and then the risers, the roof liner and the a pillars on the inside, it looks a little not quite symmetrical. For me, sure seats are nice, nice quality leather, on these its got so the quality of the stitching and everything um lets go into the drive dynamics because thats pretty important to cover, i think, thats, the biggest distinction between a regular g80 and this one yep cool. All right, what do you got? Um well lets go over the power figures. First, all right, so it has 365 horsepower and 516 a pound feet of torque and as far as the engine size density, size thats, how embedded exactly yeah you get it. Battery size is 87.2 kilowatts right, so fair size, uh and the range is up to 454. Perfect conditions, no hills, but its enough.

I think its enough range to be an everyday, regular, driven car, and you know its nearly the end of spring when were recording this and who knows what range figures will pop up in new vehicles and existing vehicles? Uh come fall or winter right, but for todays world 454. I feel is absolutely more than enough interesting to note that its a larger battery in this than what weve been seeing in the ionic 5, the ev6, the gv60 yeah other hyundai genesis kia products. So a sign of things to come. Potentially, i think so. Genesis is trying to go all electric by 2030, so that means that the g70 is going to get it and the g9 is going to get it. So i wonder if, in tomorrows world the g80 and g90 share this same battery size potentially um? As for how it drives, i think its i mean, like every other hyundai kia genesis, eb weve, driven its fantastic, its got those various levels of regen not displayed the same way on this 3d digital dashboard. It threw me for a beautiful loop in the beginning. Um only because its what were used to you would get used to it over time if you own the car, actually pretty quickly, probably um, but its this, i think the same general idea. Your maximum is one pedal driving and then you can go right down to a complete coast. Its got that level um but stable, um yeah its very smooth feeling that youre looking for yes in a in a luxury, mid sized sedan, um and corners.

Well, it handles great um, interesting though they said, theyve got some road noise cancellation technology in this, and we do feel that its very, very quiet inside with one exception, tire noise. There is a lot of it, so cars have passed us because were on a two lane road and its been minimal intrusion as far as the audible side goes, but were running 80 thats. Just the speed limit up here. It just feels louder than it should for a midsize luxury, sedan yeah, but the rest of its great. Oh absolutely yeah cars flipping by even like other cars, blasting music at stoplights next to us its its, not letting a whole lot of that in at all its very quiet in a rarity steph – and i do these without any audio, so theres, no radio, theres, no Music happening – and i feel its you know – maybe one maybe two out of ten people will drive a vehicle without some kind of use of the sound system, whether its a podcast am fm, serious, uh, spotify or whatever. It is so, but for us its its not offensive, but its still present right um. I think yeah, if youve ever watched any review of a g80, with the exception of the fact that this thing goes like stink and has excellent range, excellent drive dynamics, um all wheel, drive from the pair of motors um yeah its just an electric version of the G80 sedan, which is i mean thats fantastic g80, is a great car.

This is a great addition to it um kind of living on its own in its segment. At the moment, you can get a bigger sedan in the mercedes eq eqs or the i7 thats coming out later this year, um, but this is likely to be much lower in price than either of those. Absolutely. This is all in one pricing, yeah yeah, so um should, even after some potential competitors start to show up be quite competitive, so um yeah. I i think our first impression is a very positive one, absolutely and for me its just not reinventing the wheel for them. Its just they took a great vehicle on a great platform. They dont want to quite say tiggered with it. Theyve obviously used a different electric platform, but first second third glance inside now its hard to differentiate between the ev electric, not electrified version and the gasoline version, and i think thats a great thing yeah. Absolutely thanks. So much for watching our quick spin in the genesis. G80, electrified g80 and uh dont forget to take a moment to subscribe so that you can catch more of our videos and join our great community.