Why? First, the most pressing eevee issue range thanks to a massive 4.4 kilowatt battery pack, the raw promises, a real world range of 150 kilometers in its lowest eco mode, where top speed is kept at 50 kph. Now, thats more than you get from even something like the other recently launched e bike, the top kratos r – and it does all this while significantly undercutting most of the other competent electric two wheelers currently on the market in maharashtra, for example, this bike costs 1 lakh Rupees x showroom so its 30 000 rupees less than the ola, and about 40 000 rupees less than the aether 450x and torque kratos are heres. How much the raw costs in the different states, where its being offered Music in its fastest havoc mode. It offers a 100 kph top speed and still promises a real world range of 100 kilometers thats, still more than you get from an ether 450x or a now. Today is a short first ride, so we dont have a chance to run this dry and check the range, but in our riding so far the bike seems to be on course to cover nearly 100 kilometers and its been written, mostly in havoc mode. Its also worth noting that the roar gets an lfp or a lithium ion phosphate battery, which is a different sort of lithium ion battery with a number of advantages and also a few shortcomings. The biggest advantages are better chemical and thermal stability, and one of the shortcomings is lower energy density compared to a traditional lithium ion battery once dry.

This bike will go from empty to full in a claimed two hours, which is quite impressive, especially considering the size of this battery. But this is achieved using a 15 amp plug point and there is no way of charging the road with a conventional 5 amp socket, which can be a little challenging if you run out of charge away from home. Fortunately, 3 years of roadside assistance is part of the asking price. Urbane will install a 15 amp socket at your house at no extra cost and it plans to sell the roar in nine cities across the country with test rides starting from the 2nd of july. In these 9 cities, we hope to ride the bike sometime in mumbai in august and verify just how much range it really offers. But until then here are our preliminary findings. Performance from the saddle is quite pleasing in havoc mode. Its about as quick as the quickest electric two wheelers currently out there in city mode, which is one lower performance, is still very usable, and top speed is kept at a reasonable 70 kph, even in eco mode. Youre, not a liability on the road, and you can realistically use this mode if you need to eke out the maximum possible kilometers, but its not all plane sailing in this department, while the actual performance is quite respectable. The way its delivered, isnt quite flawless in havoc mode, the throttle calibration has a lot of room for improvement, with very lurchy off on transitions and disproportionate responses from the motor.

In many cases, the mere weight of my palm resting on the right grip was enough to send the bike surging forwards, making for a very jerky ride. Things are a lot better in city and eco modes, where the throttle behaves more naturally and predictably, but theres still often a small lag between inputs at the grip and responses from the motor, and this is especially an issue when the bike continues to accelerate. For a moment, after rolling off the throttle on the bright side, despite being in havoc mode for most of the time and occasionally riding quite quickly in a hilly area, there was no real drop off in performance levels and the roars seemed to be managing battery and Motor heat quite well, even though the ambient temperature was quite pleasant once again, a final verdict on heat management can only be arrived at once we put the bike through its paces in hotter temperatures, but the initial signs are good, so thats the performance dealt with, and Now on to that, other impressive number – the price, having spent some time with this bike, its quite apparent how obeying has managed to achieve this pricing for one it doesnt have many of the fancy features were seeing on electric two wheelers these days, you dont get things Like a tft display or speakers or cruise control, or even a reverse mode, what you do get is a fairly basic color lcd instrument, cluster equipped with an e sim and app connectivity, an anti theft system and led lighting all around.

But more than that, the roar comes across as a bit of a crude product and its not just crude, compared to the other. Two wheelers weve been mentioning here, its crude for a bike that costs one lakh or more, depending on where you buy it. The quality of castings leaves a lot to be desired. There are a lot of components with a very rough surface, finish the switch gear and the display are quite buggy and glitchy, and there are also just instances of plainly poor design. Things like when the handlebar is turned to full lock. Some of these cables get pinched against the bodywork once youre on the move. Your attention is diverted away from the quality issues and towards the fact that this bikes chassis is actually quite well sorted. It feels short, footed and stable, even at its 100 kph, top speed, and it feels natural and predictable around corners too. The brakes are also sharp and they work well, but the scooter style left hand rear brake will take a little getting used to suspension. Setup is on the firmer side, which helps with precise handling and high speed stability, but it isnt the most comfortable setup when tackling bumps and potholes at city speeds and a lot of those road imperfections come through to your backside. The seat is also quite sloped forwards and slippery, and you get pushed into the tank quite a bit while riding Music. The oban draw is an e bike that has potential, because its aiming to offer something that a lot of buyers seem to be asking for a simple, no frills, affordable e bike with sizable range and usable performance, the basics, and so the lack of fancy features.

Isnt. A shortcoming here, thats simply what this bike is intended to be. What is an issue, though, is the fact that the road does not come across as a finished product. Yet there are a number of kinks here that the company needs to iron out before it hopes to begin deliveries in the festive season.