The gv60 starts at 79 000 dollars. Meanwhile, the ionic 5 starts at 57. 000. Those are the high trim options so for the fully loaded, youre, paying almost 80 grand for this and 57 thousand dollars for the ionic five in the u.s, this youre looking at about sixty seven thousand dollars. Meanwhile, the only five youre looking fifty one thousand dollars. That means in canada, this thing has a price difference with the ionic five of twenty two thousand dollars thats enough money. To get you a nissan micra, the exterior design is not extremely different from the ionic five or the ev6, for example. This has a front. It has the same door handles which kind of like pop out. Then you look at the side profile, which kind of looks like was bored from the tesla model. Why? And everything else looks pretty much basic, a very unique design, yes, but not extremely different from the other two. I did forget about something the key fob. It is different in comparison to the standard like the ev6 or the ionic 5, like, for example, theres a bit more bulky. It has the beautiful genesis, logo and then tiny little buttons on the side, one which is used for the park, assist which is a remote park, assist for in and out using the ev6 and the ionic 5 very tiny little buttons, but everything else its well pretty Much the same, the next thing youre wondering maybe this actually has more space.

Well, not really. The aoni5 stretches about 5 inches longer and offers up more interior space with a wheelbase of 118.1 inches compared to the gv60 at 114.2 inches. The aortic 5 has nearly 2 inches more legroom at ‘.4 inches and it has 5.0 cubic feet of space more in terms of the passenger volume space. Maybe youre wondering hold on a minute. It has to have better range again, not really in terms of range. The performance all wheel, drive gv60 offers 235 mile range, the ioniq 5 limited rear, wheel, drive, offers 303 miles and the all wheel drive offers 256 miles, which is more than the gv60. Both have an 800 volt charging architecture for dc fast charging up to 200 kilowatts, which enables 80 charge in just 18 minutes, even in terms of cargo space. This doesnt really offer more. In fact, this only offers 24 cubic feet of space. Meanwhile, the ioniq 5 offers 27.2. Even if you fold the actual second row seats, the ionic 5 still gives you more space overall Music. Maybe the interior is better a little bit so heres. What this offers that youre going to miss in the ionia 5 or the ev6 first of all, this uses 17 speaker audio system from bnl, which is pretty good. I might say, on top of that, you have these buttons on the side here for the passenger, you press these in case, for example, you want to move this from the driver or if you are at the back and you need more space, you can also fold This completely so thats an added feature.

The lather interior feels a bit more premium like the seats, for example, the suede on the door panels is nice, its totally different in terms of design. You have some extra features. You have this boost button on the steering wheel. That gives you about 10 seconds of extra horsepower, which is nice, because this is also faster than the ionic 5 or the ev6. On top of that, in the center we have this globe, which is technically the gear knob, this kind of flips. So that way it shows you the gear knob, but it also lights up in dark so that you can see it from the outside. Its a nice touch, everything else well remains pretty much the same. We have similar screen, although the interface, which is more like a layover, its different from the ioni 5 or the ev6 its a different design. The steering wheel is a different design, but everything else remains pretty much the same. They both have heated seats, ventilated seats, connected apps like, for example, android, auto and apple carplay. We have a wireless charging pattern located in the center. Even the center console is pretty much the same design with extra space underneath, so things are not extremely different here. Yes, you get some extra tech features, but everything else feels pretty much the same. Even the quality builds its not extremely different, and i recently drove the ionic 5.. There is a hidden easter egg in this car, which well thomas actually found about that because i wasnt aware the door panel on the left side has a joystick style, as you saw from the intro.

That shows the buttons for the mirrors. Where you can fold them. You can adjust them and you can move it all that cute stuff, but the problem is that the same design has been applied to the right side door panel. So what do we have in here? Because tackling over there we have buttons? Well, you can just open it, it kind of looks like a fake speaker, but its actually not, and maybe you can hide something in there – maybe pills a bit of weed. I dont know anything, but just in case you didnt know about this. Its not a real speaker, its just there for design doesnt do anything come on. Maybe i put it the wrong way here. We go. You still recording, oh, no, its okay, its done damn, so that is 10 seconds of power boost. Yes, you press this button over here. That gives you about 10 seconds of extra power. It just puts you right on your seat, so thats. Another reason why youre paying so much money for this, because you do that and it just flies through which again its nice. But do you really need that all the time like you can get you in trouble pretty much in 10 seconds thats the idea, the reason they give you? That is because it can do that, based on the all wheel drive but thats only available with the performance trim, which again its 79 000 or 67 68 000.

