The i4 is in fact, the bmw groups, third, electric vehicle in india after the bmw ix and mini cooper. Se, the bmw i3 had been the start of the groups ev journey all those years ago, but it never launched here. Sadly, so lets get a sense of perspective in terms of where this car is positioned now in size terms, its exactly like a three series. It is, of course, a four door. Sedan were not getting a coupe on this, thank god. But the point im trying to make is that in positioning terms, it becomes a little difficult to understand because while yes size wise its like a three series, sedan in terms of price positioning, its closer to what a 5 series sedan looks like right. But it has a different sense of performance being all electric and there its almost like an m3, a quick look at the iphones design, which may or may not be polarizing. So the current generation of the four series, and also the new m3 and m4. They preceded this car by several months. The good part about that is, we all got used to this. It kind of grew on us, literally this giant face with that huge kidney grill. Now you know some people love, it somehow hate it, but that debate has now died. It is what it is. Youve got used to it. I think that helps the i4, because, frankly, it looks pretty good. The use of the blacked out portion also looks nice.

Its a signature of the bmw i brand and you dont – need to really have a grill right. Its an electric doesnt need that to be a functional grill, so it is just about a visual identity of the bmw brand and somehow it adds to the sportiness and to the aggressive character of this car. The bits i really like, which have been carried over in a sense from the four series or from the m4, the very muscular, very powerful, looking hood and, of course, the rear end, which is absolutely gorgeous Music big thumbs up to bmw, to go smart with the Design touches, especially at the rear, to give an impressive first look, not to mention that the designers didnt go too wild with styling either, and the car exudes a very obvious performance character through its muscle. Unlike the ix, the iphone is relatively subtle and more in line with the current portfolio and its performance attribute no gimmicks either like, for instance, the door handles arent retractable but nicely integrated anyway, Music. I also like the lift back design for the tailgate to pop open its almost spaceship like the 471 litre. Boot is spacious and practical, and then you get the 40 20 40 split on the rear seat to accommodate more cargo Music, its after a long time that i have this stupid, grin on my face as im driving, because its really surprising what the car will do. Dynamically, it is absolutely effortless.

Its handling is absolutely sublime. I think thats, the part that im clearly enjoying so this car is fast, its so quick, its so responsive the mind boggles with what could possibly come when the mgmbh guys bring us their born electric models. Now, thats going to be something absolutely ridiculous: Music. Now every bmw promises dynamic performance, so thats like at the core of its development, thank god and with this car the expectations were that it would take it to the next level. For a couple of reasons, right i mean electrics, theyre, quick, you get lots of torque and then you know its supposed to be based off of the four series, but more akin to the m4 kind of performance. You hear all this you come in. You have great expectations. The i4 beats those expectations and beats them by a mile. If and when you get past the sheer performance attribute of this car well thats when youll start thinking of other things, which are really nice too ergonomics the big giant screen and all the functions Music, but as all low slung sport sedans go. The i 4 also has its achilles heel well sort of Music in many places in our country there isnt consistency when it comes to the size, shape and type of speed, breaker that you might have to go over so thats, where you do need to be a Little bit careful because there are certain bumps that will hit the bottom of the car, its not dangerous per se, but its still something to watch out for Music Applause.

At the start of this review, i showed you how the i4 is essentially an electric car in the guise of the bmw 3 series, and since i had that other car with me, i thought well should actually just try them both out together. So i quickly hopped into it after having spent some time with the i4 on the road. Now one thing i knew before i got into a 3 series after having driven the iphone, i knew it would feel slower. I knew that the response, and just that instant takeoff theyre gon na be very different. The part thats actually surprised me and completely blown me away, is just how much better even the handling is on the iphone. The iphone is from a different planet all together, its handling is precise, almost excellent. The steering is just sublime and the lower center of gravity than on the bmw, 330i or li. Even the m sport only adds a whole new driving experience. Music, Music. The longer roof line adds to the rear, seat, roominess and ill get to that part in a second. But the large proportions are not a deal breaker either, and the car gets a fairly generous wheelbase Music. Now theres one thing: thats going to tempt you with the newer and even older bmw models to a certain extent and thats, the interior of late weve, really seen. Bmw turn around its design on the cabin theres, still lots of very functional, important buttons, but for the most part you get a very slick looking cabin, especially on the i4, which has the new design language.

The dashboard is largely dominated by the wide curved dual screen display that spans across the width behind the wheel, all the way to the center of the dash Music, the single display houses, a 12.3 inch digital instrument cluster and a 14.9 inch central infotainment screen its got High resolution graphics and they have ultra quick response to touch it – takes some time to get used to, but the layout and the look is very sexy. Music. The eighth generation of bmws operating system is packed with connected features. Wireless apple, carplay and android auto also standard. The blue start button and blue circle surrounding the logo on the steering wheel. Well, thats, a nice little electric car and bmw eye brand touch the generous use of synthetic and real leather upholstery. Options is available in a range of colors, yes, more sustainable materials in the i 4, the rear seats, not cramped for space, as i was saying earlier – and this is true even on long drives, its pretty comfortable at the back. The bmw i4 is quite literally an electric 4 series, grand coupe, and so it doesnt have any of the wild new interior design features found on cars like the ix. Honestly, it just works better Music. The i4 is proof that the sports sedan formula can easily be translated into the ev space, but the fact that the car is based on an icd platform doesnt really get in its way and yet maybe doesnt really explore the true potential of such a car.