So digilight networks is the service based company. So now lets go inside and lets. Have it talk with them? Come with me so now uh, mr surya agm of this company is with us so hello, sir hello. So first of all may know what kind of products that you are offering from your income. So basically we are a service based company, so what we do here is like we deal with all drone services, especially in renewable energy. We give services such as solar panel inspection turbine inspection and also turbine blade, cleaning hosting. Yes, so may i know who are your target customers? So here specifically, we are targeting on renewable energy companies and panel manufacturing companies so where we can do all the maintenance work. So even we are concentrating on places such as where we can watch the solar panels. So the companies know uh who are generating power. No, they are struggling with the faults like therell, be a lot of defects in the panels. Theyll be struggling with that theyll be not able to identify it. For example, we with the thermal camera will be able to identify and classify the defects and then give them the solution, so they can again get back into generation like corporate infrastructure. So you are having different brands here right now. They know whats the difference between. So why, where it is, these are imported drones. Okay, so this is wintra its a vtol road, its used for survey, so it has a plan, land survey.

It has a ppk model, so it gives you very accurate survey like less than five centimeters of uh accuracy. This this is a drone. It has a lidar capability, plus it has a thermal sensor so with that well do all inspections for the solar and wind boat, so just like service companies. So we are not selling this car. No, we are not selling guns, but then we have our custom drones for uh, no washing wind turbine blades, so those phones we have customized ourselves. We are also offering some customized drones for agriculture and also for a survey purpose also say theres a company. They want specific drone, we are customizing and we are giving it so who is your biggest client till now? Uh greenco is our biggest client, so we have been uh doing services for them for the past two years and we do amc kind of thing. So what are your future plans? So our future plan is like we are trying to expand in terms of uh customers and also in terms of technology, so uh now, instead of just staying in renewable energy, we are expanding into other sectors as well. Okay, so survey being the main thing, then, after that we are also looking to so our draw. Our services are also based on our ai platforms. We have a software car interior, so once you upload data, it will automatically find the defects and it will give us the report – okay and its one of its kind in india.

So we are trying to promote that. We are trying to know improvise that, so that is our future plan so other than these, do you have any other kind of services that you are offering no uh. We are restricted to drones and its softwares like who are your biggest companies competition? There are a lot of other drone companies uh, but then we have a plus when it comes to renewable energy. So that is why we wanted to start. There are a lot of companies in india, like everyone is giving offering services, but we are inclined to more power generation. Yes, thank you very much. Thank you very much, so thats all about these digital network guys. So if you like this video, give it a big thumbs up and also share this video to your friends and family for more such videos, please subscribe to our channel and press the bell icon to get instant notifications.