Indeed, the jazz has an interesting powertrain, which is very similar to its sibling. The hrv whereby it uses a combination of two electric motors, an engine and also a battery pack, well be talking about this very shortly. Now the jazz starts from just shy of 21 000 pounds and in the range topping model, which is the ex style which we have on review. It can be found for roughly 26 000 pounds. So lets kick things off and talk about this interesting, hybrid powertrain and here very much like the hiv that we previously reviewed on the channel. The jazz e hev effectively has a front mounted 1.5 liter engine, a 0.8 kilowatt hour battery pack and two electric motors. Now the latter means that the vehicle can solely operate on battery power and effectively purely drive in ev mode. Now you might be wondering well that 0.8 kilowatt hour battery pack isnt gon na give me a long distance and on top of that, the vehicle cant actually be plugged in. So how on earth are you gon na re, attain energy back into the battery pack? Well, theres two means first of all, theres regenerative braking if you shift down on the gear, selector youll get b mode and therefore it gives you a slight amount of regentra, braking and, of course, deceleration. When you take your foot off the accelerator pedal, but the most important one is the fact that the 1.5 liter engine has effectively got the ability to self charge.

The battery and therefore means that you dont have to be worried about consistently topping up that 0.8 kilowatt hour battery now. For us, we find it actually to be quite fascinating and it does an excellent job. Right now were on ev mode, and even though we started our journey at around 10 battery, its now topped up to around 30 percent. I know that seems a really bit silly, but given in the city scenarios that battery does get topped up pretty quickly. Now, of course, when youre on the motorway, the vehicle is going to intelligently realize its in a different scenario and as a result, it means its going to start engaging the engine. Now here you do have three drive modes effectively: youve got engine only and whereby the engine is charging up and topping up the battery youve got pure ev mode, in other words solely relying on the battery and then youve got the hybrid mode, which is a combination Of both whereby its using both the battery pack and the front mounted engine in order to deliver power now all of this is very fascinating and im sure some people are going to be intrigued about it, but the most important thing is well. How efficient is this combination well in our mixed driving test? We netted 51 miles per gallon, which is certainly impressive for a vehicle of its class, seeing comparison to mild hybrid systems out there on the market. The honda jazz ehev does a far superior job and, while it wont, compete with plug in hybrids out there that can do better in terms of short distances.

When you go on longer distances, the honda will then become a bit more efficient. So therefore, it gives a little combination of the best of both worlds. Now it is also worth pointing out that the jazz eagv also has a 40 liter tank and therefore means that, depending on how efficiently you drive, you should net roughly 370 miles on a full tank, which means that you can go the distance without having to stop To refuel and given the current market now, as we are driving past an so petrol station, you dont really want to be stopping because well its going to cost you a pretty penny. Now there will be some people who would be worried about the transition between ev power and petrol power and, of course, vice versa. Well, here you dont have to be because its absolutely seamless, if i just put my foot down, i just dont – feel a difference other than hearing the noise of the engine kicking in and, of course, the ecvt transmission, which well touch upon very shortly now, in terms Of total power output, the combination of the engine, the battery pack and the motor results in 80, kilowatts of power – and that is the same as 107 horsepower. You do also get 235 newton meters of torque and thats purely due to the fact of its ev portion, which gives you that much amount of extra torque in comparison to having a pure petrol power.

