I wonder what else this could do. Lets slow down Music im jacob and were going for a drive 2022 gmc hummer ev edition one with wtf mode, initiating launch sequence vehicle will lower check surroundings watts to freedom, vehicle lowering floor. It release break Music Applause holy crap. Did we just get to the moon? Horsepower and torque 1 000 horsepower 11 500 pound feet of torque from three electric motors and a 200 kilowatt hour battery. Okay, whats the actual pound feet of torque uh yeah gm uses some crazy math to get that number, its realistically, probably around a thousand or 1200 pound feet of torque, which is still a crap ton. And if you liked, watching this hummer drive off the road and fly off into space, maybe hit subscribe for special effects, maybe even hit the notification bell. So you dont miss any more special effects and also hit the like button, because we havent asked you to like any videos in a very long time. I think people like our videos, i hope they do just hit the like button, and this thing is gigantic. You dont really feel the weight on the launch, but you really feel it on breaking so hit me with it. Oh wow, okay, thats an intense, but it does a great job. Uh sure does now lets talk about watts to freedom its currently on standby. This is the most impressive, most theatrical launch control. I think ive ever experienced yes and everything is like moon launch related, so thats, pretty cool and its very funny gm.

How you made it, what the f into something different we get the joke, its its brilliant. Actually its clever enough and then the next cool thing with the moon theme. If i go to my vehicle settings and then display check this out, oh we just landed on the moon. You can see the shadows from the rotation. How sick is that thats pretty sick? Now the next sickest thing we have a crab, walk, yeah thats right, we can drive straight while it looks like were actually not driving straight and turning left and right. But i thought it would be crank the wheel and you can just go fully crank. But if you crank too much, then it starts turning because you can actually kind of drive normally in crab walk mode yeah, so you can make the car look like its going dead straight while the wheels are turning because yes, this is all wheel drive. Yes, this is all wheel steering and we have, i think, up to 10 degrees of rear wheel, steering which we can also control with this button, to also disable all wheel, steering when youre driving straight – and i found the best way to do a perfect crab walk. If you guys ever get to drive, one of these, which would be really fun, is to have the wheel angled display in your gauge cluster up and using the all wheel, steering in this truck or super truck as gm calls it, and now i fully believe them Its a little disconcerting at first, because the front kind of doesnt really follow where the steerings going.

So i kind of like to disable that, while im driving like on regular roads, yeah, you can put rear wheel, steering to auto or off. You need to think third person view grand theft auto when youre driving it with rear wheel, steering and crab mode, or else its one of the most extreme rear wheel, steering cars weve ever seen its the coolest, its the coolest and then, while youre using crab walk. You can use your cameras to not only see full 360 and everything you can see underneath at the front and underneath at the back, and you can use water there to clean it off yeah. I think theres, like 18 or 20 cameras on this thing, its nuts and say i wanted to crab walk with some continental tires. What would be the continental recommended tire for a hummer ev, the terrain, contact 80 and right now get up to a 100 visa prepaid card with the purchase of four qualifying continental light truck and suv tires from now through august 31st, 2022 for more details visit continentaltire.com, The straight pipes, okay, next impressive thing – is all of the graphics on the screens and infotainment, and obviously on a crazy truck like this youre like why infotainment, because a video game company made all the animations and it looks cooler than every other car in the world. Yeah we have several different drive modes and it actually just fully looks like a video game.

I, like my mode, because in my mode i have customized this to be off road sound, which is the loudest lets, take a listen from the inside holy crap. Also, its really really quick for uh being uh 9 000 pounds, which is the equivalent of about three honda civics, but, like yuri said, it doesnt feel like that until you actually have to you like. Do a full emergency stop and then my favorite animation is the tow mode, because theyre towing a rocket because space theme and the moon yes and theres more space theme throughout this interior, like on the speaker, grills, you have the uh terrain of the moon. We also have a boot print from the first astronaut, i believe and in terms of easter eggs that are space related, slash competitor related. If you go into the auxiliary switches, you can customize what the auxiliary switches look like and theres. So many different funny things theres, like a wheelchair, the skull but theres, actually an image with the hummer driving over the tesla cyber truck, a t rex eating the burnout dust of a hummer and a hummer as an asteroid hitting a t rex and a velociraptor raptor That is very cool, and you know what else is very cool. The fact that we were able to get this car from the leggett auto group in southern ontario hit them up if youre looking for any gmc buick chevrolet corvette and they have a whole bunch of other dealerships as well.

