The e tron gt range starts from around 79 000 pounds and two variants are offered quattro and quattro vor sprung, youve also got the rs e tron variants were not going to touch upon those in this review, but they provide really suited up performance for this electric Car lets take a look at the front. End very aggressive also sits quite low down very long bonnet with prominent creases on that you got the aggressive headlights and these have got daytime running lights, integrated and because this is a fully electrified car, we dont need a traditional grill youd find on a combustion powered Model just a large air intake to cool down the battery when necessary, complemented by these large air inlets. At the side, we get a greater idea of the e tron gts aerodynamic design with the way the front end is almost coming apart and the prominent crease at the back here and all this serves to give the aetron gt a drag coefficient of 0.24. One of the best in the electric car class you get 20 inch, bi color alloy wheels with this vorsprung bearing i like the design of these. They dont do a fantastic job at smoothing out road undulations. You will hear those resonate throughout the cabin, but any smaller and the front of the car is definitely going to have trouble going over those speed bumps the color that weve configured with this model is floret silver thats, one of the metallic colors, and you can have Those from around a thousand pounds theres a few other options as well as standard the car will be colored in ibis white.

But do you really want this because it kind of looks like a tesla model s? The charging ports then are found behind both front wheels. Theyre separate connections for ac and dc charging, and if somehow you manage to find a 270 kilowatt charger out about on your travels, you can do a 5 to 80 charge in 23. Minutes love the design of this rear end its almost sci fi esque, very different to whats out there love that the light bar extends across the entire width of the tailgate front and rear parking, sensors, plus a rear view. Camera also come as standard helping you maneuver. What is quite a long vehicle into even the tightest of spaces? You get a power operator tailgate as standard and then when you open the boot youre rewarded with 405 liters, so it initially looks less than this, but the boot actually goes in quite far. It narrows. But theres lots of room to work with. We can definitely push andres videography bag back and the charging cables which come in a very bulky bag by the way. Its a shame that theres no underfloor storage dedicated for those about 405 liters pretty good. So you could easily slide five to six of those smaller carry on luggage into the back or two to three adult suitcases: theres a compartment on the left hand, side perfect for objects you like to roll around and on the right and youll also find a 12 Volt socket there and there might be some under floor storage, so lets investigate that a little bit further yeah, not a whole lot.

You might be able to shove the charging cables down there, but i would recommend keeping them in the bag. Sadly, theres no option to fold the seats down from the boot itself. We have to go around to the rear, cabin and fold them down using a bit of the old elbow grease they fold in a 60 40 arrangement, and that will allow you to slide on longer objects through into the rear cabin. So the tip run is technically possible with the e tron gt. All right guys were behind the wheel of the audi e tron gt, and this car can do zero to 62 in 4.1 seconds. Lets give it a go now instant talk as we put our foot down on the accelerator there, so the all electric range is quoted to be up to nine 298 miles, uh thats, the figure that audi claimed there, so its pretty good for an electric car reaches That 300 boundary that you would expect for a all electric option. Its also got quattro all wheel, drive and thats thanks to an electric motor mounted to the front axle and one at the rear, enabling this brilliant mile range is the 86 kilowatt hour battery pack. Under the floor of this car thats paired to the electric motors that enables it to generate 500 horsepower and 630 newton meters of torque, this is an excellent company car option because it outputs zero grams per kilometer of co2, and that places it in the two percent Benefit in kind tax span for 2022 to 2023.

So, if you are a company car buying, you want to experience a performance audi. This is probably your best option. You see a fairly low down in the e tron gt, so whats visibility like well youve got a good view out the front windscreen you can see straight over the bonnet to the road ahead. Steering is accurate and responsive slightly heavier than you may expect from other audi models in the range, but that allows you to really responsibly aim. The car down the road mirrors are nice and wide. They give you a good indication of whats behind you the view out. The back is pretty poor, though i would not rely on that whatsoever and my over the shoulder view is slightly restricted by chunky rear pillars. I have to say its exceptionally quiet inside the cabin some road noise seeps in due to the low riding position of the e tron gt and the alloy wheels are just letting in some of those undulation impacts, resonate throughout the cabin, but other than that. This is a very settled performance car. The overall smooth ride quality is due to the adaptive air suspension that youll see across many of the models in the audi lineup and that consistently monitors the road ahead to ensure when you go over those bumps its smoothed out as much as possible. Like other electric vehicles, you can take advantage of the e tron gts regen braking function, whereby, when you lift up off the accelerator, the car will start to slow down and harvest that otherwise lost energy.