Now, in our naught to 60 test via racelogix vpsport, we netted a time of nine seconds flat now thats, not exactly exhilarating, specifically, if you compare it to a identical, pure electric vehicle, but it certainly will suffice for a lot of individuals. We should note over here that top speed is rated at 108 miles an hour and yet again, if youre going to be living in the uk or most european countries, we think it should suffice. Now, of course, this car isnt exactly tuned for those petrol heads all those people who want to be going around windy country, roads at absolute blistering speeds. And, frankly, if you drive the honda, jazz youll quickly realize that the vehicle has a little bit of body roll. The steering input isnt exactly one one to one and just feels a little bit numb this isnt exactly too much of a problem, because i suspect that the honda jazzers market isnt going to be caring about the utmost drivers peel, but its something that we thought. We should mention, furthermore, is worth bearing in mind in terms of its handling characteristics other than the body roller just mentioned that the vehicle isnt exactly the softest ride, nor is it the firmest ride. In fact, youd actually expect it to be a little bit softer, and here are some of its competitors such as, for example, the likes of a peugeot, which is a vehicle thats sitting right in front of us will result in a little bit more of a comfortable Experience and one that will actually result in a little bit of a little less strain on your back specifically when you are going in and around town and going over potholes speed, bumps or anomalies now in terms of comfort.

Of course, youve got the in cabin experience and here its actually pretty well insulated from the exterior noise. We have got a detailed breakdown in terms of the sound measurement on a detailed audio review that can be found up on your pod banner down description below, or indeed in the pin comments. Of course, what well say here in a nutshell, is that you do hear the ecvt transmission working away at the front of the vehicle, but is otherwise pretty serene when its running in terms of its ev drive. This does bring us in terms of its audio system, and here all honda jazz vehicles have got a fitted four speaker system and frankly, we werent left all that bit impressed again. If you want more details, do check out our dedicated audio review now for you to tink around with the audio settings and, of course, to play around with the infotainment. You have got a display thats planted at the center of the dashboards. Now, in the se, trim youve got a 5 inch display, which is actually quite limited in terms of functionalities. However, in the sr, trims and above youve got a 9 inch display, which both supports wired, android, auto and apple carplay, and also wireless apple carplay as well, which is all fantastic to see better still. The information that is fed through to these third party mobile operating systems, in other words the navigation data, is also fed through to the fully digitalized instrument cluster, which makes it all that bit better when youre driving and therefore not having to constantly glass down towards the Center of the dashboard.

Now we also like the fact that honda have retained physical buttons, be it towards the side of the infotainment system. For example, youve got basic media controls or towards the middle of the dashboard, whereby youve also got physical climate controls. This makes it far more intuitive to use undergoing comparison to some of its modern rivals that opt for capacitive or, indeed, touch based inputs. Now, what is similarly impressive is the amount of storage space that you have within this small size cabin we feel here at honda. Have really tried to optimize the amount of space thats available, see towards the front whereby youve got the center console. You have got a small little area whereby you can place a smartphone and by the way here, you do have a single usb port in the se. Trim, if you move up to the sr trim, you do have a secondary usb port in order to connect up to the infotainment system and indeed in order for you to use android, auto or apple carplay, and then youve also got a 12 volt socket, which can Be handy for powering a dash cam. If you want our favorite round up, it can be found down in the description below now. Moving down the center console, youve got a singular cup holder and then a small little bay, which can be handy to place. Lets, say the wireless key fob. And then you have got the center console armrest area, which should suffice for a small to medium sized purse and or a wallet now better still towards the extremities of the dashboard.

Youll find a small little area to place lets, say a small little cup or indeed, for example, some loose change and then towards the passenger side, whereby you got the glove box just above it. Youve got then another compartment, which will be handy for those people who want to take lets, say sort of snacks or, for example, put certain sunglasses in there now, as for the door bins, the front two are large enough for a 500 milliliter bottle to be sat Alongside some small size, valuables and the rear, two are, unsurprisingly, a bit more limited, but should suffice on shorter journeys. Now, of course, you do have the boot whereby youve got 304 liters of usable storage and, of course, if you pop down the seats, youve got 1 205 liters better still, youve got a flat loading bay, 60 40 rear split, folding seats and a small underfloor compartment. All of which make for a great inclusion and better still, you do have a hatchback design. Our only complaint, however, is that even in the more expensive trim levels – theres no electric tailgate, now moving on from its boot, we do have to talk about occupants capacity, and here you can seat five individuals at the rear of the cabin as someone whos, just under Six foot ive actually got a surprising amount of legroom better still its also got a near flat, footwell design and therefore makes it quite convenient, even if you have got a rear middle occupant.