And this is the first cyber truck. Oh, no, sorry its not a cyber truck. This is the first hummer hev in canada. I believe yeah yeah big shout out to those guys and if youre in the united states hit up tsp.truecar.com discounted price offers, they actually do have hummer evs for sale in the united states, theyre not available in canada. Yet so again, huge shout out to legit for actually getting one to canada, so were getting really carried away with lots of gimmicks because thats really what this truck is lets talk about how it is actually to drive uh. Yes, its really quick, really really quick. Considering the size, but the width of this thing, its huge yo, those arent gimmicks, those are features. This whole car is a feature: bundle fine, but yeah its so wide im im i feel like im. Never in my lane and im scared im going to clip everything. Yeah, like driving a raptor is one thing driving this is another, but it feels like kind of nimble. Ish, uh kind of ish, like the steering, is so light really really light. Taking this through cliche corner, which ill do soon not the best, but its really not built for that. This is built for crab, walking and impressing people in parking, lots and obviously off road, and this is one of my favorite electric vehicles that ive ever driven because it has so many cool features. The fact that its a hummer, the fact that it has all this crazy stuff just adds to the fact that its an electric vehicle, like i dont, even think that this is an electric car when im driving it yeah yeah, they um, they have so many non Ev features that they dont need to make it bad with, like oh touch, screen like look how many hard buttons we have right, like an electric vehicle and theyve really tapped into the american like mentality like this thing, is big, its all about numbers like theres.

So many crazy numbers zero to sixty three seconds thousand horsepower eleven thousand pound feet of torque, like all the crazy numbers that americans would love, they did it. I will say, though this is like the wrong direction for being environmental, oh for sure were just like. I guess, in line with being a hummer as well itd be cool to see these features in like an off road chevy bolt. Yes, a safari bolt yeah, the wrx competitor. So before i talk about the battery specific stuff lets send this through cliche corner lots of body roll uh lots of tire. Squeal gets you around, though it sure does, and i do have rear steering on right now and thats, where it kind of feels like im pointing that way, but im going that way, its kind of crazy. All right is it. I cant even see if its moving. It feels like that to me, which is a little weird, so i would just turn it off. While im driving now the electric stuff, gm doesnt really tell you what the uh the time is to charge and stuff like that. The only thing that they say is it gets up to 100 miles in 10 minutes. Look at a 350 charger, because this is 800 full architecture in perfect circumstances, all public chargers are hit or miss so lets just uh charge this at home. Good luck, yes, uh! The range, though the range is fantastic: 530 kilometers, which is 329 miles very respectable yeah.

Well, i mean look how much i know i know, but its a 200 kilowatt battery thats huge, all right, im gon na im, going to do the huge launch on the huge break. Stop lets go what the this is major tom to ground control. I cant use that song, no, probably not a bit of a process to this. Well use it on the tick tock we do and then it shakes your butt. Its like go go go for it, release break oh okay, 9. 000 pounds lots of abs and stuff going on, but it stops you dead in your tracks like its really really really good and lets talk about how much this car actually moves. Super cyber truck, whatever truck sorry im, going to call this 50 different things throughout this video. It moves up like crazy when you launch it, it moves down like crazy when you brake its all over the place in like a really fun way. I really like this uh. We should mention that this is air suspension. You can raise it like six inches like maximum ground clearance, three feet of water, forting yeah crazy, like it looks kind of funny at maximum height, and then you can also slam it kind of okay, then say: im cruising remember that turbo gt didnt really boogie, that Much when i was in a normal mode, but sport responsibility, im gon na let off and im gon na cruise and im gon na hit this left paddle.

Yes, only one paddle to do regen braking, but through the settings i can set it to on or high. So right now, youre braking with your hand, and you can come to a complete, stop and regenerate my battery im being environmental about it. Absolutely you are and theres something up here that says max view release. So if i hit this right here, watch this im gon na drop that rear window. Oh just like a chevy colorado uh like a tundra, chevy avalanche yeah, i guess an avalanche avalanche thats. What i meant, but a tundra, also does that and then we also have freedom tops. I dont know if theyre actually called three room tops because thats a jeep thing, but we can take off. All four t tops throw them in the hood. The front yeah, which is powered that you open from down there and theyve, got bags to tell you which ones they go to and its easy to install and click back in its pretty awesome theyre what the freedom tops. Okay and then what if the sun was in our eyes lets see. These are big, far visors careful three two one: oh yeah, oh perfect, uh, it doesnt quite lock over here, but it does it slides its the effort, and then we do have cup holders that look like theyll fit a small, no problem, theyll also fit a big Gulp, i think, all right im gon na try a crab, walk right here.

