Take on this concept. The e space tourer in 50 kilowatt hour form it wont, go particularly far on a single charge but itll seat up to nine help. You move house or function as a kind of executive minibus or without using a drop of fuel Music. Very soon, no segment of the automotive market will lack full ev model options. One of those sectors lately gaining bev models has been that for large people carriers, this isnt really because manufacturers think this to be much of a potential growth area. Its more because really big mpvs are always based on the kind of mid sized vans that car makers, pressurized by governments are starting to offer in full electric form. These days, the mercedes veto, peugeot expert, vauxhall, vivaro and citron dispatch lcvs can now all be had in full ev form, so their mpv counterparts, the mercedes v class, the peugeot traveler, the vauxhall vivaro life and the citroen space tourer also get the bev treatment, the peugeot, The voxel and the citron are essentially the same, underneath sharing the same psa group powertrain its the citroen model, badged the e space torah that we look at here Music these days. If you want a citron space tourer, you have to have this all electric drive train too using it is straightforward. You turn the key in the ignition wait for the starting beep and flick the gear toggle into drive, youre ready, theres, a drive mode selector that allows drivers to switch between eco, normal and power modes.

Theres 136 horsepower on tap and theres. Also a b option that plows extra energy back into the battery offering more resistance, while youre slowing down top speed, is just 84 miles an hour. Big people. Carriers are largely used for suburban duties, which is just as well because this cars not much good for anything else. A huge heavy people carrier, relying on a battery designed to sustain an electric super mini, was never going to travel very far between charges and sure enough. This espace tourist 50 kilowatt hour battery pack takes this citroen only 136 miles between charges, so youre going to need to think hard if youre going anywhere more than 60 miles or so away unless youve the time for a potentially lengthy recharging. Stop before your return journey. This is annoying because this cars lcv counterpart, the dispatch van, has the option of a larger 75 kilowatt hour battery. That would have around 60 miles of additional range at the time of this test in early 2022 that wasnt being offered on the e space tourer. The magic carpet like ride that you might hope for on a citron is missing here, an issue exacerbated by the extra battery weight of this espace tourer model, but the engineers have done their best to make the ride as car like as possible. Developing springs for this model that feature variable levels of stiffness to suit the level of load being carried. In addition, the shock absorbers are load sensitive and feature.

What citroen calls a passive system that adjusts springing and damping as required depending on the road surface? This citron corner is slightly better than some of its competitors too, though, inevitably theres still plenty of body roll. If, rather unwisely, you start throwing the thing about. If you can ignore both that and the slightly vague steering and find yourself absolutely having to push on youll, also find that theres, more grip and traction than an npv of this kind would normally offer. It all means that at the wheel of this people carrier, you can make controlled steady progress without necessarily overreacting on the brake pedal at the first sight of a tight bend in the road. Add in a commandingly high driving position and the result is a vehicle that, on the move, feels smaller and more wieldy than its outward dimensions would suggest. Testers whod found the sheer size of say a mercedes v class quite daunting. Were we found much more easily able to acclimatise to a space tourer when dealing with narrow country lanes and squeezing through gaps in the traffic? A tight turning circle of between 11.3 and 12.9 meters, depending on body style, makes town driving and parking simpler. Plus this citrons 1.9 metre roof height is low enough to allow it to fit under car park barriers. So you dont have to search out alternative places to leave the car when you go off shopping or get stuck in with the trucks.

If you ever use the channel tunnel Music. Look at the class leaders in the super large van based mpv segment and its clear that a lot of effort has been put into distance the designs in question from their lcv underpinnings, which is why citroen has put so much work in here to create the smart And in some ways actually quite attractive silhouette of this space torah model, you certainly wouldnt immediately dismiss it as a dispatch van with windows, add in the right wheels and a careful choice of color, and you could imagine a larger family parking it on their driveway with At least some degree of pride, apart from the badge work and the charging flap itll, be difficult for your neighbors to spot. That youve switched your big mpv to full electric power. This big citron is clearly van derived, but the looks are modern and not too lcv. Like this, mpv comes with medium length at 4.95 meters m and long xl body lengths here at the front. The main change in this designs, move from package carrier to people mover lies in the substitution of the van models. Vast black plastic, lower bumper. For this smarter body, colored item, the addition of these led daytime running light strips also gives the styling a more sophisticated touch, move to the back and, as youd expect, the vertically stacked lights flank a tailgate rather than the twin side, hinged rear doors youd get on A dispatch van what about inside the nine seater cabin well lets start up front.

