My name is derek reilly. We are on the wild atlantic way just outside blacksod in county mayo, on the mullet peninsula, stunning surroundings and i couldnt think of a better place to show off the mercedes benz eqs, specifically the 450 plus, which is the entry level version, were going to have a Walk around the outside have a look on the inside and then take it out for a drive and also as well as that im going to do a coast to coast in ireland and potentially its going to go coast again. So its going to go across the country and back again with the one charge, because it has such a large battery so make sure youve you havent already subscribed to the channel, were on a drive to 10 000 subscribers this year, Music. My if youre interested in all things eevee and i want to support the channel, hit the subscribe button and the bell icon, so you dont miss any future updates its a big car, its an expensive car, the 450, the eqs 450 plus, starts in ireland at 129. 000 and a bit of change, this specific loan today is 168 000 euros with all the extras on it that they have put on it. But lets look at the aesthetics, look at the efficiency and look at this technology thats going to roll down the hill. In other eq models with mercedes, this is always going to be the more expensive of all of the mercedes benz, its the electric s class.

In essence, even though it is going to be badged with the eq side of things, starting at the front, youre not going to be able to get into this car in the bonnet, because there is no front there is no access and well talk about the only Access on the other side, youve got digital light is what mercedes call them led matrix headlights youve got some chrome depending on the so theres four different trims in ireland so, depending on what trim you go for, will dictate what it looks like down here, but youve Got some glass black youve got that uh dark gray colors in ireland, youre going to be getting whites, blacks, grays, silvers, blues and reds. Nothing too crazy. Youve got this mercedes benz an extra here on the grill, with the actual mercedes benz three pointed stair. Some active arrow in the inside youve got that chrome bar all the way along the front and youve got that light bar as well. That joins them up. A large mercedes, benz logo, with that 360 camera moving down along the side, you can get 20s 21s and 22s. These are the amg 21s. So, on the outside of this car theyve gone with the amg pack and on the inside theyve gone with the electric trim pack, i said you couldnt open up the front, but the way you get your washer fluid in is via this port on the side here. Mercedes eqs branding just here at the a pillar youve got that chrome surround all the way.

Youve got a glass sunroof with twin sunroofs inside, and one of them opens with twin blinds. Well, talk about that once we get in the inside body color, and you can get this two tone. Youve got some chrome youve got some glass black pop out handles, which are beautiful. Large wing mirrors. These ones are glass black with the indicators and the 360 camera. In underneath, you start to see the air on as much as it looks very aero. You can see where the glass on window door, one its frameless, nearly flows, seamlessly theres no line here to catch any air. So the drag coefficient on this car is 0.20. So its one of the most aerodynamic cars on the market, large back door with the pop out handles as well, and you have that um glass in the just at the c pillar as well. Well, start talking about the headlight, the taillights as we come along the side but front the vast majority of people like it the side, some people dont like that kind of arrow shape, but lets turn around to the rear. I think thats, one of the nicest angles of this mercedes benz, eqs Music moving down along the back youve got the charging port. Look. How nice that opens uh standard is 11 kilowatt an ac and you can spec it up to 22 kilowatts, not sure. If thats available in ireland and then dc, you can go up to 202 kilowatt peak charging, so it can take a lot of charge if you can find a charger that will take it.

Youve got these helix lights, the brake lights, absolutely stunning design that small little spoiler at the back as well. This is a hatch 610 liters with the seats up 1700 liters, with the seats down small little welding underneath there as well for your charging cables and some cubby holes. Some tie off points and youve got that privacy cover there as well take off. If i dont put it down today on that back, then youve got that side to side or coast to coast light as well, and you open it up by that mercedes badge. Youve got your identifiers. Youve got your chrome elements, it can tow. If you want to tow it 750 kgs breakdown, unbreak and roof box, you can, if you want to put it on it. There is a 100 kg rating on that as well. Lets have a look on the inside Music whats it like inside the mercedes, benz eqs. So as we talked about the handles present themselves, as you walk towards you, the window goes on a fairly substantial, but now there are frameless doors and on the door, and you have your center locking. You have your fullest seat. Adjustments on this smart version. You have seats that are heated and cooled and memory and also have massage functions. Youve got your so theres two tone: colors here: cream leather and a kind of a gray, suede theres lots of different colors. So with this bright interior id say, one of my viewers, knowledge would be very happy, but the some nice open pore walnut with some brushed aluminium and then that napa are kind of suede with that cream and the door pockets fairly decent size for water bottles.

And you can also open the boot from the door pocket as well. Illuminated mercedes benz, sill cover rises up nice and calm in here. Interestingly enough, it obviously knows what driver wants to know what driver is driving it. So theres the mercedes me app where you can pre heat and put in your routes and uh check the battery levels, etcetera and what the range is like a couple of different ways you can sign in as a unit user theres a fingerprint reader here you can Use it can pick you up by a camera and it can also work on voice so with the finger fingerprint reader. It knows its me when i press the start button steering wheel comes down, see comes up to my position. Um beautiful this is the hyper screen. So its side to side full three screens that go all the way across the driver from in the driver cluster can be adjusted as to color as to style, etc. Large steering wheel three spoke slightly different in the amg version. If you go for that, some touch buttons on the steering wheel on the left, its audio phone, etc, etc. On the right its the cruise control, speed, limiter, etcetera behind that, then, is your. If you are a part, a member, if you know the mercedes electric vehicles and have a full range of them on the channel uh, it is that mode, selector stock that reverse neutral drive and push in for perk on the left hand side, then its indicators, lights And wipers so its all indicated all in that side, but my right knee is the hand brake and also whether your lights are automatic, etc.

