After years of offering the affordable electric leaf hatchback, the aria may help the automaker attract more first time. Electric car buyers than ever before, nissan is aiming to have more than 40 percent of its us vehicle sales be fully electric by 2030.. The ahri adventure plus fwd base model is expected to have the greatest range of the lineup at 300 miles on a full charge, while both the aria evolved, plus fwd and premier fwd trim levels are projected to have a range of 285 miles each. The aria with the lowest expected range is the top of the line, platinum plus e4 or say wd model, which has an expected range of 265 miles. The epa has yet to issue range estimates for the different trim levels and drivetrains of the aria, but these are nissans target numbers Music. Unlike the leaf which comes only with front wheel, drive nissan is pulling from features developed in other cars, including the gtr sports cars. Torque split system to offer optional all wheel, drive via a dual front: slash rear electric motor configuration front wheel, drive models, offer a clean 0 60 mph time of 7.2 seconds according to nissan. So if youre, looking for more pap, consider the more powerful all wheel drive. Aria, which is significantly faster, we estimate that model will zip from 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than 5.0 seconds, a feat that is similar to higher end electric vehicles. From what weve experienced so far, the aria provides a calm, stable ride, which should please most buyers, but it lacks the sporting nature.

We driving enthusiasts prefer when we get a chance to test the aria for ourselves and evaluate its handling in the real world. Well, update this story with details: Music, Music, the arias interior, looks, futuristic and minimal. Nissan has discarded every button possible in pursuit of a smooth dashboard that favors a sleek look to match. The design of the exterior, despite nissans, claim that the arias cabin is unlike a traditional automotive interior. Its minimalistic theme appears to be its sole, unique trait, not that the cabin doesnt look like a nice place to spend time a flat low floor creates a spacious feeling inside and nissan has incorporated its comfy zero gravity seats into the design. The rear seat space is noticeably less generous than the front, but a pair of adults should still find it comfortable and roomy enough.