The show dedicated to enthusiasts of the global automotive industry, elon musk, says tesla is losing billions of dollars on its new assembly plants in austin and berlin. But as anyone in the auto industry knows thats true of every single new assembly plant, they dont start making money until they get up to full line, speed and really start cranking out. The vehicles and teslas newest assembly plants probably wont get up to full line. Speed until sometime next year, theres a general rule of thumb in the industry that assembly plants dont start to make money until they hit at least 80 percent of capacity utilization. But once they do hit that point, they become money machines. In an interview with the tesla owner silicon valley, club elon musk also said that tesla is considering running ads to counteract a bias that he sees in the media against him and tesla up until now. Musk has famously bragged that tesla will never spend money on advertising, but tesla got rid of its public relations office several years ago and rarely respond to requests from the media for comments or clarifications, and that leaves a void in the medias reporting. So when you dont tell the media your side of the story, it inevitably leads to reporting that will appear to be one sided and thats true, whether youre talking about business politics or the entertainment industry, some interesting data from alex partners about the transition to electric vehicles, Evs accounted for less than eight percent of global sales last year, but that will ramp up to 33 percent by 2028 and 54 by 2035.

to help meet that demand. Automakers will invest 526 billion dollars on evs and batteries between now and 2026.. Alex partner says the industry faces a big challenge: transitioning from ice to evs. As of may raw, material cost for evs is eight thousand two hundred and twenty five dollars per vehicle thats twice as much as ice vehicles at three thousand six hundred and sixty two dollars, and it will cost oems and suppliers. Seventy billion dollars to make the ice to ev switch as for overall vehicle sales, its still going to be a couple of years before they recover from part shortages alex partners. Estimates global sales will reach 79 million this year before rebounding to 95 million in 2024. That extra 4500 tax credit for electric vehicles made by union workers well its officially dead. In an interview with bloomberg. West virginia senator joe manchin said that union incentives is off the table and it was going to be part of the climate package being negotiated. With other democrats, the policy would have given some eevee buyers, the extra incentive on top of the seventy five hundred dollar tax credit currently available. It also would lift the two hundred thousand vehicle sales cap for oems, and at the moment, that portion is still on the table. Its not too surprising. The extra incentive is dead, though tesla and the transplant automakers have publicly criticized the proposal, and so did canada and mexico, which were worried. It would harm their auto industries.

We want to know what drives your testing ota connected car diagnostics. Remote testing intrepid control systems is here to help you work from anywhere intrepid control systems driven by your data. Take a moment pause the video if you have to and think about the amount of tires youve gone through in your life and no matter how high the number i bet it pales in comparison to how many race car drivers go through as the sole supplier for The indy car series firestone produces more than 25 000 tires every year for the racing series thats for 17 races, including testing and qualifying, but thats still a lot of tires. It will also become the sole provider for the indy light series next year, so parent company bridgestone expanded its tire plant in akron ohio, the 21 million dollar investment will allow it to make all of its race tires in small batches of specialty, tires for both racing And on road vehicles, like the mustang mach e 1400 ford once again took its newest electric vehicle and made it the ultimate tire burner, but the ford pro electric supervan, which is inspired by the e transit custom doesnt, have a paltry 1400 horsepower. No, it has nearly 2 000. It all comes from four electric motors that provide a sub 2 second, zero to 100 kilometer an hour time. It also features race, spec suspension and brakes, and i think its really interesting how the side panels, where the rear windows might be, are folded in and brought together, which creates like a little boat tail, but it must also drastically improve arrow as well.

The supervan is on display now at the goodwood festival of speed. Well, i cant believe im saying this, but we might have to revise our price estimate for the new cadillac celestic again. We originally thought it would be priced above two hundred thousand dollars, but now we think that estimate is too low. Just look at the detail in these new teaser shots, its especially true of the seats that look like they have. A ton of adjustment, as well as a unique v, shaped pattern with multiple materials, and we guessed that brushed aluminum section below the headrest is a neck warmer and cooler. The center console is also styled in several different materials and features. A small display screen that likely controls the hvac and or infotainment the celestic will debut late next month at scheffler we pioneer motion Music, electrifying mobility, manufacturing, smarter co2 emissions, making energy production clean, scheffler, pioneers motion to advance how the world moves Music. The future of michigan is extraordinarily bright. We have such incredible assets and i think more and more were realizing how to put those together in a way thats going to help. This state really help lead the nation as we go forward. Infiniti is launching a maintenance program for new car buyers, thats included on all 2023 model year purchases sold in the u.s, including leases owners, get three years of free inspections. Oil changes, tire rotations, tire, road, hazard assistance and more while this is great for customers.

Automakers usually only do deals like this to get on shopping lists and its easy to see why infiniti wants to do that. Its sales are lagging far behind its competitors last year. It sold just about fifty eight thousand five hundred vehicles in the us thats, nearly one hundred thousand fewer cars than acura, while bmw in lexus sold more than three hundred thousand vehicles. Apiece honda recently teased the front and rear end styling of the new crv and now its giving us a look at the interior. As you can see, the center display screen sits on top of the dash instead of being incorporated into it, and the dashboard itself is more streamlined and not as curvy like before. The shift. Knob is now a bit off center, with the buttons around the shifter placed near the driver. Honda hasnt released any specifics about the new cr v, but well, learn more when it debuts on july 12th were getting more information about the latest battery design from cattle as weve reported before the new design is called quillin and boosts the energy density to 255 watt Hours per kilogram, thats, reportedly about the same as teslas 2170 battery cells, but below the 276 watt hours per kilogram of its latest 4680 batteries, cattles cell to pack design also achieves a volume utilization of 72 percent, which it claims is the best in the world. A real big benefit is that it says the battery pack will go from a 10 to 80 charge in only 10 minutes with a fast charger.

One reason is that it uses liquid cooling passages between the battery cells and not on the bottoms, as it previously did. The quill and packs will go into production next year. Do car designers really need to use clay models thats the topic on autoline after hours later today, when lincolnco unveiled its newest concept, car called the next day. It also revealed that it did not use a clay model to save development time. It was completely designed in the digital world, so is that the future for automotive design to get to the bottom of that weve got doug gregg. The ceo of a company called taurus that makes five axis milling machines for clay models. Weve got the designer john manoogian joining us as well, and you can sit in on the discussion on our website or youtube channel. But that brings us to the end of todays. Show please like comment or subscribe. Music auto line daily is brought to you by bridgestone solutions for your journey. Intrepid control systems over the air engineering boost your game, scheffler.