On that note, however, the rear middle occupant does have a slightly odd seat belt design and well talk about why very shortly now i should mention that, in terms of the front of the cabin ive got no problems whatsoever, both in terms of headroom or legroom, and Given the fact that the seats also have manually adjustable controls as standard on all trim levels, it means that you can find the right sort of driving position. Although it is a shame, however, not to see electronic controls, plus a memory function for those people who are going to be swapping in between drivers now elsewhere in the ex models and above you do also have heated front seats and a heat steering wheel now, as For the seats themselves, they are a little bit firm for my liking and therefore means on longer excursions. You might actually find yourself having a little bit of lower back pain, which is quite surprising, given a hondas pedigree. Now, on the flip side, the rear seats design is absolutely fantastic. While you dont have a retractable armrest, and you do also have a slightly odd seat belt design. You do have the magic seats, and this means that you can prop up the rear seats in order to reveal a very large area. This can be handy if youre going to be taking lets, say a small sized bicycle or, for example, some plant pots that you bought from the garden center.

This means that you can use it alongside the boot in order to carry goods and makes for a much more practical design in comparison to a lot of its competitors. Now it is further great to see that the magic seat design is applicable in all trim levels. Although in terms of a practicality stand point of view, we should point out that usbs at the rear of the cabin are only present in the extrim or above this does bring us on to the overall design of the vehicle and subjectively. We think it looks pretty cute and definitely will appeal to a lot of consumers, at least with the ex style, where it has an integrated, spoiler and 16 inch. Alloys theres, also integrated side skirts, which give it a little bit of extra pizzazz from this side profile. Now, in terms of the sr, youve got 15 inch alloys instead and, as for the sc, youve got slightly less stylish 15 inch steel wheels instead. Now, of course, in terms of your color options, there is a few different ones to choose from. This will depend in terms of the trim level you go for and might come in as an additional option. Now, next up we get on to visibility in here. The honda jazz is absolutely excellent, both at the front at the side and at the rear makes absolute breeze when it comes to going in so tight parking spaces. Now it should be mindful here that honda have actually made a quite big cutaway, which might seem a little bit counter intuitive to some people or might think that oh thats a little bit of an odd design.

But frankly, when it comes to a visibility. Stand point of view it makes for an absolutely excellent inclusion when youre going around bends. Now it should be mindful that when it comes to parking, if you want front and rear parking, stencils youll have to go for the sr trim or above and if you want a rear view, camera which isnt exactly got the highest resolution, but is still a handy Inclusion youll have to go for the ex models or above now. Finally, we also should talk about safety now here, theres, a plethora of safety systems that come baked in to the honda jazz ehv and its absolutely excellent to see it even from the entry level models. For example, youve got lane departure warning lane mitigation, road, sign, recognition, forward, collision, assist and also emergency brake. Better still, youve got adaptive cruise control with stop and go technology, and that also includes when it comes to steering its absolutely excellent when used on the motorway and its frankly great to see the honda includes, even on the entry level trims. Now, if you do want to take it one step further in the ex trims, you do also have blind spot monitoring and if you want to have a whiplash support, so in case of a very severe accident, then it youll want to go for the ex style, Because it offers this sort of extra edibility of having certain safety features. Ultimately, what were trying to portray over here is that the safety and the visibility of the honda jazz ehev is absolutely class leading.

So with all of that in mind, what do we make about? The honda jazz eh ev well frankly, its a stylish, practical and also fuel efficient, hybrid vehicle, one that does take a lot of boxes and we can definitely see ourselves recommending it to a lot of consumers. As a result, it actually gets our value awards. No be intrigued to hear your thoughts on the vehicle down in the comments section below and if youve made it all the way through, without even thinking about my groggy voice. I just want to applaud you and thanking you for watching the video now, if you have liked this video and want to see more from the channel and hopefully without such a terrible voice of mine, then definitely do drop a like subscribe and hit that bell notification.