The ultimate crossover vehicles are now more popular than ever once stereotyped as a default vehicle for soccer. Moms minivans of today are now more car, like than ever with the styling that mimics an suv and advancements in technology use of unibody platform derived from passenger vehicles, running gears and power plants that are no less civilized than an ordinary car, but allowing for the maximum Space usage, as crossover should are helping the segment to grow, and this trend is expected to continue even in the electric vehicle era which the whole world is about to enter into. Leading the electric mpv movement is vw, with the introduction of the classic microbus inspired id buzz, but the koreans are right behind, with their own plan, of introducing a couple of new models to follow in the footsteps of its incredibly successful electric suvs, crossovers and cars. In this episode, we will explore what the hyundai motor group is planning for the next wave of electric people, movers to replicate the success of the award winning kia ev6 and ionic 5. before we go on wed highly appreciate your support by subscribing and turning on the Notification bell, if you havent already and please dont, forget to like comment and vote on the question thats presented at the end of the video as vw is receiving all the attention and fanfare with the introduction of id buzz, which is expected to be the first ever Fully electric van the german makers biggest competition of late when it comes to electric cars, hyundai isnt planning on sitting out for the hot minivan market.

In fact, the korean auto giant has already made clear that it has every intention of becoming the first automaker to release the worlds first, full size, family, minivan in the form of kia carnival electric kia carnival, is incredibly successful. Do not only of its unimposing suv like smart styling, but because it truly drives like an ordinary passenger car. This is not surprising, as the newest carnival now shares most of the mechanicals and the underpinning with the kia k5 midsize sedan as such, and unlike the id buzz, which is a compact sized vehicle with rough dimensions of the vw, tiguan compact suv. The carnival electric will be an electrified version of the full sized carnival mpv that measures 203 inches or 5155 millimeters in length. Although carnival electric was originally planned for release in 2023, due to the current chip shortage and the supply chain issues, the plan was postponed. However, an incredible story unfolded recently as its reported that electrified carnival will be produced alongside the kia ev9 large suv as early as april 2023, as carnival electric has its roots stemming from the ice carnival, which is based on the n3 third generation platform. It will not directly be sharing the underpinning with the egmp based ev9. Instead, the drivetrain is expected to be shared with another derivative electric vehicle thats, based on the same m3 platform, the electrified g80 genesyss. First, ever electric car, probably the only ev in hyundais arsenal, thats big enough to provide the necessary running gears, will provide the battery and the power electric system for the newly electrified mpv likely to be shared as genesiss 87.

2 kilowatt hours. Lithium ion battery, which, in the g 80s application with 365 horsepower 516 pound feet of torque, dual motor, all wheel, drive configuration rendered 282 miles or 453 kilometers of epa certified range. However, as we wouldnt expect the humble family hauler to exhibit a zero to 60 miles per hour time of 4.5 seconds, like the g80 electric, the power output of the carnival electric is expected to be curtailed to a level similar to that of the ioniq. 5 long range models horsepower and 320 horsepower, depending on the number of motors. The important thing would be that the electric mpv thats expected to weigh over 5000 pounds or 2270 kilograms is to be offered now, with the optional all wheel, drive configuration which should almost be a prerequisite. Other aspects of the electric van should be similar to the electrified g80, with the v2l bi directional charging system over the air update system or ota and the most importantly, the 800 volt ultra fast charging system that charges the battery 10 to 80 in less than 20 Minutes when 350 kilowatts dc fast charger is used, additional changes from the current internal combustion engine carnival minivan is the updated design that its to receive as part of the mid cycle refresh, as well as the new interior. That should resemble ev6 with dual panoramic lcds and a host of other features that are would make the new carnival fulfill its role as an electric mpv, such as a solar panel, which, in the electric g80s application, extends the range by additional 100 kilometers or 60 miles.

Monthly, when its released sometime next year as a 2024 model, the estimated starting price would be 45 000, which would place it just in between the low 40 000 ev6 and the upcoming kia ev9 3 row. Suv, which is to have a starting price of around 50 000. Furthermore, hybrid and plug in versions are also planned to coincide with the facelift for those who are not fully committed to pure electric motoring. Just yet another electric people mover that koreans are considering is reported to be something much smaller and economical than the electrified carnival ready to be launched into the indonesian market for the first time as hyundai stargazer mpv, an all new model developed primarily for the south and Southeastern asian market, where six or seven seating capacity squeezed into compact dimensions, are extremely popular. Stargazer is a sister product to the recently introduced to the indian market, kia, karens, compact suv and, like karens, the stargazer employees, all of the latest technology into a compact dimension. Measuring less than 4500 millimeters, which is no larger than european short wheelbase sportage to fit in as much interior space as possible, yet offers it at an incredibly low price to be introduced. First is a simple internal combustion engine model with four cylinder engines ranging from 1.5 liter, naturally aspirated 1.4 liter turbocharged and 1.5 litre diesel that produces between 113 to 138 horsepower. The local price ranges from incredibly low 10 000 to 15 000 u.

s. However, dont, let the extremely low price fool you, as the vehicle offers a beautiful and futuristic interior that features dual led screens that would not look out of place in the latest ionic series of electric vehicles, along with the latest advanced driver assistance system. As for the exterior, like the vwid buzz, that was inspired by the classic vw microbus, the diminutive stargazer draws inspiration from its big brother hyundai starria mpv, which is kia carnivals platform sharing sibling. As the naming suggests, the stargazer adopts its other astrologically named starry as futuristic and spacecraft like design, especially in the front where it receives a parametric, jewel, grille split headlamps and an iconic led strip running across the width of the vehicle. The sleek profile body incorporates traditional swing outdoors and not a sliding type and appears as a miniaturized stario, with a short hood as well as front and rear overhang to allow for the maximum interior space with the distinctive body style and size. It would also work out. Well, in the mainstream lineup in europe, and even north america, where products like kia, rondo have attained modest success in the past and with a surge of popularity and crossovers that offer maximum interior space that consumers demand and the timely introduction of the products like vwidbuzz hyundai Is carefully evaluating the possibility of introducing the electrified version of stargazer to the western markets? If and when the stargazer is electrified, it is likely to be fitted with the nero ev derived 400 volt power, electric system and battery expected to be fitted with the first generation.

Neuro 64 kilowatt hours battery and the front wheel, driving motor rated at 201 horsepower and 291 pound feet of torque, which is actually more than the latest second generation models, 188 pound feet in e, nero, which would be similar in size and weight. This combination rendered 2′ miles epa or 463 kilometers, which is 290 miles according to wltp standard. If it does come to western shores, the six or seven passenger compact electric minivan would be released sometime after 2024 at the price of around ‘ 000, which would be equivalent to the kia niro ev, but drastically lower than its closest competitor id buzz. Although being a bit bigger with a length of 4700 millimeters or 185.5 inches with a larger battery of 77 kilowatt hours, usable capacity, but with the same output of 201 horsepower, the id buzz is expected to command a starting price of 50. As for the end of the video question, with the expected release of the electric minivans, would you consider purchasing them over traditional crossovers and suvs? Please vote and share your views by clicking on the link in the comment section below or in the description thanks for watching, auto vision, your best source for the fastest korean car news and rumors dont forget to comment like subscribe and click on the notification bell. So as not to miss any of our new videos, it would help the channel greatly if you could view our videos as soon as they are uploaded and watch them all the way until the end, which would help to reach more people also to support our channel.

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