If you want the middle version, which is the q440 each one that starts at 47 500 and if you want to have the top one. Its the car that were driving, then you have to expect something around 53 000, with the width of one meter 87. The q4 e tron is rather compact and typical. Audi comes with a large single frame, radiator grille for the first time its now possible to order matrix, led headlights which offer four different daytime running light signatures to choose from the base version of the q4 e tron is already very nicely equipped. So you will always have a climate control on board and you will also have, for instance, this multifunctional steering wheel and a lot of other stuff. But it is not a real audi if you cant configure a lot of extras into that car and with that you have to be quite careful because you can easily raise the price of the car quite up to this guy. If you do click everything, you may, like one option that you may think about, is the so called edition one models, because they do offer quite a nice package of extras, but they are not very cheap, so you can easily pay eight nine thousand extras for these Models as well at the moment, you can order three different powertrains for the queue for each room. The smallest one is for the q435, each one which offers 225 kilowatts as a maximum and thats a really powered car.

The next step is the q440 e tron that then features 150. Kilowatts also rear wheel powered the top version the car were driving is the q450 e tron quattro and, as you can hear, this is a car with two engines, so both axles are powered and that car features up to 220 kilowatt as a maximum important. With this engine is the rear, one is a permanent synchron engine. The front one is an asynchronous engine which can just run, if not needed, without giving you any negative effects. We talk about performance. The top version accelerates from zero to 100 kilometer per hour. In only 6.2 seconds top speed for all the models is 180 kilometer per hour. When we talk about range, the winner here is the q440 each one that offers you up to 520 kilometers regarding to wltp, but also the top version offers you a little less than 490.. The materials and the craftsmanship in that car are typical audi. So i would say on a quite high level, so youll find soft touch. You will find leather, you will find um metal. You will find glossy black and loads of very nice surfaces and that together really gives the car a very, very nice look. Everything is really nicely made and if youre looking for plastic, you will find it a little bit lower than the center console, which means yes, of course, there is plastic, but thats also very nicely made. So it looks great it gives you it doesnt make any disturbing noises, so that really is something i really do like inside on the car.

Another thing which i really do like is how these displays and everything is orientated to the driver which really yeah surrounds you, and that gives you the perfect cozy feeling, while driving on the side, the q4s large wheel catch the eye. The base version comes already on 19 inch rims, however, 20 and 21 inch alloy wheels can be ordered overall. The q4 e tron is 4 meter 59 long and has a wheelbase of 2 meters 76. The wheel, arches are strongly emphasized by distinctive lines, together with a high shoulders and a flat window graphic. This ensures a very dynamic look. There are no analog instruments anymore in that car, so the cockpit always features a 10.25 inch screen, which you can configure the way you want. So you can have, for instance, the uh with the view button. Here you can change between the two different views and on top of this, you can have different informations in the center, which means you can have things like range things like infotainment or the big map or whatever you prefer to look at. On top of this, you will always have a 10 inch touchscreen for the infotainment and that infotainment features live data. You can also connect uh with apple carplay and android out to your mobile devices. You of course find digital radio and many many other things. If you say 10.1 inch is not enough, you can have up to 11.6 as well. The maximum boot capacity of the q4 e tron is 520 liters, with the rear seats up and that increases up to 1490.

If you fold down the complete rear bench but thats the normal one, if you talk about the more sporty the e tron sportback, that car delivers 50 liters more with the rear seats up and 30 less with the wrist its down. Of course, you can tow things with your q4 e tron. This is an optional feature. The maximum tow capacity is one ton for the railway powered class and 1.2 for the quadro version. The most important driver assistant safety systems are always on board as standard. For instance, you will always find a lane assist and you will also always find all the emergency braking systems. But of course this is an audi and you can have a lot more. Most of it is some packed in quite nice packages, and so you will definitely find what youre looking for to make the car as comfortable and as safe as you want. The rear is dominated by the broad shoulders and the flat tail lights connected by a light band. In addition, the e tron signature was embossed in the rear bumper making clear that this is an electric vehicle. The amount of space that car features here at the front row is really very nice. So me, im about 1 meter 95 tall. I do sit perfectly and very comfortable in the car. Everything is adjusted the way i want, and i still have some head space left. Our cars featuring this sport seat with the integrated headrest, and this is something for tall people which not fits perfectly, but they are very comfortable um.

