This is all new chevrolet, silverado ev and today in this video, well give you some interesting details about this car and lets start right now. Music, pyro, i think front part, is just so impressive, so aggressive and a lot of classic chevrolet design. You can see here. So whats whats, the interesting part, for example, like ford recently announced the new f 150 ev, and it looks like exactly like the regular ford, f, 150 yeah yeah, absolutely the same its the same. So people might like misunderstand that this is like the older model like new model. Here we have like a completely different like redesign. So i really in love with this illumination panel here and very cool that they also made illumination of chevy logo, looks very cool and also uh. As you can see, uh there is some intakes for cooling. I think maybe batteries or you know maybe for brakes. My opinion is the brakes because we have like 24 inch wheels here as a base model, yeah rst its like the top of the line yeah. This is fully loaded and if you are talking about price such fully loaded, silverado av cost 105 k and if youre talking about base silverado ev, it starts from forty thousand dollars so yeah oppa. Thank you so much sir thats, probably like one of my favorite parts in this car, its like the front cargo yeah regularly. You will find like engine here and some of the cars they have like a smaller compartment here, but in chevy we have like a very large place and whats really interesting about this thing, its as the outline so but yeah.

You can connect anything uh construction tools, for example grill and have a nice picnic somewhere outside, like this car, might be very useful for the construction workers for the people who work in the construction. So because, like you can put basically any equipment here, you can connect them to the electricity and yeah easily here. So you have like the back of the truck for all your like specific, like stuff, and here it actually works, Music and also what i like. So this car starts from forty thousand dollars, so we will see a lot of these cars on on the road for simple works yeah, and it will be cool that Music right now yeah inside in the cargo area in the front, in the back behind under the Seats everywhere, Music, im, really in love. How it looks from every angle, design is really perfection 24 inch wheels. They look so huge and also from first point of view. You can think that its not enough design uh for brakes to be ventilated, yeah. But i see this part, so i think that should work works good. It actually works really. Well, because, like this, as you can see like these things, uh, the air will fly when, whenever you like driving yeah, the air will fly in and they will cool the brakes. What i really like about this truck that 24 inch wheels that, like they dont look like theyre huge, for example, like a lot of people put like 24 or 26 inches on the escalades uh like i know any cars, and they look like you know.

Massive looks cool but its like not for everyone here, you dont see just the wheels you see like the whole car is a complete Music Music. If youll see on this car. From this point of view, it reminds me, of course, all new hymer ev, because this is relatives same base same technical parts, but in v we have a little bit over 1 000 horsepower, and here we have uh in maximum rst version 660 horsepower. Yeah, of course, were just talking numbers like 8 000 horsepower, like 660 horsepower. Its still a lot of horsepower, especially like for the ev vehicle uh from 0 to 60 in less than 4.5 seconds from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in less than 4.7 seconds. And this thing is doing great job in acceleration. My thing is like this car get like 4.5 4.7, my 2003 porsche 911 yeah 4.8 seconds zero to sixty like its the 20 years. Difference like back in the 20 years. It was like something mind blowing like everyone was like wow less than five seconds: zero 260 crazy. If we will continue to talk about technical part uh, there are two electric engines here: one on rear axle, one on the front and um its over 1000 newton meters of torque, which is a lot again and yeah. Cant. Wait to see this thing in dynamic mode and yeah, just just cant wait to see Music were talking about f, 150 electric, so we select the classic uh pickup like truck body, so we have like two like four doors and we have a bed yeah here we Have the same configuration, but it looks much more interesting with this heading like with this form its more aggressive uh like look to this car.

It makes more interesting and more like eye appealing. Yeah uh so were gon na talk a little bit more about the inside of the bed like how we can put you know any outdoors really interesting thing, because i used to have a truck uh back in the days, and it was just you know, like two Doors truck with the bed and the bed is separated from the cabin, so we can just take the bed off and like drive down the bed, so they just like two different parts here, its one huge part and it connects the bed and the cabin. So you can slide through go through there and put anything Music so guys lets get inside up and inside first thing that i want to talk about. Is this 17 inch display? And i remember when i was playing video games? I had 17 inch display in my room and now i have finally inside of a car, and it looks really huge man and i believe you can still connect your video game console here and just play yeah. So you can feel like youre in your bedroom, man. Its probably the size of your bedroom, yeah, thats, really great, of course, virto dashboard – i really like design of this wheel and how it how its touching very, very nice Applause Applause and all these, like uh older, like virtual panels, all their animations. I really like how big are like the numbers: uh the words, so you dont need.

You know like to zoom in try to yeah yeah like try to get the attention there. Its very informative, yes and like showing us different modes like how the apple carplay looks. How the android uh looks like how the different modes in the car looks without anything just a black screen, which looks amazing. This is probably the welcome. Welcome, live yeah yeah. Welcome welcome illumination, welcome graphics, but still, i believe, like this is the pre production model, so they might change uh some stuff around cool and also, if you see here there is a glass roof here. Its really big and yeah thats thats looks amazing, so im 6.1 uh and i feel very comfortable sitting in the back and i feel very comfortable sitting in the front. So theres like tons of space, uh tons of storage space under the seats tons of storage space. In the center console in the doors, as you can see like you can fit – probably i know three bottles of water unusual material so guys. I hope you enjoyed our little short review about all new silverado ev and i hope that soon well make a test drive with it and well show it with full power on the road.