How do you enable crab walk? You hold this left button and then you get a cool crab, walk animation. You got ta, let it load thx. You are listening and then let me make sure that i can see my wheel angle, so i can going straight straight but sideways there that that thats, the thats, the sensation yeah its so weird, is the coolest party trick ever yeah. So you can dress down here. A little slower now its straightened down yeah, you can still go up to like 30 kilometers an hour and crab walk and have like an ungodly amount of rear, steering that makes you nauseous yeah uh, like actually nauseous, like its really cool, and i would use this All the time, if i bought this its like it doesnt make sense when you see this on the road okay, so speaking of this little mode, dial, uh heres, where you can raise lower the suspension and on the right, if you press this little triangle, looking button, It actually tells you to email gmc with your epic ideas, so if youre sitting there apart youre like i wish this hummer had this, you press this button and remind yourself to send them an email, interesting, a couple more fun things im going to rip through really Really quickly, this does have super cruise and it works really well. Weve got a lot of room in the interior front seats, comfortable lots of room uh yeah were not as far apart as we were in chris fixs hummer h1, though yeah, but the back seat room compared to his h1.

Like this, this is really nice. You can lift the seats up, we got little compartments back there and considering chris has an h1. This can actually air down its tires to a set pressure, but it cant air them back up like an h1 could and then we have a truck bed. Five foot bed thats the only size youll get from here, and you can only get this in a four door. I feel like. You can also get this in an suv as well right. Its coming. The truck is first and then what gimmicks do we have in the truck bed uh its got that, like whatever they call it multi pro, you can change so many different things about the tailgate. You can have a drop down. Normally you can use it as a step. You can use it as like an extension for ladders and whatever so its pretty cool. It has good normal truck capabilities, yes and then towing, 7 500, pounds which uh is decent, not the craziest though, but it shows a spaceship in the infotainment screen. Yes, yes, it does, and through cliche corner, like normal driving, its good tire, squealing id say up there with like the um, the mojave jeep kind of yeah. I feel like similar similar to that and then, as for looks, weve got very cool drls that say hummer at the front in the lights and everything its awesome yeah and those arent the actual headlights.

The headlights are in the bumper which thats where the projectors are and when this thing is charging, you can also see the charge amount in the front in the lights, which is always a fun gimmick for all these uh new evs that are coming out and then, As for body lines combined with the black roof, i think all of it looks nice everyones been looking at this thing for like years, so we dont really need to get too into it. We both really like the looks, love the looks and then to jump back to the infotainment lots of hard buttons. Weve got a volume knob. Then weve got a really different design that we havent seen before anything gm custom for the hummer ev. The graphic design looks really cool, like we got little like hand drawn kind of sketches almost like drafting uh spaceship stuff. This is what to build, must look at and then its got apple carplay, its got siriusxm satellite radio, it does rewind. So this would be amazing, because youd probably probably get some good, serious, xm satellite reception on the moon yeah and use our link for three months of free series xm. I actually dont know if the satellite points at the moon, but lets just pretend lets, lets assume thats been to the moon as well, because gm apparently developed like the the lunar lander or whatever, which is why this is all space themed. I think, and then this is built in android and google maps, so thats pretty cool, just like the volvo c40 that i drove.

If we click the google maps button, we have the shortcut to find your charging station built right in which was the most convenient thing of the volvo c4d yeah. It works really well here. Our rear view mirror can also flip to the camera screen built in, which is nice, because its such a big truck and generally the interior actually looks pretty cool its very functional a lot of squared off things. I really love the colors on this. This bronze got like almost like a metallic in it. Yeah the lines are all cool. I like the embossed hummer in the white door panel, and these are white seats which actually look blue because of the tint from our freedom what the freedom tops yeah. No, i like everything about this. I think its time to get to the price. This edition. One is a hundred and ten thousand three hundred ninety five us dollars amazing and its currently, not for sale in canada. Well, i think its for sale. They just dont have any here true this particular one will be for sale like. Obviously this is too big, but its a very cool showcase of technology and im very excited to be driving. It big shout out to leggett auto group. Thank you so much for letting us get behind the wheel of this and like just really have fun with it yeah im so impressed by this. I honestly did not expect to be so impressed by all these features, but its so cool and everything works so well.

Yeah the speed of this isnt, even the most impressive thing exactly like this – could be in a gas car and it would still be as impressive. I totally agree, which is why i love this so much all right. So would you take this over a cyber truck? Oh for sure, i would because this exists yuri. This is the cyber truck that exists, rit cyber truck r.i.p uh rivian, because we havent driven one and uh all righty everyone. This is the fastest best truck weve ever driven in our lives. I would take this over a hypothetical riven.