Well, this is a great looking car kia coming on in leaps and bounds and uh. You threw the figures at me yesterday for this one. What sort of power is this god? I was really impressed so bear in mind its a clear two motors 585 horsepower, not a 62 in 3.5 seconds, yes, its one of those cars. I now remember when we had an interview at the top of the hill yesterday, its got its sort of stats and facts on its uh on the the c pillar. So, just at the back of the car, you can see that 585 horsepower and some torque figures as well, so just to help you. But the good thing is: those numbers are very big and its amazing as well, when you think about just where keys kind of come from really because 15 years ago they were marketing their smallest card kanto as the cheapest car you could buy of one of the Cheapest cars so go into a dealership and buy it put a deposit down with a pound coin, and yet theyve come on leaps and bounds. Their design is really strong. This looks fantastic and the technology underneath as well is wild like more than 500 horsepower. Well, i dont think with cars like this theyll need to lure people in with this seven year, warranty and other extended contracts, Music im here today at dunsfold aerodrome to test the kia ev6 gt its a great space to actually just enjoy the car and feel it Before i go to the goodwood hill climb and everybodys going to see how quickly it can launch off the line, i dont think people will know what to expect when they see it.

When you launch off the line, it will sprint from zero to 62 miles an hour in just 3.5 seconds to nearly 600 horsepower and thats just wild. Oh my god, the great thing about the gt. It stands out as a gt, because it has that flashes of light and green on the interior, which looks great but also on the exterior of the car youve got the the green calipers as well, and also the fast back of the car. It just looks very sporty, looks really unique, but then, at the same time, its really comfortable, which is not always something that you look for, but actually the whole look inside the car just adds to the feel of it. As the car is a grand tourer. You still have that reassurance that youve got a really good range, so i know that i can drive 260 miles. Quite happily, i love the fact that youre ticking the electric box and youre moving with the times, but also youre, getting that satisfaction of driving as a grand tourer. Its everything you want see me drive the kia eb6 gt at goodwood for its dynamic, debut kia movement that inspires. Oh Music. Music lets see Music Applause me, Music, ive been fighting everything.