You open the wide drivers door and step up behind the wheel to find yourself in a remarkably car like interior changes to create this. All electric version are few theres, a driver, selector toggle, where the gear lever would normally be, and you get a power flow gauge instead of a rev counter in the instrument, binnacle thats about it, as you can see to maximize passenger capacity, you get the dual front: Passenger bench that would normally be fitted in a dispatch van, the middle seated person will obviously be slightly restricted in terms of stretch out space, but because the gear stick has been taken from its conventional position on the floor and mounted in this extended section of the Lower dash an adult could cope here, provided the journey in question wasnt too long. The fascias focal point is found with this centrally situated 7 inch color touchscreen. It includes a mirror screen feature, so you can duplicate your smartphones display onto the monitor via either the apple carplay or the mirrorlink android auto systems. Fortunately, this monitor doesnt also control the ventilation and air conditioning in the way it does in citroen smaller c4. Those controls, as you can see, are further down. It means that on a space tourer you dont have to go jabbing around on the touchscreen. Every time you want to say, switch from the stereo to get a warming blast on your feet. Looking around theres, nothing about this cabin that feels utilitarian, or especially van like, which is impressive since at the wheel, differences between this space, tourer and a dispatch lcv are really only limited to minor things like this mid level.

Dashboard trim strip bright work around the four air vents and the stitched leather covering for the multi function, steering wheel. The two clear dials you view through that three spoke wheel are pretty much the same too. The gauge is separated by a trip computer display that can include a digital speedometer and incorporates a welcome standard coffee break alert, feature that advises drivers to take a break after two hours of uninterrupted motoring. Its a simple extra feature that other brands ought to copy. A quick word about cabin storage. All models get this lidded cubby on top of the dashboard and the door. Bins can easily swallow a 1.5 liter water bottle. There are cup holders on both sides of the dashboard and in the middle of the fascia theres. This small open cubby, where you can stash your mobile phone, close to the power and usb sockets and finally well tell you that youll find it a useful storage area beneath this dual front: passenger bench seat right lets, head rearwards, the battery installation, hasnt compromised passenger or Cargo space. In any way, all the rear seats can be removed to reveal a van like cargo area, but theyre heavy and awkward to lift, and you need a big garage to store them in. Well, start with a look at the second row which, as on all van based models, is accessed by a sliding side door here in the middle of the cabin youll, find an outer single seat paired with a two person bench, its all a bit minibus like.

But you get ample knee shoulder and headroom. Now lets see what its like in the third row of this espace tourer, the outer passenger side, seat, lifts and tilts forward to aid access something further, aided by the provision of a higher roof line than youd find in something more car like say, a ford galaxy. Once youre in and seated on, the three person bench youll be reminded just why medium sized vans make such a great starting point for a properly large family sized mpv, instead of being crammed in cattle class, as you would be in even the largest car based people, Carriers theres more than enough space here for arms legs and heads, just, as importantly, theres also a good view out from the large windows, which is not always the case with seven seat, mpvs and suvs. This gives this rear most part of the space tourer an airy feel, while the slightly raised base means that your view forward encompasses more than just the head of the person in front theres, also, storage, space for small items and drinks, and what about luggage capacity? Well, the space you get with all three rows of seats in place obviously varies depending on the body style. Youve chosen with this mid range m body, shape theres 627 millimeters of length from the back of the third seating row to the tailgate, which means you get 700 liters of cargo space up to the level of the load bay cover or as much as 900 liters.