Back into the battery on some cars, like the nissan leaf, when its e pedal function and even the tesla model y, you can drive the car entirely using the accelerator. When you lift up the car will start to break quite harshly and slow down to a complete. Stop cant really do that with the e drone gt its not that intense the audi each one gts cabin is similarly premium to what you expect from other high end audi models in their lineup. I love the textured effect running along the dash theyre very sleek and luxurious nicely. Complementing the large 10 inch display that weve got here in the center console. It has audi mmi navigation, apple, carplay, android, auto all the stuff. You need really plus bluetooth and dab radio, and this complements the large 12 inch screen behind the steering wheel, showing you that essential information that you need when driving along plus how much range youve got left in the battery and how many miles youve got left as Well, unlike other high end, audis its great to see lots of physical buttons inside the cabin here plenty of those for the climate controls, as you can see along the bottom of the display. Weve got large air vents here for the climate and weve got physical buttons for the drive mode, select and traction control. Plus you can turn the parking camera on at any time. In a center console, weve got a compartment perfect for a phone and especially for your keys.

They fit very nicely in there. This is the gear. Selector looks rather strange, doesnt it, unlike any gear, select ive seen before, but its very easy to toggle the transmission to whatever one you want to go into and the parking brake is this little button up there. A couple of cup holders nicely fit. My large bottle here that goes nice and snug in there do you have to shove it in a little bit though, but it does fit. It also fits in the door bin, which is where actually it doesnt fit in the door. Oh it does. You have to slide it in and then it does fit so weve got another compartment here. It goes down relatively far, looks as if theres a 12 volt socket. Yes, there is great to see and a couple of usbc ports. I, like the upholstery for the seats theyre, also very comfortable, as you would expect side bolsters nice and large doing a great job at holding me through those tight corners and beds which youre gon na want to race this, each on gt through theres, also nice use Of soft touch material on the doors nicely complementing the effect trim on the dash, so good use of those plastics and soft touch upon hopping into the rear cabin space. Youll notice that gorgeous panoramic sunroof that even stretches all the way across into the rear cabin thats. Not always the case with a new car that lets lots of light into the cabin and really brings it alive.

One thing ill say with electric cars is because the batteries are typically underneath the floor. This raises the height of the floor, and this comes at the cost of comfort for passengers as theyre often sitting in a very awkward position where their knees are quite high up. That kind of is the case with the aedron gt, but audi remedied this by angling. The seats in an interesting way, so when you sit in them, you really sink down into these seats and they provide a great amount of back support. My knees, though, are still quite high up, and i cant stretch my legs out particularly fast, so for those longer journeys it might create some discomfort due to the way the seats are angled. Headroom is pretty good, so im 5, 8 and im pretty far away from the very top of the glass roof, but im quite close to the roof lining passengers over six foot then well have to sit in a quite a weird angle, where you know theyve got Extra headroom from here to the glass roof, otherwise they might collide with the headlining as its curves down towards the tailgate. Just because its a performance, car doesnt mean theres no niceties in the back. Here we can fold down the middle bit here. Theres, a couple of cup holders there and its a makeshift armrest youve got your air conditioning cluster. We can control the air intensity here plus. It appears that you get ventilated seats in the back as well.

Whats the middle seat, light go on then lets have a look. Lets have a look not that youd want to sit in the middle of an e tron gt, but yeah uh yeah its very plasticky, its very much digging into my back, and that transmission tunnel is huge. Im straddling this, and my legs are definitely as ive said. Throughout these videos, encroaching on the personal space of those other rear passengers. So what are my first impressions of the audi e tron gt? Well, it sits below the porsche tycoon. 4S is one of the most expensive offerings in the electric car segment. But having said that, if you are looking for something that is a little bit different to its sibling, while offering great ride, comfort and exhilarating, drive and advanced technology, then this is a very good option, indeed its also an excellent company car option, because it outputs zero Grams per kilometer of co2, and if you want to explore this in more detail, do get in touch with osvs vehicle experts by calling 01 903 538 835 to dive into our audi test. Drive playlist click the pop up banner up there guys and if you want to browse the latest special offers on the e tron gt, just click the link in the description box below. I know that this was a rapid fire. First impressions, video of the each or gt we didnt have too much time with it. If youd like to see an in depth review, please give this video a thumbs up also subscribe to the channel.