But if youre a tall person you have to try, because there are other optional seats available, how much space the car offers behind me were gon na find out while having a short stop. So this is the short stopover to see. If i can sit behind me, i didnt change my sitting position and now wow that doesnt look bad, i think entering is easy. Lets see yeah that really works. So, if you can see, i do have about one hand space in front of my knees. There is no head room left, but still im, one meter, 95, quite heavy. I would say i sit behind me and um yeah that absolutely works, but the only downside is when i talk about my fruit, because my feeds are under the seat and they do not have any space left. One reason, of course, is the seat. Is the lowest point because im quite a tall person, but i would expect a bit more, but nothing really important. An absolute highlight is for sure the new head up display and that really not only projects. A very nice and big picture in front of the car. On the road to really assure that you will always have your eyes where they belong, but on top of this that now features augmented reality, which means you do get extra informations like um. Where are you gon na go regarding two directions from the sat nav or how far away is the car in front of you and if you are in the middle of the lane or not so loads, are very nice and very nicely yeah presented informations while driving The q4 e tron not arrives a moment too early on the market, because there are already some competitors in the compact electric suv segments, the polestar 2, the mercedes eqb and the skoda.

Anyaka also belong to this vehicle category, and the new hyundai ioniq is also coming soon. My test car should take up to 20 kilowatt hours per 100 km, driven and, as you can see in the cockpit we use 21.5, which is really close to the data sheet. But i have to be honest, so we drove on the motorway at the beginning of our test drive and there you should expect something about 24 25 and we had a speed of about 120 130 kilometers per hour. But now after about 110 kilometers, as you see, the average is now 21.4 and i think that really is quite a nice number. There are two different batteries available for the q for each one, so the smallest engine, which is the q435 region that one features a 52 kilowatt hour battery in that capacity, the other two they do have a 77 kilowatt hour battery on board. We talk about charging audi promises. 100 kilowatt has a maximum charging rate for the smaller and 125 for the bigger battery if youre on a dc charger. If you go on a wall box thats a 7.4 or 11 kilowatts uh, when we talk about the charging time, they say, of course we will not reach that here, because um our car still has about 35 percent battery left. But if everything is perfectly set up, youre gon na reach about in 10 minutes of time 130 kilometers of extra range. Recuperation is crucial for an electric car and so audi offers a standard node, which is called d, and that is like, if you lift the foot off the pedal its like sailing.

So no nothing really happens its even less than with a combustion engine and an automatic gearbox. But on top of that you can have b, which is a completely different mode, because that one provides you with a maximum recuperation and if you then lift your foot. The car really reduces speed massively um and if you say you dont like that, you also have the opportunity, in d to change the between different modes. While using this pedal here at the steering wheel, and so you can really adjust the level of recuperation, the way you want regarding to the storage compartments audi really made their homework. When we talk about the queue for each run, so you will not only find standard compartments in the door at the front in the lower part. You will also find a bottle holder here at the top, which is perfectly reachable on top of this. You have the center console here, which is looking like its hovering and beneath that you have a big compartment where you can also use wireless charging behind that you do find two extra cup holders and then you have this adjustable armrest with quite a big compartment. Underneath that, on top at the front, you will find a standard glove box looking on the rear seats. Yes, of course you do have standard compartments in the door, but you will also find these bottle holders as well, very similar to the ones here at the front and on top, if you need extra cup holders, you of course find two of them in the middle Armrest on the rear seats as well, that was my first test drive in the new audi q450 e tron quattro, the actual top model of the new audi q4 e tron series, and i have to say yes, of course, that car is an absolute pleasure to drive.

But i think a modern battery electric vehicle must deliver more, and this is what audi promises. So they say that car should take up to 20 kilowatt hours per hundred kilometer driven and, as you can see in our display, it shows us about 21, quite nice, and with that i think, a real range of about 300 up to 400 kilometers with a fully Charged battery in a normal traffic situation, but depending on the drive and the weather, should be easily achievable on top of that with that trim level with that amount of extras. This car, of course, is an absolute pleasure and its comfortable, quiet and really nice to drive, but that car got its sticker price and i expect something about 70 000 euro.