If you were to load to the roof with the top xl body, shape youll have an enormous 160 liters to play with up to parcel shelf level or up to 1500 liters. If you were to load to the roof. A lot of the time. Of course, youll be using this citron with only five seats in place. If, as on this m model, we fold the third row backrest onto the seat base well increase loading capacity to 1100 liters or 2 300 liters. If we were to take these third row chairs out entirely, the xl variant with the third row taken out could offer up to 3 100 liters of capacity up to roof level. Finally, lets cover the capacity youd get when you only need the front two seats in this air model with second and third row: backrests folded onto their bases, youd have two thousand liters of space up to parcel shelf level and three thousand litres up to roof height. If you were to entirely take the second and third row seating out, those figures would each rise by 1200 liters. To give you an idea of ultimate carriage potential across the espace tourer range in an xl model with just driver and front seat passenger in place and all the rear seats removed, the total potential capacity would be a removal van, like four thousand nine hundred liters thats. A lot more than you get in many sizeable vans, Music theres, a single trim level for this 50 kilowatt hour e space, torah model business edition, but its offered with a choice of either the mid sized medium body shape or for hardly any more.

The largest xl version both qualify for the governments plug in car grant and therefore can be yours for around thirty thousand pounds for the m version, its 200 pounds more for the xl variant, citroen, still isnt, offering the option of its larger 75 kilowatt hour battery pack. That you can get and which gives you much greater range in the brands, mechanically identical dispatch van wed like to see that change. If this option can be introduced, affordably as youd expect, pricing here is pretty comparable to what youd pay for this models. Mechanically identical. Stellantis group counterparts, the peugeot e traveler and the voxel vivaro e life. The equipment levels here are pretty comparable too. This nine seat models. Business edition spec gives you quite a lot specifically. You can tick off daytime running lights, front fog, lamps, auto headlamps and wipers rear parking, sensors and a full size spare wheel inside theres, air conditioning and cruise control and infotainments taken care of by a 7 inch touchscreen infotainment system, including a dab radio usb and aux Endpoints, bluetooth phone connectivity and the further opportunity to link in your handsets and view favorite apps via the mirrorlink, android, auto and apple carplay systems. All espace toro models feature citron connect, nav with real time. Traffic alerts, as well as a citroen connect box that alerts, assistance or emergency services in the event of an incident or accident safety, wise theres, very little camera style, kit included, but citroen has covered off the basics that includes the usual electronic assistance for braking traction and Stability control along with hill start assist to stop you from drifting backwards on uphill junctions.

We also like the standard coffee break alert feature that advises drivers to take a break after two hours of uninterrupted motoring, and there are rear seat, isofix, child seat, mountings and a tire pressure monitoring system. You get twin front, lateral and head thorax, airbags too Music, because the e space torah supports up to 100 kilowatt rapid charging technology. An 80 charge will take just 30 minutes. This ev people carrier also features a seven kilowatt on board charger as standard a full charge. From a 7.4 kilowatt, domestic wall box takes seven hours and 30 minutes with the alternative, 11 kilowatt wall box. You can reduce that to four and three quarter hours for peace of mind. The lithium ion battery pack in this model comes with an eight year or one hundred thousand mile warranty for up to seventy percent of the initial battery capacity. To get close to the quoted 136 mile range figure. Youll need to engage eco mode frequently, which reduces power output to 80 horsepower. The included citroen connect box package allows the driver to set up deferred charging or to pre condition the vehicle, via the my citron mobile, app on their smartphone to enhance the ownership experience of this citron. The brands partnered with pola the uks largest public charging station provider to give customers a free six month subscription to pola plus this brings with it the convenience of having access to more than 5 000 public charging stations across the uk Music.

Potentially, the espace torah is an excellent product. We like the way that the battery power train has been built into this people carrier without any compromise to interior space. Its quiet and well built looks contemporary and is well equipped. The elephant in the room, though, is the 136 mile driving range, which, for quite a few families and business folks, simply wont be enough for a vehicle of this type. Hopefully, a version with citroens larger 75 kilowatt hour battery will be along shortly.