This steering wheel is reach and rake electronically, adjusted, etc. Um good clear display, hyper screen its hyper and so theres a lot going on. Good responsiveness has wireless android, auto and apple carplay, but the menu is very similar, then to a lot of the other eq models, its very very familiar to me and then youve got that secondary screen for the passenger and thats signed in separately. If im signed in as the driver, i can sign in on that side as well, so it can be as a guest or you can set up a user profile. First large tunnel really and leather, clad with that open, pour walnut again and it slides up. Youve got your two drinks holders, your nfc, your wireless charging pad for your phone and two usb type cs and your smaller control panel down here with your start, stop putting your hazards, your car parking cameras, your eq, your car settings and then dynamic mode. Do you wanted eco? Do you wanted comfort? Do you want it sport or do you want it individual, which is great your fingerprint reader on and off and then with regards to audio and then mute button nice little button here for your butterfly and then again, two usb type cs seats are stunning in underneath, Then youve got like a a somewhere to hold a phone or tablet, etc. Theres, a kind of a rubber band that goes across on that and glovebox is fairly its a like a letterbox.

In essence, that goes all the way across head up display on this. Well, talk about that when were out for a drive, frameless mirror head unit has the controls for the blinds, which you can activate them via voice, and it has a tilting and opening front portion to that. Um sunroof, you have the most comfortable pillows on the headrests um. Absolutely stunning, really really nice amazing sound system as well. Yeah. This seat is set for me, im six foot, two 180 788 centimeters lets have a seat in the back and see. If i fish, i think i will Music in the back here. That seat is set for me, but its actually come back a bit further, so that i could get out comfortably as well. So youre talking three or four centimeters in the uh between my knees. I can put my feet in underneath small bit of a transmission tunnel. There is a magazine holder here as well air vent up in the b pillar and also in the behind the center console, and each of the four seats have their own climate control, which is great to see, but on the car of the spec and price. You would expect it. You have two usb type cs as well, and youve got more vents. As i mentioned there. The second sunroof has its own blind as well. It doesnt open, though you can inspect this with the high end screens in the back with tv screens.

In the back and youve got these beautiful headrests in the back speakers built in all around the place on the doors et cetera, et cetera, two isofix in the back, and you also, these seats are heated and you can control them via the door arm rest here And then one push, it is the phone holder and then second push will get you your cup holders. Would you put three in the back not really comfortably two in the back or smaller, kids, etc? Yeah no problem, but two adults for sure we take it out for a drive Music out on the road with the mercedes benz eqs in ireland were gon na get four different types were gon na. This is the 450 plus, which is the entry level version that start off at 129. 000 odd, just underneath 130 000 euros. Then next step up, then, will be the 450 4matic four wheel drive, because this is a rear, wheel, drive or all wheel drive apologies. They call it um, then theres, the 504 eqs, 500 4matic, again all wheel, drive and then there is the amg 53 eqs, 4matic plus, and so as you go up in numbers and trim levels, exp and spec, etc. You gon na um have more power number one, but number two youre gon na get less range. So if youre an ev driver that wants more range, this entry level at 129, 000, nearly 130 000 euros – is the best one to go for wltp on standard level.

Is 761., this one has been inspected 717 and i presume theyre, taking into account the 21 inch alloys that are on at the amg. What im getting at 99? I was getting around about the 670 with another 25 or 30. If you started knocking down climate control and restricting uh interior, cabin comfort and travel responsiveness, etc, so theres a couple of different levels with regards to how dynamic you wanted, theres eco comfort and comfort sport, so, depending on what way you want to go, will dictate the Range number one, but also the the ride, comfort all comes with air suspension. This one has the head up display. It obviously has the hyper screen that you can see. Um all the bells and whistles with regards to driver assists park autonomous parking adaptive cruise control lane keep its phenomenal. Also has the air conditioned seats so theres a lot of extras on this. This car, as it stands, is 168 000 euros. Um the alloy wheels the hyper screen the premium plus pack and youll get like your sunroof. For that youll get your led. Laser headlights led matrix headlights. I think they call it laser um, so yeah theres, a lot of driver assists but theres. Also a lot of comfort. Its a stunning drive its the most luxurious electric vehicle that ive ever driven, but you can see where elements of this will start to creep down through the mercedes eq range and potentially into the regular combustion engine range, but this is their halo car.

This is the the top of the top um, its absolutely gorgeous some people dont like the styling on the outside some people, dont like the front some people dont like the the slippery smoothness of it, because it has that drag coefficient of 0.20, one of the best In the industry tesla model s is 0.208 um for the general motors ev1 was in around that as well, and what it wasnt below the sub 2 mark Music. There was no better cruiser for a day like today around the west of ireland. Road sometimes can be a bit small but absolutely stunning. The car itself, with that suspension system picks up on undulations in the road etc and starts to mellow stuff out so yeah its its a witchcraft, its not super wallowy. So the uh 450 plus comes with a 240 kilowatt motor, giving you 350 333, not easy for an irish person to say um horsepower given and 565 newton meters of torque Music zero to 106.2 seconds Music. Hopefully, youve enjoyed todays review of the mercedes benz eqs im going to do a range test with one of my coaster coasts, its a playlist on the channel uh. I think this might do coast to coast to coast again. I think it might get across the country and back in one church with that large charge in it make sure you like the channel or sorry like the video make sure you subscribe to the channel were on a drive to 10 000 subscribers before the end of The year leave a comment, and let me know if you had the money, would you be buying it? If you have the money, will you be buying her? What else would you be going for and remember, if you think, an eb is for you leave it to me and ill review.