. In 2021, more than 20 electric cars were for sale in the United States, plus many more hybrids and plug in hybrids.. Almost every concept that decorates the showroom floor has an electric angle. Car manufacturers promise to launch dozens of electric cars over the next decade.. The governors promise to ban the sale of gas vehicles. And improvements to charging infrastructure and battery technology mean that the vision of an electrified future is more apparent than ever.. Not all automakers provide sales data for their EVs, especially when electric models share a gas or hybrid model label., But there is still one problem For electric cars to change. The world. People will have to start driving them. To track progress in this score. Weve created this list of the 12 best selling electric cars of the past year.. It is possible that one or more vehicles in this category would appear on this list if we knew the numbers, but we guess that if the numbers were significant, we would hear about them. 1. Hyundai Kona, Electric In 2021, Kona Electric had more than five times more Customers than its stable colleague, Ioniq. Kona, has a larger battery than Ioniq and provides an estimated range of 258 miles compared to 170 miles for Ioniq. And its based on Konas popular crossover, making it more attractive to a growing part of the buying public who are hungry. For commercial vehicles., A word to the wise, The driver can sit higher in the Horse than in the Ioniq, but the hatchback has more cargo space than the crossover with 23 cubic feet of rear space compared to 19 cubic feet of Kona.

2. Tesla Model S. The Model S was the first mainstream ambassador for Teslas, pioneering electric car and automated driving technology, but interest in the Model. S cooled as buyers waited for the first significant overhaul of the S and may have waned even more. When CEO Elon Musk announced that the longest running S model would have a mileage of 412 miles on a single charge compared to the previously promised 520 miles. Mixed to poor steering wheel, reviews with the yoke can also play a role in weak car sales.. Without it, we wouldnt have the growing selection of electric vehicles today, but the 2022 Tesla Model S remains one of the most compelling and desirable options in this ever increasing market segment.. It also earns a spot on our 2022 Editors Choice: list., With up to 412 miles of the estimated range depending on the Model. The S can easily be used for long hauls and the 1020hp Plaid version can offer a supercar acceleration while seating four adults. The Model. S is also practical, with a large rear cargo area and a secondary front trunk for more space. New entrants in the luxury. Electric sedan category include the Porsche Taycan and Audi e Tron GT. 3. Porsche Taycan Porsche makes some of our top rated cars. So we were not surprised to build an exceptional electric car., But we were satisfied. And we are also pleased that other people are excited about Porsches. First, electric range., The Taycan Turbo S, can accelerate to 60 mph in 2.

4 seconds and all Taycans have an 800 volt charging infrastructure that should allow them to suck in electrons faster than any other EV on the road. Before shopping, Taycan get ready. Top trim levels are approaching 200000. In 2021, Porsche sold 9919 Taycans thats only 623 cars less than 911 a year.. The Porsche Taycan sedan for 2022 is not the perfect electric vehicle, but its combination of driving, vigor and endurance makes it the most eye catching.. It is also on our Editors Choice list for 2022., The electrified four door Porsche matches its premium price thanks to its striking appearance and highly customizable and technically advanced interior.. Taycan also does a remarkable job, reminding his pilot that he is driving a Porsche thanks to its spirited driving, stoic, calm and refined driving.. Stepping on the accelerator is like firing a rocket except it can be done repeatedly., While its brakes handle this speed perfectly. They lack the regenerative properties of traditional electric cars and the pedal has a passive feel.. There will always be a comparison with the Tesla Model – S, especially with Porsche. 4. Nissan Leaf On paper. The Nissan Leaf is not one of the most sought after electric cars on the market.. Its price is the same as the Chevrolet Bolt, but it offers an estimated 149 miles of range. With a standard battery, the Bolt has a normal range of 259 miles as standard.. The leaf is not as attractive as many other EVs on this list and suffers from a deliberately strange interior design.

, But Leaf is also something of an institution in the EV world. When it first entered the US market as a 2011 model. It was one of the few electric cars on the market. He has improved since then, but his competitors have improved faster. In 2021. Nissan sold 4674 more Leaf than in 2020.. Its new reduced price is a big part of the appeal of the 2022 Nissan Leaf, but its lackluster range means other entry level. Evs are more practical and value for money.. The Leafs standard battery pack only performs well for an estimated 149 mile driving range Upgrading to the Plus model increases that driving range to 226 miles better, but hardly groundbreaking.. Some of the leading EV competitors like the Chevy Bolt EV and the Kia Niro EV, offer more driving range as standard. The Leafs cabin is spacious and comfortable with many high tech driver assist features including a semi autonomous driving mode.. Despite all that, the Leaf simply falls behind segment leaders like the Ford, Mustang, Mach E and Tesla Model 3 in both features and practicality. 5. Tesla Model Y. The Tesla Model Y went on sale in the summer of 2020 and quickly overshadowed demand for all of Teslas. Other offerings., In fact, in 2021, more people bought the Model Y than they bought all other electric cars from manufacturers other than Tesla combined. AY defeated the Honda Pilot Mazda CX 5 and Chevrolet Equinox as the 17th best selling car in the United States in 2021.

. The Model Y drives and looks like a bloated Model 3.. It may be equipped with a third row of two seats, but beware: the seats are cramped and you sacrifice cargo space.. The good news. The Y Long Range has an estimated range of 326 miles and even the base level model can travel an estimated 244 miles on a single charge.. Tesla Model Y has tried to capitalize on the Model 3s genuine success, but the all electric crossover is fizzing rather than sizzling., While the Model 3 fulfills its mission with its dancing, handling and impressive range. The 2022 Model Y seems like a lazy effort to appeal to the SUV. Buying public. Handling is less engaging than the 3s and its cabin, though heavily ported from the sedan doesnt do enough to differentiate itself serving to amplify our criticism of both fit and finish. Issues. Creates an entirely digital environment., Its not altogether worthless though., Compared to rivals like the Ford, Mustang, Mach E and Volkswagen ID. The estimated driving range is good..