Us thats not cheap, but lets talk about the battery pack like what does he make in terms of horsepower and how does he compare to the ionic five, both vehicles, ionic 5 – and this use a 77.4 kilowatts battery pack hyundai offers a single motor drive. You can get a front wheel, drive or you can get an all wheel drive the all wheel. Drive makes 320 brake horsepower and 446 pound feet of torque, but thats for the all wheel, drive ionic 5.. The ionic 5 will get you from 0 to 60. In about five seconds with, of course, the all wheel drive option only meanwhile, the genesis gv60 can get you from zero to 60 in four seconds, so thats 22 000 for one extra second, but it doesnt offer just that it offers more in terms of suspension system. This does have a different suspension setup in comparison to the ionic five. What it basically does is that which weve seen before in mercedes and other models, it reads: the road based on the camera and based on that kind of information that the system gets through the camera. It will adjust the stiffness of the suspension setup. The genesis gv60 in terms of horsepower makes more, of course, than the ionic 5. youre looking at 429 brake horsepower and 516 pound feet of torque. The boost mode button on the steering wheel gives you about 54 brake horsepower in 10 seconds. So once you press that button, you get about 54 brake horsepower, which is actually well lets, just say quite impressive.

The problem that i have with this is the fact that the range in comparison to the ionic five – its actually not that good. When i picked this up, it was at 349 kilometers, which was 96 battery, so its not fully, but its 96 percent, so its close to full battery charge. The ionic 5, which i had for about a week at 96 percent. It showed me about 440 kilometers thats, a big difference, thats close to 100 kilometers, which is being 60 miles in terms of charging and and range, but they do charge pretty much around the same time. You can get it from 20, 10 or so to 80. In about 18 minutes, which is actually pretty quick, thats a 100 volts charging system in terms of the driving experience well youre, getting pretty much everything that youd find in lets say the ioniq 5, which has like sort of semi autonomous driving. It keeps you within the lanes um. I do believe this does lane switch as well it clearly doesnt um the gv70. Has that feature this doesnt seem to have that which is pretty shocking to me for an 80 000 car. It keeps you within the lanes. Actually, the dashboard in this kind of feels like well lets it feels not so different from the ionic 5 in terms of the interior. Yes, you had like a different design, different steering wheel, different center console, though the center console here is pretty much the same, but its not really that different.

In my opinion, it it its okay, it doesnt feel premium. People keep saying that that oh well, it costs more money and it is more premium, in my opinion, its not that premium its its different, but not that premium. The driving experience in terms of the cabin noise. The suspension system is different. Ill say that its about 20 to 30 percent different um, this feels more a softer ride, feels better isolated on the inside. You dont hear the road nose as much. It does have great pull. When you put when you press the pedal, it really puts you back on your seat, so there is some differences there in terms of like driving day to day. But overall, if i had to close your eyes – and you were a passenger, you couldnt tell the difference between the two of them in terms of the suspension setup as a passenger as a driver, you do feel that, but as a passenger, you wouldnt feel that much It even has the exact same blind spot assist camera that youd find in the ionic 5 and the ev6 so its not its, not really that different. Just i have a really hard time just to find 22 000 increase from the ionic 5. To this really hard time, i could not walk into a dealership, knowing that there was an option out there like the ionic 5, which is extremely similar to this, unless youre really obsessed with this design and how it feels on the interior – and you love the genesis Brand, which i do as well, i do think theyre doing very well.

They brought out some models that really theyre, giving the germans a run for the money theyre challenging the industry, and i love that, and the good thing is that you can also order this online. You dont have to walk into a dealership and deal with that and will deliver right to your house, which is great its a great experience. Overall, you know exactly what youre getting theres, no discounts and all that stuff that you find and the cheating you see in the industry, its just straight up online thats nice. That experience is there and thats pretty helpful, but at the same time tesla does offer the same thing and it does offer supercharged around it. So the question remains: is: do you get this over the tesla, though this definitely feels more premium on the interior. I couldnt justify the cost that this has the extra cost that this has in comparison to ionic 5 and the ev6 for me.